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My Carry On Flight Essentials


My Cancer treatment
Time seems to be moving so fast at the moment.
Weekend are blurring into one, and the weeks. well. boy am i busy. work is mental.

So, what have i done;
-Spent some much needed time with my nan.
-Discovered 4 on demand and their Desperate Housewives/Ugly Betty repeats - seriously. amazing.
-Sent 3 programmes, 2 invites, and some POS to print, done a shed load of data entry held the fort and answered a lot of emails at work.
-Drank lots of beer - too much?
-Eaten the nicest GBK Portabella Mushroom Burger.
-And my fav Waga dish - Yasai Yaki soba.
-Been to a pirate rum party.
-Had an evening out at Kirkstall Abbey.
-And an afternoon at Bolton Abbey.
-Proved that you really do get better at pool after a beer or two.
-Bought tickets for my london trip to see Liz this next weekend.
-Popped in to see the guys on the B&W developing course, since i wont be joining them this year :(
-Discussed snow holidays, and
this might be the choice
-Wondered about first date/first time etequette.
-And then found out all the wondering was ignored. {But i hear he's worth ignoring it for!}

Its not been a bad few weeks.
Just look how amazingly cool this is! Its the Vitamin Powder Seat
I have been looking for a use for my beautiful, first snowboard {it’s the old Burton A board, cream, with all the animals on it} Now wouldn’t this be the coolest way – turn it into a seat!
**And no, 10.30am is so not too early to be munching on cake. No matter what my rational self tells me.**

Another sugar rush!

Just check out the perfect, mermaid inspired, cupcakes that becky has created.

Glittery bluey-greeney icing, pearls, and the cutest little fish sprinkles. I am a sucker for all things sea!

i sooooooo cant wait to tuck in to this. Is 9.40am too early?

Back to the Nineties

So, out for a few drinks Saturday night with the boys. Its all going quite well, you know the usual thing – a few flat beers (or a diet coke or two if you are on my detox}, some pool, chats about sleeping in the noode, boat pubs, saved by the bell, getting myself roped into Glastonbury next year. Then we pop to a bar in town, everyones feeling ok, swaying a little, and then….

On the bar, a flier for a retro night ‘playing the best from the late nineties and early noughties’. Now seriously, since when has the late nineties been retro?

On closer inspection, its basically the re-hashing of a night we used to go to, on either a Monday or Thursday evening at the Unit, when we wanted to bump into our mates, drink cheap white label vodka, snog our mates mates and dance like fools to cheesy pop.

{And guess what. It’s still at the Unit {under the new guise of Corporation}, the vodka is still £1 with a mixer and it probably will still be full of people we know snogging.}

But we’re all stood there, in our 27 year old primes, looking at the flier in disbelief and with one resounding thought going through our heads

Shit, we’re nearly old!

quik to the core

This working as a favour at quiksilver thing is going to get expensive again.

Always have been and always will be a Roxy winter kind of gal.

Layers. Hoodies. Coats. Beanies. Scarves. Boots. Gloves. Tights. Skirts. Cute knits. Thick Socks

Already have the shorts, the flares, the shirt, some jeans and a tee.
The black coat and the skirt - on the save rail along with 2 hoodies, some thermals, some tweed boots, underwear, one beanie, one felt hat, a red tshirt, and only half the stock has come in.........

And the leather jacket - probably an early christmas gift to myself!

And dont get me started on the Quiksilver Women's Range . They don't have it in the store i am in, but its at Meadowhall and OMG. check out the website. Pretty much love it all!

Today i learned

Diet Coke + vitamins taste like really flat Coke that has vodka in it. And there really is nothing worse than flat coke and vodka.

And you probably should just give up on certain things.

I am officially the luckiest girl I know

Check out my BRAND NEW car.

The 58 plates came out today, and lucky me, my dad went and picked it up for me from the dealership, so i can be one of those people who gets a new car the day the new plates come out......
How beautiful.........

9 Miles on the clock when it was delivered and only 14 after the little spin i went for.......

And look at the little spot for my ipod

And the shiny-ness of the paint and oh, there's so much space for my shoes in the boot......

eeeeeeeek. I love it.