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My Carry On Flight Essentials


My Cancer treatment
Your Sex is...
A.) On Fire
2.) Too Expensive for my meager paycheck
C.) Impossible to obtain from this distance
D.) Making me applaud (and giving me the clap)

From Barely Sarcasm

if only

i officially have too much time on my hands!
But wouldn't this be the best jumper.....

looking back

I made the mistake of looking through old photo albums today. In seven years you rack up a load of photographs. And I always took a lot of photographs.

It wasn't a good move. We are all smiles, and parties, and travels.

Next time i am in a relationship i am going to take photos of the mudane - of the dinners of beans on toast and the evenings sat about watching tv, and of us in the midst of arguements - of us with tears and anger on our faces.

It might make it easier if i have to do this again.

in my dreams

my dreams obviously want me to be a zombie or a professional snowboarder right now!

i cant decide which would be cooler or easier to achieve. I am thinking i might go down the zombie route. then, when i want to become a pro snowboarder it wont hurt so much when i fall. and people might just think the noises i am making {you know that classic zombie uuuuggggggghhhhhhh - agggggghhhhhhhgggggg} is me being all radical and dude-ish?


This weekend was a stark reminder I am not 18 anymore.

I have a group of friends. They’ve been my friends since I was about 16. At uni I lived with some of them. And we did pretty much everything together for years and years. They’re mostly boys. And no, I haven’t slept with them (well, apart from one, but he was my boyfriend for a year!)

Over the last 2 or 3 years we’ve kind of drifted apart, no fault of anyone’s, just life, but now I am back in Sheffield a lot more, were back in touch, and I kind of thought that nothing had changed.

It turns out it has.

Friday night I popped over for a drink, or two, or eight. Me and five boys – something I am used to. Nothing strange about that I thought. Until one of them, a guy I hadn’t met before, a housemate, tells me I am brave for being their alone. Really I thought, brave?

It’s not brave, hanging out with your mates on a Friday night. Is it?

Yup. It turns out it kind of is.

I am there for a few vodkas, some laughs and to get out of the house and away from my parents. Not to be hit on by 3 people. 2 of whom are friends. One of which has been a friend for about 10 years. I don’t think like that about my mates. Turns out maybe they do.

Not what I need on a Friday night when I have drunk half a bottle of vodka.

And now, I have to go out with them all again on Saturday. This time though, I have people to help…….

I did it!
Right now i could do with some of these
found here

My favourite read at the moment.

Annie, and her journey across America.
Boy. Can this lady write.
Read it here.
See the pictures here.

when i am hurt

i found this somewhere on the internet. maybe on tumblr. i can't remember.
but for all of you who think maybe i am drinking too much or going out too much i think it explains me at the moment......

"when i am hurt........
it's ok to flirt ... to date ... to hate .... to mingle with other people .. to drink.. to cry .. to laugh out loud ... to scream .... to dance wild! you know why ? because when i'm hurt i don't owe anybody any explanation beacause the person who likes me doesn't need it and the person who hates me won't believe it. i live my life as i wish.. until im whole again..if they can't accept me at my worst, then i guess they don't deserve me at my best."

Practising my French

Tonight I am going to see a man about a tattoo.

Well. Not just any man. Steve. Sam’s tattooist.

He’s done all of her tattoos. And there are about 7 of them. I trust her. I trust him.

What I don’t trust was the ‘it won’t hurt THAT much’ when I ask how much it’ll hurt.

I want snowflakes. I’ve wanted snowflakes for ages. And I want them on my foot. Down the outside of my foot, like a little snowstorm.

I have what might be the boniest feet on the planet, so yes I know it’ll hurt.

I just need to go and get a date to have it done. *Gulp*

Now I just have to pick my snowflakes.

What an excuse to play here for hours……


Geography Lessons 1.3

South America is covered this time..........

Sat with Sam after a heavy night out, trying to decide where we should visit next, we land on South America, Brasil maybe, we think. The Carnival maybe? Or the inca trains in Peru? or just living it up on the beaches?

She opens a map so we can plan our trip -

Sam: Oh my god, Bolivia's in South America? i thought it was in eastern europe. Oh my god. I can't believe that Paraguay and Uruguay. Seriously i could have taken all of these countries and put them in europe. You know. somewhere near russia.

i love how he leans

I used to wish that i knew a guy like him when i was 14.
I know what she is trying to say. Maybe i almost agree with her. Just Maybe.
I might not quite be ready to totally dump him yet though?

And yes i love the way he leans.


Things I have learnt this weekend.

  • Going out dressed all nice isn’t bad.
  • Mixing vodka, jager and sambuca gets you pretty drunk.
  • Mobile internet is not a good idea when you are drunk. Gmail’s drunk detector clearly doesn’t apply to facebook! Maybe they should think about installing some sort of test there too.
  • But it does come in handy for googling that guy who said he’s in a band and is chatting up your mate!
  • Dancing on tables in Oporto isn’t such a great idea, but it’s a better one than dancing on their sofa’s.
    Neither is falling off them.
  • Or singing along to the Beach Boys at the top of your voice.
  • When the lights have come up in Sandinista, and its 3.30am, the probably want you to go home.
  • Sitting eating left over noodles at 5am rocks.
  • But getting up for work at 9am the next day sucks.
  • Sometimes getting drunk with the girls is worth the all day hangover then ensues.

i like this discovering who i am business.

thanks girls. x


last fm

pretty much addicted to last fm.
its amazing. just like having every album i could wish for on my computer without taking up all my memory.
and because i'm not the coolest kid on the block - when some young 'down with the kids' youf mentions a band, i can find out who they mean without wading through the million crap videos on you-tube!

Check out my truely awful music taste by clicking the link to your right.

I wont be held responsible for bleeding ears. You have been warned!

I got totally waylaid in the new london volcom store today. I went to get my brother a birthday gift and came out with this sweet-as t and some cute pants. Although i'm pretty sure i could have spent thousands of pounds.

No Year Resolutions

New Resolutions for the every day.
i have to remember some of these.


Anyone for elevenses?

{image from Paul's}

This week has been a week of 'fun jobs'. you know, stuff that makes you really busy, but you don't mind doing because it's essentially fun.

One of which has been sourcing 350 Macaroons and 500 angel themed cakes for clients.

Yup, that's right 350 Macaroons. Can you imagine when they get delivered to the event. it'll be like a little sugar over load.

We are choosing to go with Paul's, mostly because they are a good few hundred pounds cheaper than Laduree's, but a little because Paul's pain ou chocolate are to die for {only surpassed by those from the cute little boulangerie in Avoriaz! But that might have been the mountain air?}

The best bit about this whole cake sourcing debarkle is, next week, we have 12 Paul's macaroons, a host of Betty's cakes, some hand made cupcakes and angel shaped biscuits arriving as samples.

That 'get in shape' for the snow diet may be taking it's first hit!
The other weekend in London, Liz and I, amongst other things, like playing Russian roulette with chilli vodka shots, wandering round markets, crossing the meridian line and back again, attempted to bake.

We tried to make this banana bread.

I say tried, but we more or less excelled at making it. We were just let down by the topping which turned to a treacle like glue on the top.

I am pretty convinced it was nothing to do with us, and a lot to do with the oven and the fact we couldn’t place the shelf low enough. And maybe the fact we had no cinnamon. But I have my doubts as to whether cinnamon would have stopped the sugar from solidifying. I am not sure what the properties on cinnamon are, other then taking really good on churros and apples.

But once the sugar concrete had been prised from it, it tasted amazing. So, with this in mind, I am off to the supermarket this evening to buy some bananas {I reckon if I leave them at the bottom of my work bag for a few days they’ll be suitable beaten up and mash-able} and some honey and some parchment paper to line the new bread tin my mum bought last week {trust me, if it does what it did last time, I’m better off taking the parchment paper route, her wrath isn’t worth not using it!}

I will try and photograph the results, but me, a load of gooey mixture and the camera all in one room might be a bad combination. Maybe whilst I am eating it?

All's fair

Just the most perfect delcarations of love and hate.
Dear Old Love

My first Blurb

Now we have our snowtrip sorted, i thought it was about time i set about making our snow journals.

Last years LuLu book went down well, but overall, the quality - especially with the grayscale images, and the finish were a bit rubbish.

This year i've gone Blurb - full colour, easy to drag and drop pages, and the choice of hard or soft covers.

As its a snowboarding journal, i've used the collective images of our trips for the last 5 years or so - it covers America, France and Norway.

Here's the front cover:

And here's page one

And my first dps
And a space to record the holiday details
And space to remember your favourite bits about the day.
And here are all the pages that you can't see through the blurb preview.

I am pretty excited about it's arrival.
And it's available to buy through their website - Here.
Although, i am not expecting many sales, not for something thats a holiday gift for my friends!

i love igoogle

Seriously, i do.
Now not only can i have the news fed through to me when i pop on-line, but with the help of some great applications i can check my twitter, facebook and flickr account without leaving the igoogle page.
None of the IT geeks at work need know what i am doing.
Time wasting ahoy!
I got delievered the new Aubin and Wills catalogue last week, it appears to be an offshoot of Jack Wills.
The images are, as always, for this company gorgeous.

But just look at this snood. it makes me really want a huge, oversized one. Just not one thats going to cost me £70.

Maybe something a bit more like this one or this one from UO.
Almost the same effect?

There are some decisions that, as soon as you embark on them, you know were the wrong choice. You can just tell. But you can’t go back, and you can’t change your mind. You know that you must have made the decision for a reason at the time, but you know that it just isn’t for you.

But you stick with those decisions because that’s what you’re supposed to do. And you need the years’ experience. And finding something else right now is quite hard.

But sometimes there are decisions you have to make again. To make you happy.

I think it’s about time I started changing things for the better again.

Last night i recieved this text;
"I dont know how you feel about this. But i am making some tentative plans for a roller disco on friday night. Let me know your thoughts. :) xx"

Honestly what response is there other than
"the rollerboots are already packed!"

And yes. I do have rollerboots. And this wont be my first Roller disco!


Oh, the irony

On the way in to town to buy a 'autumn coat' {ie. one that's a bit waterproof, and not a summer jacket, and not a snowboarding jacket} i got rained on so hard, and it was so windy my umbrella turned inside out.

Now after 2 hrs of sitting in front of a heater, i am still damp.

I am done with England. Its too windy and rainy for me!
I wonder where i should be?
Time seems to be moving so fast at the moment.
Weekend are blurring into one, and the weeks. well. boy am i busy. work is mental.

So, what have i done;
-Spent some much needed time with my nan.
-Discovered 4 on demand and their Desperate Housewives/Ugly Betty repeats - seriously. amazing.
-Sent 3 programmes, 2 invites, and some POS to print, done a shed load of data entry held the fort and answered a lot of emails at work.
-Drank lots of beer - too much?
-Eaten the nicest GBK Portabella Mushroom Burger.
-And my fav Waga dish - Yasai Yaki soba.
-Been to a pirate rum party.
-Had an evening out at Kirkstall Abbey.
-And an afternoon at Bolton Abbey.
-Proved that you really do get better at pool after a beer or two.
-Bought tickets for my london trip to see Liz this next weekend.
-Popped in to see the guys on the B&W developing course, since i wont be joining them this year :(
-Discussed snow holidays, and
this might be the choice
-Wondered about first date/first time etequette.
-And then found out all the wondering was ignored. {But i hear he's worth ignoring it for!}

Its not been a bad few weeks.
Just look how amazingly cool this is! Its the Vitamin Powder Seat
I have been looking for a use for my beautiful, first snowboard {it’s the old Burton A board, cream, with all the animals on it} Now wouldn’t this be the coolest way – turn it into a seat!
**And no, 10.30am is so not too early to be munching on cake. No matter what my rational self tells me.**

Another sugar rush!

Just check out the perfect, mermaid inspired, cupcakes that becky has created.

Glittery bluey-greeney icing, pearls, and the cutest little fish sprinkles. I am a sucker for all things sea!

i sooooooo cant wait to tuck in to this. Is 9.40am too early?

Back to the Nineties

So, out for a few drinks Saturday night with the boys. Its all going quite well, you know the usual thing – a few flat beers (or a diet coke or two if you are on my detox}, some pool, chats about sleeping in the noode, boat pubs, saved by the bell, getting myself roped into Glastonbury next year. Then we pop to a bar in town, everyones feeling ok, swaying a little, and then….

On the bar, a flier for a retro night ‘playing the best from the late nineties and early noughties’. Now seriously, since when has the late nineties been retro?

On closer inspection, its basically the re-hashing of a night we used to go to, on either a Monday or Thursday evening at the Unit, when we wanted to bump into our mates, drink cheap white label vodka, snog our mates mates and dance like fools to cheesy pop.

{And guess what. It’s still at the Unit {under the new guise of Corporation}, the vodka is still £1 with a mixer and it probably will still be full of people we know snogging.}

But we’re all stood there, in our 27 year old primes, looking at the flier in disbelief and with one resounding thought going through our heads

Shit, we’re nearly old!

quik to the core

This working as a favour at quiksilver thing is going to get expensive again.

Always have been and always will be a Roxy winter kind of gal.

Layers. Hoodies. Coats. Beanies. Scarves. Boots. Gloves. Tights. Skirts. Cute knits. Thick Socks

Already have the shorts, the flares, the shirt, some jeans and a tee.
The black coat and the skirt - on the save rail along with 2 hoodies, some thermals, some tweed boots, underwear, one beanie, one felt hat, a red tshirt, and only half the stock has come in.........

And the leather jacket - probably an early christmas gift to myself!

And dont get me started on the Quiksilver Women's Range . They don't have it in the store i am in, but its at Meadowhall and OMG. check out the website. Pretty much love it all!

Today i learned

Diet Coke + vitamins taste like really flat Coke that has vodka in it. And there really is nothing worse than flat coke and vodka.

And you probably should just give up on certain things.

I am officially the luckiest girl I know

Check out my BRAND NEW car.

The 58 plates came out today, and lucky me, my dad went and picked it up for me from the dealership, so i can be one of those people who gets a new car the day the new plates come out......
How beautiful.........

9 Miles on the clock when it was delivered and only 14 after the little spin i went for.......

And look at the little spot for my ipod

And the shiny-ness of the paint and oh, there's so much space for my shoes in the boot......

eeeeeeeek. I love it.


I just can't stop listening to this

Adele's cover of the Raconteurs' Many Shades of Black.

It is so beautiful. Her voice just does something to the song.

I have had it on repeate for about the last 24hrs. It makes me happy. And a little sad at the same time.


1998? 2008?

Its that {modern}age old problem of the facebook profile picture.

It has been brought to my attention that one of the boys I went to school with has put a picture of himself at about 16 as his profile pic. Now, he’s obviously gone to a lot of effort for this - he must have dug this out and scanned it in as people just didn't have their pictures on CD back then. Not in 1997. Well. Not in
Rotherham anyway. So this must be how he’d like to be seen.

I feel quite sorry for him. He was a good looking guy at school. But now.
Umm. Not so much. He has suffered the fate that so many of the pretty boys at school seem to have suffered – beer, takeaways and not a lot of exercise! I will admit that when he added me as a friend I only accepted because I didn’t know which one he was in the group shot, and I was intrigued {and I did delete him in one of my culls a few days later after a discussion with the lovely lady who brought this to my attention!} So maybe thats one of the reasons he has it. But it looks like he's a bit desperate to be someone he used to be - hey?

On the other hand, I
wouldn’t want a picture of me in the days of the comprehensive school on the internet for all the nesquik chocolate milk in France. I am much happier with my portraits these days than in my angst ridden teens. But I do still tend to find a nice, distant, or blurry drunken shot as my profile pic works wonders for disguising the double chin and raising the self esteem!

I am back at work after 6 days off, i have been here nearly 2 hrs and done nothing because no-one has the time to tell me what has happened with my clients whilst i have been off.

So, i am writing this post about the things i did when i was off and hoping to go somewhere but mostly ended up doing things for other people;

*like take people to ikea {I did get bought lunch, and an ice cream for my troubles though!}
*and take my nan to the bingo and the supermarket, and clean her house,
*and look after my brothers dog {which I do like doing really} and pick up his drycleaning {which I am not so keen on – esp when I have to pay – cough up little bro!}

*and water plants and harvest runner beans {Seriously. They grew in the garden and that long one IS actually ONE bean}
*and wash cars that aren’t mine, but I have been borrowing,
*and work my second job, so people could go to the full days worth of festivalness at Leeds.

I did get to catch up with friends, and eat copious amounts of star mix, and get the gossip on cute boys they have met. And I watched a show on how rope is made. {Much more interesting than you would think. Especially to a nautical geek like me.}

And i did get to see The Killers.
Which was ace. As you know. And still makes me smile.

And i didn't drink!

And then, yesterday, on my last day of freedom, i tried to tidy the house as the rents are home tomorrow {aghhhhhhh} but i kept getting distracted by phone calls from vodafone asking me if i would like TV on my phone. Seriously. WHO wants TV on their mobile phone? eh? And the car garage with all sorts of news about my new car, and my nan asking if i could go over and go for a pub lunch {i declined on account of the special k i had lined up for that meal but did go and take her some strawberries, i am not ALL bad} and the brother asking to borrow more things i hold dear and know will get returned broken.......and by day time tv - the hills on mtv download {**guilty pleasure/geek alert**} and neighbours and home and away and various shows on E4 {yup – I could be a student again!} and by all the food that ever was but isn't
Special K and therefore doesn't fit in my diet, and the delights of nesquik chocolate milk - oh my - now thats something special and i am pretty sure not part of the special K diet but worth the slip-up! And by reading many blogs, and checking out explore on flickr, and a thousand other things that weren't anything to do with cleaning

So I still have a lot to do tonight.
I don’t intend to switch on the TV. Or the computer. Or eat anything thats not cereal. But I know I will. Some things are just better than cleaning.

Smile like you mean it!

I put in officially the shortest festival attendance EVER this weekend!

The Killers played Leeds sunday evening, and although we said we weren't getting tickets, pretty much everyone i know managed to get themselves there, so not having a ticket, and the fact i was working that day, wasn't going to stop me.

I got there at 8.30, blagged my way in - with a little sweet talking and some small white lies - and at 9 i was not only avec backstage wrist band, but being driven to the main stage on one of those cool buggy things they use to get about festivals. I found Sarah and Ryan, we got our spot {a little way from the stage - but in view of all the big screens, with room to dance, and not near the man in a bra!} and spent the evening listening to Las Vegas' finest. Brandon, how we love thee {well, sarah and i - ryan, not so much - not in that way anyway!}.

They even started with For Reasons Unknown.

Needless to say, they were AMAZING!

I am so glad i made the effort and it was great to spend the evening dancing in a big field with Sarah!

{p.s. that singing in the background isn't me. its some drunken girls behind me. and the jumping. well. i couldn't resist!}

4 days down.......

And i have already come up against some non-drinking obstacles.

Yesterday, just as i was finished with my Quik working i got a phone call from the young lady who got me so hideously drunk Wednesday. She was at the pub, already a little tipsy and demanding I go out.

Whilst I managed to swerve that one, I was describing my abstinence to Hev at work earlier in the day {and in Sarah's absence} and I realised if I try and aim for the end of September, I will be completely sober for Sarah’s birthday. I know this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but I have been saving a really expensive bottle of champagne for the night, and I would hate to miss out on at least one glass! {don’t worry, it was a gift for my help on the big food and drink even I did earlier this year! – I haven’t gone mad and bought expensive plonk!}

We did also put our time in the little shop to good use and started making a list of the things we need for this party – it didn’t end at invites!

  1. Polaroid film. Triumph – I managed to get 50 instax mini shots for £15 on t’ebay.
  2. A nice book in which to stick said Polaroid.
  3. A sharpie and some glue. To write on and stick the Polaroid in the book.
  4. Onion Chutney – as the base of THE tastiest pizzas {butternut squash, spinach, ricotta and pine-nuts, with a red onion chutney base – ummmmm}
  5. Sparklers – what else would a roof terrace be for?
  6. Sparklers in the shape of 3’s and 0’s for on top of the cakes.
  7. A Pavolva. She doesn’t want a traditional cake. Pavolva is where this girl wants to be.
  8. Loads of 120 colour film for le Holga
  9. Drinks - Spirits – vodka, rum, gin, tequila, Jager {?}. Beers – we will have boys there. And the necessary mixers.
  10. Bacon – for the sarnies the next morning.
  11. Great i-pod mixes for dancing all night.
  12. Dancing shoes……..
  13. And a theme. Yes. We need a theme. We still don’t have one. It is a whole month away though.

Giving Up?

After another week day hangover i have decided that i am going to have some time off alcohol.

I am going to try and stay away from the evil stuff until the end of september, if i can. A month and a half. It wont be easy.

Lucie announced she is leaving me and moving to Manchester, admittedly to live with her boyfriend, but leaving none the less. So we naturally had to celebrate{?} it. With too much Vodka and a bit of Jager, and some Wine and Rum.

It does mean i will be sober for her leaving do. And a bank holiday.


Jolly Roger

You know you have the best friends when you come home to this little package.
A Jolly Good Roger card with a wonderful note to cheer me up, and the cutest nautical themed bracelet - check it out with the little seahorse, and the shells.
Awwwwww. I love Lizzie.

It even had a recipe for 'A Jolly Good Roger' cocktail;
2oz lemon juice
1oz dark rum
1oz banana liqueur

*fill a mixing glass with ice adding all ingrediants
*shake well and strain into a martini glass and add ice.

Sugar Rushes

My favourite cup cake maker – the wonderful Becky, from Sugar Rush Bakery {and receptionist extraordinaire} – started a new blog last week.

Having been one of her LWP cake testers I know just how yummy those Black Forest cakes she’s showing off are. In my mind they might have just about beaten the Lemon Meringue cakes to the title of my favourites. But it’s a close call.

I am definitely putting an order in for some special cakes for the upcoming 30th birthday celebrations i am organising.

I am pretty excited to see the shots of her little brothers train style cup cake tower. And also the Holga shots she took the other week. I love that I have 120 enthusiasts around me.

Incidentally. The minute I figure out how to use the scanner at my parent’s house. I have some more Holga shots of my own to upload – Some great. Some not so great. Some that could have been bettered if I had taken the lens cap off, or remember to wind the film on for 3 frames in a row! They joy of Holga.

Hey big spender

This weekend I did something REALLY grown up.
I bought a car. Yes. You heard me. A car – A 1.4 VW Polo Match to be exact. Brand New. No previous owners. No miles on the clock {well, they said up to 50 for delivery} with air-con and alloy wheels and an ipod dock. In a shiny, metallic black. With room for
lola rose and pals and all the shoes I ever need!
I get it delivered on September 1st. Or sometime close to September 1st. I am very excited.
But scared s**tless that I have made the wrong choice. Should I have gone for the Anthracite? Or the Blue?
Or something different altogether, like the Citroen C2?
Now would it be extravagant to go to Oslo next weekend?

DIY Bokeh

Originally uploaded by oh_gosh

The other night I tried out the DIY bokeh thing. Now I have the camera I wanted. I can start playing. Forgive me. I will be trying a lot of this out.

I have to say the hardest part was my unsteady hand trying to cut out a clean heart shape with the craft knife {I have no fiddy lens, so I am using my 75-200mm and making a really small hole as the aperture is about 4.8, not 1.4 or whatever is says in the tutorial!}

But this is my first attempt.
I kind of like it. Only I wish their were more lights round about my mum's house.

I wonder if it is too early to get in the loft and get the Christmas lights down.
Ummmm. I think it might be.

Another Friday. Another hangover.

Honestly I seem to have no stop button when it comes to half price cocktails.

Last night I met up with an old school friend, we cant have seen each other in about 4 years, but at uni we used to get together from time to time and remember the good ‘ol days when we were 17 and drinking too much, not listening to anything about Louis XIV or Sylvia Plath, and generally getting into a little bit of trouble. Only at uni we were 20, drinking WAY too much, not even going to the lectures to find out about the subjects and getting into a LOT of trouble.

But it was cool to see her again. We did the obligatory ‘what are you up to’ and the relationship re-caps, and even discussed the fb page for the school. But the best part was finding out the whole ‘where are they now’ thing about our class mates.

We went to quite a good, few £1000 a year school. All girls. Good exam results. Good reputation. So the floating about of careers I have done in the last few years {retail, recruitment *ugh*, media sale and now marketing} kind of made me feel a little bit like I failed, and maybe that cash would have been better spent on, oh I don’t know, holidays, bigger boats? Something useful. My best friend from school is a doctor. Like a proper, works in a hospital, saves people's lives doctor. But it would appear we know a whole load of people who have bumbled about as much as we have. We have friends who started of doing law, then changed to marketing {finished this degree} and is now half way through an interior design degree – but isn’t sure it’s what she ‘really’ wants to do, or a friend who works as an 18-30 rep {sleeping her way around Greece it would seem} or the friend who couldn’t decide what to do with her degree so is now a kept woman. And Nic, well, she is now a lawyer, but she’s been a sales rep, a recruitment consultant and might become a teacher?

It definitely made me feel better to know that it’s not just me who has no idea what to be when she grows up. Although working in the marketing department for a snowboarding brand would be pretty cool right now. Me thinks.


i got my canon 400d. And i am soooooo happy.

i got the camera with the 18-55mm lens, but as i stayed eos, i can also use the 2 lenses from my 1000f; 35-80mm and 75-300mm.

Predicably - i haven't put it down, and have been playing a LOT. {and making a lot of mistakes!} But here are a few examples;

{i am kind of sad to retire the 1000f - it's been a great little camera, but that sticking shutter just isn't helpful when trying to take pictures. but I am not abandoning film al together, i still have my beloved Holga and the instax mini polaroid, and i do plan to buy a new 1000F when i see on on t'ebay for a decent price}
expect to see a LOT of pictures from now on. I apologise if they suck!

ps cs2

I just got photoshop on my laptop again.

I am so happy to have it back.

I am also pretty excited about taking part in the Scavenger Hunt 101. so many photos. so little time.

*Photos by me. frames from here


I am in need of a holiday......

Sometimes you just need something to take your mind of the rest of your life. I am taking my mind off it all by planning one of my best friends 30th's. It scares the hell out of me that i have a friend who's nearly 30. But you know, she has to have a kick ass party!

So, we have booked a penthouse suite at an apartment hotel, we have champagne, we have a bbq planned, music, and a cake.

But first off all we have invites! Moo launched their business cards a few weeks ago, and i thought they might make the perfect invites - wallet sized, unforgettable, and very sarah! {although they did cut off a letter on the reverse - but you cant see that - it's an invite only party!!!!}

And not only are they cute but i got the chance to use a wordle!

There is nothing like staying up until 6am partying with old friends to make you feel young. But there is nothing like working all day the next day to make you feel really old.

I have concluded at 27, I am too old for it.

Not necessarily too old to stay up until 6am, but definitely too old to have to spend the next day being pleasant to customers whilst wanting to be sick on their shoes*

The unfortunate part is, I may be too old to do it, but I have almost certainly NOT learnt my lesson. Roll on the weekend!

*I am helping a friend at her shop over the summer. The extra cash will be handy, but at times when I have the hangover even French bread and cream cheese can’t cure, even the free clothes won’t make up for it.


Raining again.


A mistake?

There are times when I feel like maybe I made a mistake. Like maybe I should give it all another shot. Maybe THIS time it might work.

But then I remember how I felt like a failure, like I wasn’t worth anything, like – even thought I was working my ass of – my job just didn’t matter, like I wasn’t free to be me, like I couldn’t speak my mind and say “it’s 12.30am, its Wednesday, I have to be at work at 7.30, stop playing computer games really loudly and tell your friends to f**k off home for once”, like my friends and family didn’t matter because you only ever saw them once or twice a year and got me to lie on the other occasions about why you weren’t there, and like the fact you hated me, and told me so, was my fault, because I was useless and weak and annoying for asking for help.

I remember the fear I felt walking down the corridor sometimes because I couldn’t remember if I had forgotten to tidy something up or do all of the dishes, and wondering if I would get yelled at for not doing them, or just get the silent treatment, or get them smashed all over the flat and have to buy more because it was my birthday and you cant have friends over for birthday tea with out crockery. And I remember the friends that I stopped speaking to because they were boys and your insecurities couldn’t handle them in my life, even though they had been there longer than you.

I remember the despair and the feeling of just wanting to vanish, just to get in my car and rive off, and i had it planned, i could be in france before anyone would know i was gone, and really have no-one know where I was, because then I could start again.

You keep saying you’ll change. But even if you do, I might not be able to get over the way that you’ve made me feel these last two years.

And how can you get over it? How can you forgive me for the words i said. how can you forgive yourself?


Watching the ships roll in......


They say we're in for another wet summer this year
If this is the case - i need;
a) a new rain coat - with a hood. that is waterproof.
b) a larger umbrella
c) both
d) to live somewhere it doen't rain ALL summer long {but snows and has mountains in the winter}


Its the end of another week. It’s not been a hectic one, or too tough, but it seems like it started a LONG time ago.

There are little things making me happy though;

  • The guilty pleasures of my favourite lunchtime treat – a Wensleydale, apple and watercress Sandwich with beetroot and cranberry chutney, from Out of the Woods. I shouldn’t. I know the cheese will give me a migraine. But quite honestly I can’t resist.
  • Catching up with the boys and hearing all about Glastonbury. Oh, yes, I know now I should have gone, Watching it on the beeb just isn’t quite the same as being at a festival but I am sure the 500+ photo’s they took will make up for it some how.
  • Thinking about test driving cars. And trying to avoid making big decisions.
  • Knowing I’ll be spending Saturday night with Sarah and Hev. Drinking cocktails and dancing and gossiping. And then working with the very same ladies on Sunday with a hangover. Just like old times.
  • Planning trips to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Listening to this song. I live with my ipod on shuffle, which can be embarrassing when the Rod Stuart track you added to make your friend laugh on that car journey comes on in public, but it does mean you never know what is going to brighten up your life next.
I hope the weekend goes just as slowly as this week has, but that it's filled with much more fun.
{picture taken on the last night out with Sarah and Hev}
I am test driving one of these little beauties this weekend. Isn’t it cute, in a ‘but I still look cool’ kind of way.

This whole buying a car thing throws up some difficult questions though.

My two previous cars have been second hand, like-it-or-lump-it numbers {don’t get me wrong – I did love them, but I didn’t have a choice}.
But now, buying a car from scratch means I have to be responsible for things like the colour {now that’s a biggie – what if I get it and then change my mind, or worse, what if in a state of dispare i decide to go with 'cornflower yellow'?} and the seats – there are 4 different options of seat covers, and then there is the trim – another 3 options. What if I choose and then it all clashes? And then - Alloys - 14", 15" or 16"? A stereo with a cd changer or ipod dock? a sunroof? Where do i stop.There are just sooooooo many options. And thats before i have chose the engine - 1.4 or 1.6 {there is a 1.1 option, but i am ignoring it}. Petrol or diesel? God, this is hard.

Now I know these seem like trivial decisions – ‘You’re getting a new car’ I hear you cry, but I’m the kind of girl who shops at Topshop, H&M and Primarni so I can get 4 of those tops in different colours for when I get bored. I take every piece of clothing i have, every where, 'just in case' {which has been a problem whilst living this hobo life of late}.

This however is a car - its something i have to keep for at least 3-4 years, and not something i can just go and swap if i change my mind. {If only car dealerships were more like Topshop!}

So, I am thinking of taking the wimps way out – buying an ex-demo model – they’re ready made, usually top spec, and i hear they're a little cheaper than new. It also means that I can always blame any little bits I’m completely happy about on someone else!



Sugar Rush

I am lucky enough to work with one of the best cupcakers i know - Becky - she is our receptionist extraordinaire, the better half of my friend Paul, and the brains and baker behind the Sugar Rush Bakery.

Not only does she bake amazing cakes, but she then brings them to work for occasions {like people leaving} or even better - for no real reason other than she was trying out new recipes. We have cakes about once a week! It’s amazing.

The one picture was a lemon meringue – delicious – it had a soft Italian style whipped meringue, and lemon curd inside the cake – yum, yum, yum.

{apologies about the picture quality – I took this on my phone}

Cherry Kisses

Seriously. How adorable is this little set from Rose&co.? Check out the mini swing top bottles!
I have a friend who really needs a little cheering up at the moment - and I think this would do just the trick.
If i dont keep them for myself that is!