A few things from the weekend......


This weekend was all about watching Singles with the boy on Friday night, with some rum and ginger beers - OMG, I used to love that film, I totally thought when I was 14 that life would be like that when I grew up, and I’d be all bohemian and cool, - oh how scared I was the other night when I realised that the characters are 23 in it.

Helping my brother at his first event, there was a Jamie oliver pass it on cookery class, and some heatlth and fitness stalls. 

Headed to didsbury for the boys sisters birthday and got hideously drunk – but on the plus side, found an outfit I can acceptably wear my new over the knee flat leather boots with.

And most importantly – secured 24 glastonbury tickets for next year. Thats right folks, 24 tickets in 30 minutes, whilst nursing the worst ever hangover. Can you believe there will be 24 of us this year……..Thats like a little town! 


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