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My Cancer treatment

geography lessons

I truly love the intelligence of my friends;

me: i need some help. suggest a chinese restaurant for me, i need to do some research in one?
erin: what about little tokyo?
me: thats not a chinese restaurant, its japanese?
erin: what, how do you know?
me: the name - LITTLE TOKYO.....
erin: why where is tokyo?

i like how he leans

Tonight sam and I are having a mscl marathon.

We’re settling down with some wine, some snacks and watching the show that changed our 15 year old lives, back to back, until we can take no more (or get too drunk to see!)

I honestly did (and still do really) believe that Jared Leto was the man for me, when I meet him I am sure he will realise this too! Haha. Kc is fully aware of this fact, and I think it is something he has learnt to deal with, because obviously it is a real threat to him!

And oh how I wanted to be tortured soul that was Angela Chase – in school we died our hair red (wella colour mousse – chilli – although it’s a lie that it’s wash-in wash-out) and got all moody, and I am still waiting for someone to stop me dead with the “you’re so beautiful, it hurts to look at you” line. (that an Vanilla Ice’s “Drop that zero and get with the hero”)

I'm also popping out to get some new bling bling lenses for my goggles – there's a fire iridium Oakley A Frame lens with my name on just sat in the shop waiting for me! oooh. i cant wait!


25% off at H&M

H&M are giving you a 25% discount off one item if you sign up to their newsletter. And when the last newsletter came through, It has a further 20% off hoodies. Crazy metal.
They are just willing me to spend my cash – lucky for me I NEED some sweaters for the trip to Avoriaz.

I got a gorgeous little bag off Lizzie for my birthday. She always gets me the best gifts – we have similar tastes so I know I’ll love her gifts (don’t believe me - last year we both bought each other the same pair of roller boots!).

I am normally a big bag kind of girl – I need space for at least one camera, my phone, mp3 player (although the new ipod isn’t getting thrown in there yet) a couple of lip balms, my keys, and my cash (sometimes you can find a notebook in there, some makeup – which is pretty redundant as I never remember to re apply – and there are always a thousand other things I never need, but take with me)

So to have a really small bag has been quite liberating. It fit my cash card, my digital camera and a small bit of change. I have to leave everything else at home, or put it in my pocket.

So, finally I have gotten round to checking out the website of the company who made it – Ness By Post – they are a Scottish company and the website has some of the most beautiful stuff on there. I love the hair bands and the corsages. Have a look. Its not very expensive either!

there was a little dusting of snow on the ground this morning, and whilst everyone came into the office complaining about it, it made me so happy. So what if it was -4 this afternoon, there is something magical about the cold.

i love the way that snow makes the world look (even if it is the pathetic amount we had this morning, and it brings out the most amazing details - i walk past the same railings everyday and hadn't noticed that they were full of cobwebs until now.

And talking of snow. I have just done something stupidly indulgent and bad (for my bank balance - not for me) and ordered these new burton pants. check them out. they are going to look amazing with my pink roxy goggles!
can you tell i am really looking forwards to getting on the snow?

If i had

.....a spare 600 euro's then this is what i would spend it on.....

I have a feeling that kc would spend it on the grass one and play football on it, but even in the summer if i had the snow one, it would be like living in a winter wonderland.
Its by these norwegian designers, and i found it on astrid's site. Check out her blog. She manages to unearth the coolest things!
This morning.........................................
This evening...........................................

Its was so foggy this morning, I thought I might get lost on my walk to work. Seriously, I could just about see the other side of the road, but it did block the view from my office window of the monstrosity that is Bridgewater Place.
Kc had other thoughts on the fog. “I LIKE THE FOG. IT SMELLS GOOD!” Were his exact words…… He makes me laugh!
But then check out this evening. it may look sunny, but boy was Leeds cold!

Message in a bottle

I told you about my ‘message in a bottle’ gift. Well here it is. How much fun am I going to have with this!

snow time

I mentioned the girls trip to the mountains, well, its all booked, flights and accommodation. We’re off to Avoriaz in March, staying at the aptly named Rude Chalets in their R1 apartment – how cute – last year Liz, Sam and I headed out to Geilo, in Norway to stay at our Norwegian friend’s mountain ‘hut’. The snow was divine, the hut amazing (and more chalet than hut – it had a sauna!) and Norway was such a great country to see, but the price of beer and the steep hike back up to the hut was too much for us! I just wish Kristin could join us this year!

So this year, we have gone ‘ski-in ski-out’. Well, technically its ‘board-in, board out’ but….I can’t wait to get on the snow again. And I think the other girls are looking forwards to a little apr├Ęs action! They have just opened the Burton Stash park over there too, and there are some amazing parks to be seen! No doubt it means bruising to come!
We also needed somewhere with a little bit of an apres scene; after Norway's £10 a pint affair, hopefully france will be a little bit more affordable, even if it is cheap vodka from the supermarche!
and i have plans for some great holga shots. ordered some Rollei Retro 100, to get some super fine landscapes!

soooooo excited! Can you tell?
oooh, and if anyone has any inside tips of bars, hills, chairs to ride, anything about the area, let me know!

2 weeks of birthday

How annoying are computers. I start this thing and then it wont let me on the internet......but I am back, and where do I start?

well, I have managed to drag out my birthday for the last two weeks. it started with lunch with mummy and daddy at loch fine the weekend before it; their moules marinare are to die for. Then I had a little gathering at my house on the Sunday, for Mexican food and cakes, which I made, but may have put too much frosting on, as they were a little sickly.

Then came the birthday, and some lovely gifts, all round – the coolest tripod for my camera, a start, these new snowboard gloves, some photography books, a star (yes, a star – how cool is that! But now i have to name it!), and a little trip into town shopping when the rain stopped. Then finally last week, my present from my brother, these cool WESC headphones finally arrived for me – Interlink managed to loose them, twice, but I have them now, they sound great, and aren’t they amazing……

and now, two weeks later, my friend Sam, and I had a little joint swaree at a bar in town, with too much drinking, too many fancy dress costumes and at the after party back at the flat, not enough 3d snakes and ladders, and too much vodka! It coincided with the weekend that my best friend, Lizzie, had planned to come up from London, and that meant more treats – she bought me the most beautiful little clutch bag (with a strap too, she knows what I am like!) a matching scarf and necklace, and a message in a bottle kit. (Its soooooo cute, i'll have to post an image) I just can’t wait until my mum and dad next take the boat out - they can pop in it in the middle of the Cornish sea for me and we’ll see where it ends up!

And we have booked the girls trip to the mountains……..details coming soon!