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Nearly June? Really?

English weather really sucks.


A couple of weeks ago i came across a couple of colour 120 films i had taken a while ago. I couldn't even remember what was on them, so it was quite exciting to get them back from cc imaging this morning.
There were some drunken shockers. but a few that i really like.
Like the one above - a shelf of records at a random party i ended up at.....and there are some sweet double exposures. Check them out here and here.
And look at the crazy green eyes on my brothers dog.
I do love my holga - its just a shame the colour shots are so much better than the b&w ones, and that i cant develop the colour shots myself like the b&w ones......

Geography Lessons 1.2

Sam - i want to go on an adventure
Me - well i get my mum's car tomorrow, shall we go then?
Sam - No i mean a long adventure, for like a year.
Me - that's what i meant, lets pack our bags and go?
Sam - can we go to New Zealand?
Me - probably not in the car.
Sam - why not?
Me - i don't think there are ferries to new Zealand.
Sam - why not?
Me - its a long way, I'm not sure they go that far from Dover.
Sam - well how far can we go?
Me - maybe Japan?
Sam - really? are you sure?
Me - yeah, easy, through Europe, then a bit of Russia, then on to china {as you can see, it's a well thought out route}
Sam - do you know how big Russia is?
Me - yes, a bit bigger then china.
Sam - really, i though china was the same size as France!

Although, having looked at a map, if we hit China, head down through Vietnam, Malaysia, to Singapore, on to Indonesia and Australia i am sure we can find a route to NZ with which to take a car! take a week or two tops? Easy peasy! honest!

Phone blogging

Get this - i can post on my blog from my phone! Not sure what use it'll be but? And oh yes i have gone all tech and got a badass new phone.

Work Work Balance

Something thing crazy has happen recently. Work has taken over. And not in a good drinks-on-a-friday-and-coming-in-at-4amway. It’s more of a i-am-too-tired-to-think-when-i get-home way. Yesterday i had 2 event launches to organise and over see {one am, one pm} 3 meetings with various clients, and one client to schmooze until the early hours, then back to work early doors to write up yesterdays events and happenings. And to top it off, I find myself waking up at 5.20 in the morning stressing over how to spend the remainder of the marketing budget for the event I am working. Seriously. I didn’t sign up for working this hard.

I am dreaming of the weekend. Of catching up on my reading {and maybe finally finishing A New Road to China}. Of catching up with friends and gossip. Of catching up with the cleaning {ok, so I am not dreaming of that, but it HAS to be done sometime, and that time certainly isn't when i get in at 8pm from work}.

Just 3 more weeks of madness and it’ll all calm down a bit {I think. I hope.}

I am just dreaming of the beach these days.
Or at least being by the sea.

I stumbled across a blog that is making it easier - just check out these beautiful images of the coast by Cornwall based photographer, Jo Bradford. It makes me happy to look at her images, the most striking i think are the TTV images.

And after having a little email chat with her, i found out she is based about 5 minutes from the boat and runs photography classes.......i might just have to book myself on to one of them next time i am down sailing!

chitty chitty BANG BANG

Two weeks ago my lovely little old{ish} Polo died. when i say died, i mean it rattled, it banged {so loud i thought something was falling out of the engine and i actually walked back down the street to check} and then stopped. Not great i thought.

I managed to coast it round the corned off the main road i was on, and right onto an industrial estate, where i waited, in my 'it's friday, i am going out after work' outfit with the bonnet up and oil gushing out. I am a member of the VW breakdown assistance and to be fair to them, the minute i told them i was on an industrial estate they said it'd be 45 minutes, not 2hrs. BUT not one of the men coming out of the depot whose entrance i was blocking offered to push me out of the way, they just walked and drove round me and it wasn't until a woman came out and asked if i was ok that i got any help. Men! hu! they'll stand and laugh, but wont help! Even when you're weraing a short skirt......

But i digress, the VW garage have told me its going to be about £500-£1000 to fix the problem {something to do with a valve, falling, engine, broken - all i heard was "could be upto a grand"} so when the car is worth about £750, it doesn't make sense to fix it, especially not when my dad is offering me a new {to me} car!

I have always dreamt of an old style convertable beetle, in a metalic blue/turquoise preferably, with a white hood and white leather interior.......yes, a dream i know, but maybe i could look at a new style's almost the same? And a convertable in england is such a nessesity! honest!


Work Wandering

The sunshine has made me get out and about on my lunch break, and there are some beautiful sites to be found down by the canal.
But, in Leeds, you're never far from some of these.....