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A Winter Cocktail

Life changing magic

Life changing magic
The Life Changing Magic

This weekend......

........has been all about being healthy!

I know, how dull.
But February is serious detox month; no drink, no big nights out, and more exercise.......

I dog sat for my brother, so Molly and I went on a mammoth walk in the fog and mist and damp of Saturday;

Jim got a pasta machine so he made us fresh pasta and home made pesto with squid.

He also made some impressive salads.
And poached pears.
And fruit salad.

I'd heard that green tea is meant to be good for you, so i bought some. It tastes revolting. I might endure it until I finish the box. Maybe?

See - I told you it was about being healthy! We'll see how long it lasts!

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