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Now we have our snowtrip sorted, i thought it was about time i set about making our snow journals.

Last years LuLu book went down well, but overall, the quality - especially with the grayscale images, and the finish were a bit rubbish.

This year i've gone Blurb - full colour, easy to drag and drop pages, and the choice of hard or soft covers.

As its a snowboarding journal, i've used the collective images of our trips for the last 5 years or so - it covers America, France and Norway.

Here's the front cover:

And here's page one

And my first dps
And a space to record the holiday details
And space to remember your favourite bits about the day.
And here are all the pages that you can't see through the blurb preview.

I am pretty excited about it's arrival.
And it's available to buy through their website - Here.
Although, i am not expecting many sales, not for something thats a holiday gift for my friends!

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