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Life changing magic

Life changing magic
The Life Changing Magic

Our house plans for 2017

I feel like I've writing these house plans posts FOREVER and nothing much changes, but the plans we had for last year were de-railed when we had to pay for the whole house to be rewired - stealing our kitchen revamp funds. But this week the sale of Jim's old house (the one we used to live in before here) went through which means that we can now be go go go on some of the plans we've been putting off since we moved in! And we have some big plans of what we want to change now we can think about it. So here are some of the changes we're talking about making about the house over the next year!

  • First off, to finish up the hallway. We've been working on it in bits and pieces for the longest time and it is so close to being finished (I'll blog this soon because we've made some BIG changes) we just really need to get some flooring down. The  stair carpets are ordered and the parquet for downstairs is underway too! What I really need to do is find some beautiful light fixtures to replace the paper ones we have up at the moment. Tell me everyone resorts to those paper student ones as place holders. 
  • Next we need to get the windows sorted. We have beautiful original sash windows across half the house and they really are nice but over the years they have been painted shut and don't open anywhere but the spare bedroom, and they're super old and draughty. Also at some point the old house owner replaced the bedroom windows with some crazy metal framed monstrosity. We've had a couple of quotes so now is the time to get them sorted! Winter seems the best time to get windows replaced, right?
  • Once the windows are in we'll be looking at replacing the kitchen. This has basically been Jim's must do around the house since we moved in. The current kitchen has no cupboard space, missing cupboards after the boiler replacement, and we hardly have any counter top space and what it does have is tiled. Tiled. Who tiles their counter tops? I've handed over the control of the kitchen reno to Jim mostly, but I'm hoping I can have a little bit of an input into it. At the moment Jim's just at the point of figuring out how the kitchen should be laid out, what it should contain and whether we should move the door. 
  • There is one room in our house that is permanently locked for ours and our guests safety, and it's the shower room. When we first moved in we had the boiler replaced and it meant ripping out the shower cubicle in there as there were lead pipes involved. Then we had a bit of a leak and the roof above that room fell in a bit and made a huge mess. Ever since I keep the door locked from the outside as it's an abomination. Jim wants to wet room it - just turn it into one big shower, but I think we might need to make sure it's got other bathroom qualities to it, like a toilet and a sink! It's a discussion we've been having for, well, months! 
  • We made some big changes to the garden last year - we ripped out loads of plants, made a big change by replacing the fence, and grew some grass, but in the next few months my dad and I are going to build a raised planter for veggies, and then as soon as it gets a little bit warmer, we need to rotovate the space where the dug up plants were, and throw down some grass seeds, then it'll be a case of keeping our fingers crossed to see if it grows. That's how this gardening stuff works right? (If it doesn't we'll be buying turf I think)
  • And last on the list of things to accomplish around the house is doing something with our bedroom. The bedroom is a room we're totally living with but both hate. It's got 1970's style built in wardrobes that are actually too small to fit our bed between, and there is matching window seat and dressing table to content with too. The walls are a yellow stripe and the carpet is green. It needs ripping out and everything needs starting again. EVERYTHING. But I think it'll be the last on the list as the shower room, kitchen and windows are far more important and needed. 

So, there you have it - our list of house changes for 2017. There's not much to do, right? Are you planning any house changes this year? Got any tips for anything we're planning?

Recipe - A winter warming amaretto and apple cocktail

Happy Dryanuary suckers! Stop reading now if you're giving up the booze for the month, because this will make you want to quit that crazy idea and have a tipple!

Over new year Jim's sister, Jane, introduced me to my new all time favourite hot tipple - it's hot apple juice with Amaretto and cream. It's just the tastiest and most simple cocktail there is (and yes - i'm classing it as a cocktail because the cream is the 3rd ingredient!) but it looks awesome too.  
What you'll need;
  • 200 ml of hot apple juice
  • 150 ml amaretto
  • 200 ml of double cream, whipped
  • Cinnamon sticks and cinnamon to decorate
What you need to do;
  1. Heat the apple juice in a pan, but don't bring to the boil. 
  2. Whilst the apple juice is heating up whip up the cream (add a little dash of amaretto to the cream for an added kick!). 
  3. Once the apple juice has heated up, add the amaretto and mix them together. 
  4. Pour the hot apple and amaretto mix into a glass and top with the whipped cream. 
  5. Dust with cinnamon and a cinnamon stick before serving. 
  6. Serve hot and mix together whilst drinking. 

A Lust List for January

It might seem an odd time to pull together a lust list, right after Christmas but haven't you been spying all the beautiful things people got as a gift and posted on Instagram, and found yourself thinking, ooooh, I really need that? 
No? Just me? Maybe? But anyway, here are just a few of the things I've added to me 'if I had some spare money' list. 

  1. I love having my SLR to hand but sometimes when I'm carrying a small bag, it's a bit big to fit in it, and so I have been researching point and shoot cameras that have lots of features and control and so far the Canon G9X is winning. 
  2. Spending all this time at home at the moment I'm big into wearing my pyjamas at the mo and I just adore these sparkly bad boys from the beautiful Hush PJ's range. 
  3. I've been addicted to using my Swell bottle for the last year and a bit, but now, as I'm finding that I'm having to stay a bit more hydrated than usual I've discovered it's just a bit too big, and when full, heavy, to carry about with me every day. Then I spotted these Corkcicle canteens, which are slightly smaller, to fit with the aforementioned small bag, and I love the shape of them too! 
  4. I've got a couple of pairs of these styles of half hoop earrings and I adore them, but the pop of colour on these Turquoise half hoop earrings makes me smile. I'm hoping I can learn to make something similar on the silversmithing course I'll be doing. 
  5. I honestly can't decide if I love or hate these Nike Mid Thea - I think I like them but I'm still on the fence. I'm just not sure if they look a bit, well, odd. I'm thinking with skinny jeans and jumpers? What do you think? 
What did you spot over Christmas that's made it to your lust list these days?