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Geography Lessons 1.2

Sam - i want to go on an adventure
Me - well i get my mum's car tomorrow, shall we go then?
Sam - No i mean a long adventure, for like a year.
Me - that's what i meant, lets pack our bags and go?
Sam - can we go to New Zealand?
Me - probably not in the car.
Sam - why not?
Me - i don't think there are ferries to new Zealand.
Sam - why not?
Me - its a long way, I'm not sure they go that far from Dover.
Sam - well how far can we go?
Me - maybe Japan?
Sam - really? are you sure?
Me - yeah, easy, through Europe, then a bit of Russia, then on to china {as you can see, it's a well thought out route}
Sam - do you know how big Russia is?
Me - yes, a bit bigger then china.
Sam - really, i though china was the same size as France!

Although, having looked at a map, if we hit China, head down through Vietnam, Malaysia, to Singapore, on to Indonesia and Australia i am sure we can find a route to NZ with which to take a car! take a week or two tops? Easy peasy! honest!

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