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This weekend I;
  • Bought wellies {hunters, no less} and a rain mac, to cover me in the inevitable Manchester rain, which stopped just before we let the house! Good work.  
  • Had a guided tour of the dizzy heights of Stockport!
  • Drank in Didsbury with the boyf’s sister and her man.
  • Ate toasted potato waffles and chocolate mousse in the early hrs.
  • Watched an amazing show with Oasis, Kasabian, The Enemy and Twisted Wheel at Heaton Park.
  • Realised I like more Enemy and Kasabian songs than I thought.
  • Tested my wellies in the Manchester mud {and on the 3.5 mile walk home-yeah, that was fun!} And laughed at the people who’d turned up in flipflops {It’d been raining for 12 hrs, fools.}
  • Wore my new Funky Junk jewellery - to many compliments.
  • Ate Krispy Kremes.
  • And wished we’d had YO! Sushi as well.
  • Marvelled at the Vodka Bar in Selfridges.
  • Realised I am too old for living room sleepovers. Sleeping on a sofa with a sweater for a pillow is not comfy, even drunk! Less so when there are 4 people on the floor and another on the sofa with you.
  • Found out there are some advantages to my insomnia – being awake at 4am and being able to listen to the drunken talk of boys can be super useful for later ammunition.
  • Got the worst sore throat. Just hoping it’s not tonsillitis. That would suck. But might be a great impromptu diet. 

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