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No Year Resolutions

New Resolutions for the every day.
i have to remember some of these.


Anyone for elevenses?

{image from Paul's}

This week has been a week of 'fun jobs'. you know, stuff that makes you really busy, but you don't mind doing because it's essentially fun.

One of which has been sourcing 350 Macaroons and 500 angel themed cakes for clients.

Yup, that's right 350 Macaroons. Can you imagine when they get delivered to the event. it'll be like a little sugar over load.

We are choosing to go with Paul's, mostly because they are a good few hundred pounds cheaper than Laduree's, but a little because Paul's pain ou chocolate are to die for {only surpassed by those from the cute little boulangerie in Avoriaz! But that might have been the mountain air?}

The best bit about this whole cake sourcing debarkle is, next week, we have 12 Paul's macaroons, a host of Betty's cakes, some hand made cupcakes and angel shaped biscuits arriving as samples.

That 'get in shape' for the snow diet may be taking it's first hit!
The other weekend in London, Liz and I, amongst other things, like playing Russian roulette with chilli vodka shots, wandering round markets, crossing the meridian line and back again, attempted to bake.

We tried to make this banana bread.

I say tried, but we more or less excelled at making it. We were just let down by the topping which turned to a treacle like glue on the top.

I am pretty convinced it was nothing to do with us, and a lot to do with the oven and the fact we couldn’t place the shelf low enough. And maybe the fact we had no cinnamon. But I have my doubts as to whether cinnamon would have stopped the sugar from solidifying. I am not sure what the properties on cinnamon are, other then taking really good on churros and apples.

But once the sugar concrete had been prised from it, it tasted amazing. So, with this in mind, I am off to the supermarket this evening to buy some bananas {I reckon if I leave them at the bottom of my work bag for a few days they’ll be suitable beaten up and mash-able} and some honey and some parchment paper to line the new bread tin my mum bought last week {trust me, if it does what it did last time, I’m better off taking the parchment paper route, her wrath isn’t worth not using it!}

I will try and photograph the results, but me, a load of gooey mixture and the camera all in one room might be a bad combination. Maybe whilst I am eating it?

All's fair

Just the most perfect delcarations of love and hate.
Dear Old Love

My first Blurb

Now we have our snowtrip sorted, i thought it was about time i set about making our snow journals.

Last years LuLu book went down well, but overall, the quality - especially with the grayscale images, and the finish were a bit rubbish.

This year i've gone Blurb - full colour, easy to drag and drop pages, and the choice of hard or soft covers.

As its a snowboarding journal, i've used the collective images of our trips for the last 5 years or so - it covers America, France and Norway.

Here's the front cover:

And here's page one

And my first dps
And a space to record the holiday details
And space to remember your favourite bits about the day.
And here are all the pages that you can't see through the blurb preview.

I am pretty excited about it's arrival.
And it's available to buy through their website - Here.
Although, i am not expecting many sales, not for something thats a holiday gift for my friends!

i love igoogle

Seriously, i do.
Now not only can i have the news fed through to me when i pop on-line, but with the help of some great applications i can check my twitter, facebook and flickr account without leaving the igoogle page.
None of the IT geeks at work need know what i am doing.
Time wasting ahoy!
I got delievered the new Aubin and Wills catalogue last week, it appears to be an offshoot of Jack Wills.
The images are, as always, for this company gorgeous.

But just look at this snood. it makes me really want a huge, oversized one. Just not one thats going to cost me £70.

Maybe something a bit more like this one or this one from UO.
Almost the same effect?

There are some decisions that, as soon as you embark on them, you know were the wrong choice. You can just tell. But you can’t go back, and you can’t change your mind. You know that you must have made the decision for a reason at the time, but you know that it just isn’t for you.

But you stick with those decisions because that’s what you’re supposed to do. And you need the years’ experience. And finding something else right now is quite hard.

But sometimes there are decisions you have to make again. To make you happy.

I think it’s about time I started changing things for the better again.

Last night i recieved this text;
"I dont know how you feel about this. But i am making some tentative plans for a roller disco on friday night. Let me know your thoughts. :) xx"

Honestly what response is there other than
"the rollerboots are already packed!"

And yes. I do have rollerboots. And this wont be my first Roller disco!


Oh, the irony

On the way in to town to buy a 'autumn coat' {ie. one that's a bit waterproof, and not a summer jacket, and not a snowboarding jacket} i got rained on so hard, and it was so windy my umbrella turned inside out.

Now after 2 hrs of sitting in front of a heater, i am still damp.

I am done with England. Its too windy and rainy for me!
I wonder where i should be?