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My Cancer treatment

Last night I went to a magical performance of A Midsummers Night Dream at Kirkstall Abbey.
It was so gorgeous, sat amongst the abbey cloisters with the sun setting to the side of us, if not a little cold, but the beer {yes beer} warmed us up a little.
They are touring, and whilst I think it’s coming to the end of the tour, there are still a few dates left – you should go. I know they are performing at the Botanical Gardens in the middle of August.

{please excuse the rubbish picture - i've not quite figured out getting low light shooting to look natural on my panasonic}


Holly & Harold

You should check out my beautiful, and oldest, friend’s new blog – Holly&Harold
Lizzie and I don’t see each other as much as we should, mainly due to my lack of money, but I am excited that I can now follow her life in London a little bit better.



For the last few years the housemate and I have sold programmes at Opera in the Park. It’s a free event hosted at Temple Newsam Park by Leeds City Council and the publishing company we used to work for print the programmes.

Basically it’s a little bit of a jolly where we laze in the sun for an hr or so listening to them practise and waiting for late comers, then wander about a field of cars selling brochures to the people who have got their free tickets.

Most of them are in high spirits, although some do get all grouchy about paying £4 for a programme {yeah, because the price of the FREE ticket was such a wallet buster!}

But it’s also a wonderful insight into what I am sure it will be like to be old;

They come for about 4 hrs, but I have never seen people with so much stuff. Honestly, some of them have more stuff than I took to benicassim, and that’s not an exaggeration. They have chairs and tables, and extravagant picnics, and cool boxes full of wine, and beers, and one couple I sold a brochure to actually had a candelabra with them.

Really people, how organised do you have to be to be taking a candelabra to an opera in a park in Leeds.

I was offered g&t’s, beers, quiche, crisps and I am pretty sure a man older than my dad tried to chat me up……

Having said that it does look like a bit of a laugh. Imagine 10,000+ oldies, drunk & sat in a field doing the hand Kankan!

Unfortunately, we had to skidaddle as I was jetting off to Sheffield for Tramlines…….

Maybe next year?


The boy took me to see Transformers 2 the other week. Trying to avoid the ever present boobs of Megan Fox was a massive challenge {hmmmmm, was that why we went?} but it did mean that I spotted the jewellery she was wearing.
A gorgeous silver and turquoise stacking ring.
Any one that knows me will tell you I have a slight obsession with turquoise and silver jewellery. I have a lot of it.

Que Etsy.

Check out this stunning ring that from Maribelle Campa's shop.

I think i might have to have this ring - so if anyone wants to buy me a little gift.......... *hint*hint*


I want to be on the beach.....

How gorgeous are these prints by She Hits Pause.
They make me want to be by the sea.
Or in California in the 60's.
I love the processing too.

{Originally found here}

I'm back......

Still knackered. A little tanned. Mostly still recovering.
The Killers were amazing, as was Paul Weller.Oasis had sound troubles - again.
2manydj’s was a great end to Saturday nights drinking in the town.
Friendly Fires were the perfect soundtrack to sitting by, and dancing in, a pool.
The silent disco was great. If a little odd.
The 3am drive to Gerona after 4hrs of sleep the night before was intense – not something I would recommend doing, but kind of fun.

Sitting on the beach was lovely, as was swimming in the sea. And the lemon slush puppies from the beach bar were divine.
Gutted that Kings of Leon didn’t get to play, but it was out of our hands and down to the intense winds.
It rocked lighting rigs and tore the canvas off the front of the main stage, pulled the roof off the 2nd stage and collapsed the fences around the festival, along with decimating the campsites. Saturday morning looked like a refugee camp had been set up in Spain.
Sarah and I were just grateful for our little Seat Ibiza, “Gomez”. He sheltered us from the winds, and the air-con rescued us from the heat.
All in all a pretty amazing weekend.
Its just a shame that my camera decided to die half way through the weekend leaving me with the slightly temperamental Holga. {but don’t worry I have had it swapped for a new one and have a working handbag cam again!} You can however see the pic I managed to take here.

I survived Hurricane Beni.

'Hurricane Beni' - High winds, flying tents, campsite evacuation.
Check out those little tents that were on the camping area but had blown on to the path and look like they are made of jelly.
The tepee next to ours with some lovely Irish girls in it was decimated.
The traintracks covered in abandoned tents.
And the showers blew down.

Here is the the site the morning after;
You can see it bigger (and in HD) here.

Life through a fisheye

Originally uploaded by oh_gosh

I finally got a some of my holga shots from Glastonbury developed. 
Love love love the fisheye lense i got a few months ago - these are the first shots i have got developed after having the fisheye. shame i didn't use it more {and that i wasn't more sober for a bit more of it to take some more shots}

This weekend I.....

  • Drank homemade watermelonade and cherryade with a little dash of Gin. Homemade by these fair hands I will add.
  • Ate homemade pizza – the boy made the dough, I created the topping – red onion chutney, spinach, feta, butternut squash, pinenuts and then the boy added some pork, and sweetcorn, and anchovies {ugh! Seriously – super salty fish – no thanks almost as bad as olives.}
  • And homemade bread rolls.
  • Went camera shopping for a new ‘handbag cam’ with my dad.
  • Chilled out to some movies – including Watchmen. I kind of enjoyed it.
  • Introduced the boy to my parents! {Which I think went pretty well, even if he was super shy.}
  • Borrowed a little tent for Benicassim that will fit in the bag for the plane.
  • And retrieved my tickets and passport – you know the essentials.
  • Realised I will totally miss the boy – I wont get to see him now till the weekend after next – ouch. That’s a long time.


New Toys

I am now the proud owner of this lovely little handbag camera.

After 3 years of faithful service my Sony W100 disappeared at Glastonbury and whilst, yes, I know I have my SLR and my Holga, I need a camera that’s small enough to just throw in my pocket and go sometimes.

After a few weeks of wandering round the internet, and some facebook discussions I settled on the Panasonic FX40 {over the Sony W270} and my dad had found it for sale in a little camera shop on Eccelsall Rd. Turns out the woman in there didn’t want our business and was a bit pissy about, well, pretty much everything we said, so we went to Harrisons.

They did want our business and gave me an excellent deal on the camera, with a memory stick for less than the grumpy lady was even selling the camera.

If you’re in Sheffield and you want a camera – check them out – very friendly, knowledgeable and they develop film.

So now I have a camera with a 25mm wide angle lens, 5x optical zoom, a whole host of functions and settings I think will be useful – face recognition, night shooting, easy ISO control and a panorama photo guide. There are also a multitude of settings I have never encounted before {and are probably so gimmicky I won’t ever use them} including – baby and pet recognition, starry sky, fireworks and a food photography setting. Yes, that’s right – food photography – and I can tell you that the food we ate this weekend looked no different shot with or without this setting – maybe it was just me?

So, at least that’s one thing sorted for Benicassim…….only 3 days to go and I’ve barely got anything organised.


I < 3 Stolen Thunder

I love coming home to little gifts, even if they are ones I have bought myself.

Yesterday I ordered this beautiful necklace as a little treat for myself, and I can't believe how quickly it came. 

It's even nicer in real life than it looked on the website, heart is so nicely finished, and the little 'stolen thunder' heart is a wonderful finishing touch - and just look at the cute packaging they send you with it - little cut out hearts and mini wham bars, all wrapped up in purple!



This time last week......

{image from}

Glastonbury feels like it might have been a million years ago right now, even though I was still there a week ago.

This weekend couldn’t have been more different;

  • Movies on the sofa with the boy.
  • NO alcohol. {or cigarettes either for the boy – go him}
  • Cherryade.
  • Delicious cupcakes from Fancie. {I found them on twitter a while ago and HAD to visit their new shop on Sharrowvale on my way home from seeing my nan – I will take some pics of my own next time I pop in!}
  • An excellent Ratpack Revival evening in Manchester.
  • {non-alcoholic} Drinks with the boy’s sister and her friends in Didsbury.
  • Sleeping until lunchtime on sunday {which for 5hrs of sleep a night me was a {pleasant} shock to the system}
  • Salads, salmon and more salads!
I hate that the weekend goes so fast.


I didn’t know but now I know

{almost all of our motley crew}

OMG. WTF. BIU. If i may use text speak for just one moment.

I am just back from 5 days at Glastonbury.
My heads a mess. I feel like i could go back to sleep for a week. My legs still hurt from all the walking, and I am not sure I can ever drink rum and ginger beer again, but I have to say that was one of the best long weekends ever!

So, highlights – seeing
Brucey on stage with Gaslight Anthem {maybe my fave band of the moment, and seeing the boy's face being that close to Bruce was amazing}, Blur bringing brit-pop back in style, hip-hop karaoke at the Stonebridge bar in the Park, Dizzee rocking the pyramid, watching N.E.R.D rock up late,get all confused at the drunken dancing brits on their stage and get pissed off for being cut off mid-song, oh, and spending all that time with my friends of course. All 20-odd of us in the camp.
spaz moment -
stumbling upon Dead Weathers on the Park stage then wandering off drunk because we thought it was just The Kills.
There are just too many memories to write them all down to mean anything other than ramblings – at least they are in my head.

f you look closely on the Q mag aerial photo you can see our large blue tarp in the top corner of the Wicket Fields.

One thing though - it was over FAR too fast and there were so many clashes, so can we all go back and do it again so this time
I'll see all the other bands i wanted to?

You can see the pic's i managed to take in focus

{And no matter what anyone says the loo’s at Glastonbury on Monday morning were cleaner than the loo’s at Leeds on a Saturday afternoon}