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My Carry On Flight Essentials


My Cancer treatment


For some reason, my life is populated by a high number of people who do, or have worked for trainer shops.

I spotted these amazing ceramic sneakers in the super cool, but hard to pin down, shop just round the corner from my office - Scissors, Paper, Stone. They would be the perfect gift for so many people I know.

As, for that matter, would be so many of the pieces of art they stock - Check out these cool 'northern' themed posters (coming from Sheffield - that's how a lot of my friends talk)

How cool would they look in my house?
That's how cool.


What do you want to know?

Jumping on more, new 'social networking' bandwagons is something you've got to love.

You can now ask me any question you like here on formspring. Or in the box you'll find in the menu bar at the side.


Pretty things

I feel bad for betraying my beautiful little Lola snowboard, but i am not sure you can blame me.

Check out how beautiful the Burton Lux is.

But at £300, there is not a hope in hell I will ever own her, so Lola is safe for now!

*I am going to apologise now for the possible high number of snowboard related posts you might get in the next week........


I stumbled across The Blah, Blah, Blahg last week, I have no idea how, but I did!
Its such a lovely space.

And its author, Miss B, runs a free photography course - The Souvenir Foto School.
There is a mini class starting this week, where your instructions are to find a plant and take a picture of it every week for the next 6 weeks to see how it changes.

The challenge I am going to find in this corner of Leeds is find a plant! All we have in our house are half dead pepper plants and a neglected Poinsettia {neither are mine - I killed the plant I had months ago!} and as we have no garden, we don't have any plants outside - maybe the one at the end of the street?

This weekend I....

Spent Friday night rewriting a report I’d done all day at work, and lost when powerpoint crashed {yes, I know I should be saving but who was I to know powerpoint didn’t auto save?)

And making this cute origami heart from a tutorial I found on eatdrinkchic.

I also bought a little Kodak Brownie from ebay, it arrived friday and although it needs a bit of cleaning up, for 99p, i think it's a bargain - just look how cute it is......

Saturday I made a stop to my nan's, and we had salmon sandwiches and trifle and she had some great post - I have been trying to find out more about my Granddad's time in the army and him during WWII, so we have applied for his army records and they came last week. We spent a good hr or so pouring over these looking at his travels, and finding out which medals he should have got.

Sunday started with Cherry and Almond Cupcakes for breakfast (which i didn't photograph further because whilst they tasted divine, they just looked disappointing next to the ones I've linked to!)
And, yes, cake for breakfast totally goes against my healthy month, but they were too delicious not to (and we didn't have any real food!)

And this wonderful book from the boy - I have been lusting after A Homemade Life by Molly of Orangette for a while, and I may have dropped a hint or two (by placing it on his amazon wish list) but luckily he found it, and I love it.

I have already posted about the fact we've booked a snow trip over on my 29thingsbeforeiam30 blog - as snowboarding more was one of my 30 things to do, no.6 to be exact. So Sunday afternoon saw the boy and I heading for his first snowboarding lesson at xscape. He can ski already, but I'm just not sure I am ready to date a skier! I had an hr or so on the slope, but those drag lifts, and the abundance of ski school users, make it nothing like the real thing.........Luckily he loved it and is even more excited about the trip now. Less that 2 weeks and we'll be there.



So, I love my HTC, but it does annoy me that all the great apps come out on the Iphone first.

I love the glitz and the glamour of the
Wallpaper City Guides, and now you can get them on your phone! And I love that they have kept the simple covers.

I heart photos

I finally finished the picture display above my bed with the snapfish pics that arrived today!
20 free pics just for signing up to them - not bad hu!

This weekend......

........has been all about being healthy!

I know, how dull.
But February is serious detox month; no drink, no big nights out, and more exercise.......

I dog sat for my brother, so Molly and I went on a mammoth walk in the fog and mist and damp of Saturday;

Jim got a pasta machine so he made us fresh pasta and home made pesto with squid.

He also made some impressive salads.
And poached pears.
And fruit salad.

I'd heard that green tea is meant to be good for you, so i bought some. It tastes revolting. I might endure it until I finish the box. Maybe?

See - I told you it was about being healthy! We'll see how long it lasts!

I did it......

I had all my hair cut off! What do you think internet?
I quite like it, although it's going to take some getting used to......

There is something fantastic about going into your hairdressers and when she asks why you're having all your lovely long locks cut off and you say
'because I was off work sick and watched too much 90210' she doesn't give you a pitying look, but just reply's with,
'oh, I love that show, we all do! I know exactly how you want it.'

And she did. Its exactly how I wanted it!
{If you are in Leeds and want an excellent hair cut - Rebecca Charles' Salon is the place to be! (Just off the bottom of Briggate, on Duncan Street, opposite the Nando's)}