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I put in officially the shortest festival attendance EVER this weekend!

The Killers played Leeds sunday evening, and although we said we weren't getting tickets, pretty much everyone i know managed to get themselves there, so not having a ticket, and the fact i was working that day, wasn't going to stop me.

I got there at 8.30, blagged my way in - with a little sweet talking and some small white lies - and at 9 i was not only avec backstage wrist band, but being driven to the main stage on one of those cool buggy things they use to get about festivals. I found Sarah and Ryan, we got our spot {a little way from the stage - but in view of all the big screens, with room to dance, and not near the man in a bra!} and spent the evening listening to Las Vegas' finest. Brandon, how we love thee {well, sarah and i - ryan, not so much - not in that way anyway!}.

They even started with For Reasons Unknown.

Needless to say, they were AMAZING!

I am so glad i made the effort and it was great to spend the evening dancing in a big field with Sarah!

{p.s. that singing in the background isn't me. its some drunken girls behind me. and the jumping. well. i couldn't resist!}

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