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My Cancer treatment

This weekend was a stark reminder I am not 18 anymore.

I have a group of friends. They’ve been my friends since I was about 16. At uni I lived with some of them. And we did pretty much everything together for years and years. They’re mostly boys. And no, I haven’t slept with them (well, apart from one, but he was my boyfriend for a year!)

Over the last 2 or 3 years we’ve kind of drifted apart, no fault of anyone’s, just life, but now I am back in Sheffield a lot more, were back in touch, and I kind of thought that nothing had changed.

It turns out it has.

Friday night I popped over for a drink, or two, or eight. Me and five boys – something I am used to. Nothing strange about that I thought. Until one of them, a guy I hadn’t met before, a housemate, tells me I am brave for being their alone. Really I thought, brave?

It’s not brave, hanging out with your mates on a Friday night. Is it?

Yup. It turns out it kind of is.

I am there for a few vodkas, some laughs and to get out of the house and away from my parents. Not to be hit on by 3 people. 2 of whom are friends. One of which has been a friend for about 10 years. I don’t think like that about my mates. Turns out maybe they do.

Not what I need on a Friday night when I have drunk half a bottle of vodka.

And now, I have to go out with them all again on Saturday. This time though, I have people to help…….

I did it!
Right now i could do with some of these
found here

My favourite read at the moment.

Annie, and her journey across America.
Boy. Can this lady write.
Read it here.
See the pictures here.

when i am hurt

i found this somewhere on the internet. maybe on tumblr. i can't remember.
but for all of you who think maybe i am drinking too much or going out too much i think it explains me at the moment......

"when i am hurt........
it's ok to flirt ... to date ... to hate .... to mingle with other people .. to drink.. to cry .. to laugh out loud ... to scream .... to dance wild! you know why ? because when i'm hurt i don't owe anybody any explanation beacause the person who likes me doesn't need it and the person who hates me won't believe it. i live my life as i wish.. until im whole again..if they can't accept me at my worst, then i guess they don't deserve me at my best."

Practising my French

Tonight I am going to see a man about a tattoo.

Well. Not just any man. Steve. Sam’s tattooist.

He’s done all of her tattoos. And there are about 7 of them. I trust her. I trust him.

What I don’t trust was the ‘it won’t hurt THAT much’ when I ask how much it’ll hurt.

I want snowflakes. I’ve wanted snowflakes for ages. And I want them on my foot. Down the outside of my foot, like a little snowstorm.

I have what might be the boniest feet on the planet, so yes I know it’ll hurt.

I just need to go and get a date to have it done. *Gulp*

Now I just have to pick my snowflakes.

What an excuse to play here for hours……


Geography Lessons 1.3

South America is covered this time..........

Sat with Sam after a heavy night out, trying to decide where we should visit next, we land on South America, Brasil maybe, we think. The Carnival maybe? Or the inca trains in Peru? or just living it up on the beaches?

She opens a map so we can plan our trip -

Sam: Oh my god, Bolivia's in South America? i thought it was in eastern europe. Oh my god. I can't believe that Paraguay and Uruguay. Seriously i could have taken all of these countries and put them in europe. You know. somewhere near russia.

i love how he leans

I used to wish that i knew a guy like him when i was 14.
I know what she is trying to say. Maybe i almost agree with her. Just Maybe.
I might not quite be ready to totally dump him yet though?

And yes i love the way he leans.


Things I have learnt this weekend.

  • Going out dressed all nice isn’t bad.
  • Mixing vodka, jager and sambuca gets you pretty drunk.
  • Mobile internet is not a good idea when you are drunk. Gmail’s drunk detector clearly doesn’t apply to facebook! Maybe they should think about installing some sort of test there too.
  • But it does come in handy for googling that guy who said he’s in a band and is chatting up your mate!
  • Dancing on tables in Oporto isn’t such a great idea, but it’s a better one than dancing on their sofa’s.
    Neither is falling off them.
  • Or singing along to the Beach Boys at the top of your voice.
  • When the lights have come up in Sandinista, and its 3.30am, the probably want you to go home.
  • Sitting eating left over noodles at 5am rocks.
  • But getting up for work at 9am the next day sucks.
  • Sometimes getting drunk with the girls is worth the all day hangover then ensues.

i like this discovering who i am business.

thanks girls. x


last fm

pretty much addicted to last fm.
its amazing. just like having every album i could wish for on my computer without taking up all my memory.
and because i'm not the coolest kid on the block - when some young 'down with the kids' youf mentions a band, i can find out who they mean without wading through the million crap videos on you-tube!

Check out my truely awful music taste by clicking the link to your right.

I wont be held responsible for bleeding ears. You have been warned!

I got totally waylaid in the new london volcom store today. I went to get my brother a birthday gift and came out with this sweet-as t and some cute pants. Although i'm pretty sure i could have spent thousands of pounds.