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Little Pretties

{models & goodie bags at the Sabo launch}
See them bigger here}

Last night was the launch party for the new Thomas Sabo store that’s opened in the VQ in Leeds. Sammy and I headed down, as being the well connected person she is, she got us an invite. We quaffed a couple of glasses of champers, some wine and some delicious limon vodka that accompanied the smoked Salmon and Caviar canap├ęs. Look at me getting all posh, Caviar. I know.

I have loved theie charm bracelets for a while, but I am just not sure if they are very me; I have this cute one that’s got, well had, two little converse on it {somewhere I have lost one of the boots! Ooooops.} but it’s a bit understated. The Sabo ones are a little, well, they seem a bit bling.

But in the name of shopping I thought I should put together my wish list for a Sabo Charm Bracelet. I think it sums me up pretty well……sailing, snow, cons and a bit of turquoise.

But we left empty handed you'll be pleased to know {apart from the goodie bags}.

I can not stop listening to this song.
i love it.


One of the housemates has been feeling a little down recently.
And what's better to cheer someone up that baking? Nothing, that's what!

We made 'Snickerdoodles'. Nope. We'd never heard of the either, but they are delicious. Vanilla-y, cinnamon-y, chewy cookies.

As you can see by the pics though, we didn't listen when it said we should a) make the cookies 1" big, and b) space them 2" apart. You should have seen the first tray we made. It was an actual mass of cookie. {It didn't make them taste any worse though - trust us.}

Christkindle Market

This weekend saw the opening of the annual German Christkindle market in Leeds.

It comes every year.

It is the same every year. I mean it NEVER changes. The same stalls come year in, year out. They are in the same place. Their stock rarely changes.

Yet we go every year. Without fail. Probably a couple of times a year too......

This year IS no exception. It opened friday night and we were there. Gluhwein and Schnapps in one hand. Large German sausage in the other. Huddled in the corner of a sweltering ‘beer keller’ to escape the rain.

It was wonderful, as always. And as a little surprise the boy drove up to see me. He wasn’t supposed to be with me until Saturday morning. But just as we headed out for food he appeared. German beers in hand. Soaked. And ready for his first German Market experience.

As it rained massively, and we sat in the corner, only leaving our bolthole for the bar, there are no snaps of the market. But don’t you worry – there will be some coming soon. Here are just a couple from the Fuji instax mini.


Dog Judo

Yes, thats right, Dog Judo.
There is nothing odd about that, is there?


My very own 365

So, i have often thought of starting a 365 project, but well, it appears that most of them are very narcissistic {and i hate taking pictures of myself} or they get left by the wayside and people end up feeling guilty about them and i know i would be one of those people

But then, I stumbled across Shuttercal - have you seen it? Its a site where you can upload an image for everyday and it shows it on a calendar, like this;

It just feels a little less formal don't you think? I mean, Flickr is somewhere I send people on a regular basis to see my pictures. Obviously finding it in the middle of a month isn't ideal, as I don't have images for the beginning of the month, but I am seeing November as a practise month, and I shall start really in December!

You can even have your images printed off in a months worth of shots, so you have details of what you did everyday that month. Yes, i know. Cool!

But anywhos, you should head on over and check it out.
Here is my Shuttercal page for those of you who are interested......

In some other photography related news - 5 Fuji Instax Mini films arrived for me this morning. I bought them from ebay over a month ago. They finally arrived. AND I am off to get 2 Holga films that I took at Benicassim {yes, you heard me - Benicassim, in July} developed today. So, I am a bit slack, i know it!


I am now an official geek. {or so i am told}
I got a new all singing all dancing phone - the HTC Hero.
I am addicted. Mostly to the columns like game that i have found. But also to having the world wide web at my fingers.

So, the Indian restaurant we visited for the F-word was on the show last night. Lasan.
I think I might be able to tell you that much. Did you see it. If not check it out on 4OD.


You might remember that earlier this year I attended the wedding of my good friend Katie. Well, her and her husband, Phil, are massive Lomo fans, so much so, that they even had a Lomo themed wedding with cameras on the tables for guests to use;

Well, yesterday Katie sent me a link to their new venture, Holga-Rama.

They are importing Holga’s, lenses and full kits, and also supplying these amazing skins.
Seriously – how cool are they. I love this white one pictured above, but there are five to choose from, including an ace birthday edition, and a superman styled one. They are a talented couple wouldn't you say.
You have to check them out. I am just wondering how many Holga fans I can buy them for Christmas!

remember remember

I love bonfire night. I love the way the whole country seems ablaze and the night sky smells like gunpowder.
And I loved the boy and I standing in our own little piece of Roundhay Park watching the fireworks go off.


I have been feeling like death. I look like death. Handily it was Halloween this weekend, so the zombie me I had planned wasn’t too hard to do. Just a little exaggeration of the dark patches on my face I already have……
I put my feeling like death/’do not come to work’ time to good use though by making some treats for the Halloween party.
Unfortunately, being poorly sick and attending parties don’t mix and I was tucked in bed by midnight, but we had fun, carved some pumpkins, and wore fun costumes so I can’t complain. And check out the e-numbers i must have used in those cakes - i swear nothing ediable should be those colours!

Check out 'moustaffa'
{originals can be seen here}