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I just wasn't made for these times.

Have you ever thought maybe you should have been of another time. Another place.
I’ve thought it before.
Usually when I am sitting down with a book.

Right now I am reading Maupin’s ‘Tales of the City’. It’s a bit late for my years of yearning. But I am thinking of getting the rest of the books and seeing how late 70’s san Francisco life turns out for the characters.

It’s usually something by Kerouac or Steinbeck or Hemmingway though. And I can go back and re-read them time and time again.

Dharma Bums is my favourite, but I have a soft spot for Cannery Row and Islands in the Stream.

It makes me dream of a life in a time when you could just go. And there were new things to be discovered. And it seemed easier to start again with no money. Just your friends and a quart of booze. Of a time when it was a bit more simple.

Maybe a time of the Beach Boys and the photography of this man -

{Mylor. Aug 2009}
I miss the sea.
I miss the boat.
I miss days of no shoes and suntans and windburn and that salty, sundried, beachy smell.

Maybe it was the playlist i had on this morning in my car, or maybe it's just because it's almost, almost, getting warm. I don't know?

I wonder if amidst all the weekend plans of parties, and weddings and visitings i'll be able to squeeze a sailing trip in?

The real election;

One of the boys at work got these handed to him in the train station on his way to work. I guess it's one way to try and push people to vote.
{The crisps were, however, all salted, plain, and boring - a reflection?}

I personally have no idea who to vote for, and all 3 of the local candidates for me look like complete berks, so their campaign leaflets haven't swayed one way or another.

But this guide to the election that Helen posted a few weeks ago is pretty funny - if you're not planning on voting that is.




{My fav's as seen on Ffffl*ckr}

Have you seen ffffl*ckr yet?

If not – you should check it out. Now.

It's an amazing site that opens up your favourites favourites to you.



When we were 15, Lizzie and I used to go to Sheffield, with this boy from school, Joe, and he tried to teach us to 'ollie'.

It didn't work. Being snowboarders we thought we'd be able to do it. We couldn't. Not even a little bit.

We also thought boys that skateboarded were the hottest type of boys in the world. So we'd walk around town and sit on the town hall steps with our decks, trying to look cool. Me in my DC's and Liz in her Sheep trainers. I don't think that work either.

I maybe still have a little place in my heart for skaters. So when I stumbled across this new Howies initiative, Deckades, I had to share.

Here is what their blog says about the project;
The howies shop on Queens Road, Bristol will be holding an exhibition of rare, original vintage skateboards through the ages, from the private collection of Shiner Distribution.
Also, we asked a bunch of our favourite artists to create some one-off hand decorated boards that could be auctioned off to raise funds for Unicef.
We gave each of them an original 1980s blank deck from Shiners’ private collection and let them
do their thing.
The results are a showcase of their unique take on what the skateboard and skateboarding means to them.
Nobody got paid for the work they did. They all gave up their time, sweat, paint and ink voluntarily for the cause, so hats off to them for that.
You can bid for the boards
on eBay when the auction begins on 16th April 2010 at 6pm.
All proceeds go to Unicef.
And I love the shape of these old school decks.


This weekend......


{The boy, sunnies, driving}

.....We took a little trip to Manchester to see the boy's sister and her boyfriend. They recently got engaged, and although the trip had been planned before - it came at such a great time. There was a massive traffic jam on the M62, so we went over the moors, {I think}.

He drove so I sat there and looked out at the countryside and took a few snaps in the late day sunshine - through the car window though, so they're a little hazy.

{Empty Roads}

{This man was sweeping the road - WTF?}

{We thought this was a great, and possibly, unusual shot.
What with this ashcloud that's enveloped Europe grounding flights.}

I also spent Saturday shopping with Jane and Sue, their mum, for wedding dresses. Here is just a little bit of detail from one of the dresses she tried on.
I have to say, there were a lot of hideous ones. Real WAG dresses, but Jane tried on some stunners. I can't wait to see which one she goes for. And the wedding is in Portugal, in September, so its an excuse for a few days in the late summer sun, and a chance to get a bit of a tan before my possible India trip in November.
There are a lot of weddings in their friendship group at the moment, so the evenings drinks kind of had a theme.

{Details, details}

It's started.......

There has been a leaked Glastonbury line up on Glastowatch. It's not 100% confirmed, but it's getting there.

So far I am pretty excited for;
  • The Black Keys {I wanted to see them in Manchester in July, but I'm too skint},
  • Snooooooooooooooooooop - of course, can you say 'Gin & Juice'
  • Jack Johnson {don't - i love him - it sounds like summer}
  • Ash {we were going to go next week, but plans have got in the way}
  • Jamie T will be great, and i intend to be able to see when he plays this year.
  • The XX - it's an office spotify fav album.
  • Mos Def - Friday night on the Jazz World too!
Now I am hoping the Gaslight Anthem self confirmation is true.

Is it too early to start planning my outfits?

EDIT - The full line-up's been announced and guess what - Gaslight Anthem are on, on the Other stage, right before the Courteeners. Could it get better? The headliners are a bit pap, but there's loads of other stuff that I just can't wait for.
Katie - lets get our drinking, dancing and raving heads on........xo

And People - another update - The Clashfinder has gone live. It looks like Friday will require a bit of running to see everyone I want to see. Compromise just wont work on a day like that!

a little peek

At my weekend......

Friday night was meant to be dinner with a group of friends, but some of them cancelled or weren't told by the organiser, or something, so it turned into games night - we played some form of extreme pictionary. Which after a few drinks turned very funny indeed.

Saturday I was up bright and early for my drive to hull to photograph the St Stephens Stylist of the Year heats.

After a day of mostly hanging about, it was back to Leeds for my housemates birthday party. We just went to some local bars, but between the round of Jagerbombs and massive tunes, the night went well. For once though i didn't have a camera (as my p&s needed some recharging and the SLR just doesn't fit in my going out bag) but my housemate had hers and snapped away all evening;

We got our first shot of all the girls in the house;

{Phoebe, Gemma, Sarah and me}

And then there is this doozy of the boy and I.
We have this running joke that there are NO good photo's of us together, so he now tries his hardest to ruin every shot that is taken. I think he well and truly managed it here;

{some Jager may have been consumed}
Sunday was spent recovering from said Jager, and wandering round Chapel A in the sun, looking at streets and houses that would be nice to move to, and the boy watched a lot of football. He'll tell you it wasn't a lot, but it was more than one game, which is more than enough for me.

We also watched The Road. My god, this is one of the most depressing films I've ever seen. Definitely not one for the end of a good weekend. I've requested a comedy for next weekend!

St Stephens Stylist of the Year

I spent Saturday in sunny Hull taking some pictures for a student fashion show my friend is doing the PR for.
Students got paired with a store in the St Stephens centre and they had to create an outfit out of their clothes. Obviously, some shops are nicer than other, and some people were more talented than others, but there were some great outfits created.
It was such a nice day out that the shopping centres were a bit deserted, but they still had a pretty good turn out.
If you feel inclined to, you can go and see all the outfits and and vote for your favourite here.

Painting the town

I am sure by now all you brits have seen the homebase makeover of Carlisle train station {if not, watch it, go on, it's just there below}

But, you have to check out the Dulux, 'Let's Colour' project. They've taken this idea one step further and gone a little bit larger with their ideas.......

Basically, Dulux headed out to India, Brasil, France and England and painted the town with the moto - “Grey is out. gloom is gone”.
I just love the shots from India, with the women picking up the paint brushes whilst the men look on, and spruce up their homes with that gorgeous shade of purple!

{Found through WeHeart}

What's in a colour?

This is mine - it's called Zephyr, and it's PANTONE® 15-1906. Or in Photoshop it's 5015 EC.

I can't remember what sparked it but the boy's housemate, Jen, and I were discussing Pantone and why they had the last say on colour - it lead me to their website, and besides educating me on the ways of Pantone, it showed me the ways of colourstrology. I've no idea how late I am to this party, but I don't really care, I think it's great.

Its all about matching the day of your birth to a colour, even if that colour may not be your favourite colour, apparently, it's about expressing your inner-you through colour.

Mine says;
MANY PEOPLE born on this day have a propensity for writing. It may be easier at times to express yourself through writing instead of speaking. Your mind is very active so it is important for you to communicate both creatively and physically. Sports, dance or the arts are all activities that can bring joy and help you relax. Your personal color helps you honor both the emotional and intellectual sides of life. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Zephyr encourages you to step out of your mind and into your heart.

I'm going to take the intelligent and writer bit {even if it's not true} but the financial bit - just not true I'm afraid, but I do find it was easier to express myself through words than in person! Maybe there is something in it.

What is your colour. And does it bear any resemblance to you?

And did you know that this year has a colour?
It's called PANTONE® 15-5519 Turquoise.

I'm thinking Zephyr and this years turquoise are going quite nicely together don't you?


ave you seen Daily Drop Cap?

If not, you should check it out!
There is a beautifully designed capital letter for dropping into the html of your blog.
And better still, there are a couple of options of most letters to choose from.

{found via Blythe: unscripted}

Last week Helen at Postcards from the Edge nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. She’s just returned from an amazing looking trip to Thailand - jealous, moi, no.

So, for the Kreativ award, I have to tell you 7 things about me, and then nominate some blogs that I'd like to hear more about.

Here are 7 facts about me, you might or might not care to know......

  1. I really dislike tea and coffee. Like really don’t like them. When I lived in Mammoth my friend Olivia worked at a coffee shop, and she used to let me try various blends all the time – I didn’t like a single one, but we did discover that I love the smell of coffee. And before you ask – I get my caffeine shots from Coke Zero.
  2. And on the same theme, I really don’t like roasted meats, like beef and lamb – making Sunday lunches a bit of a nightmare for me. My mum usually (calls me a pain and then) cooks me a little chicken breast. It’s the texture though, even thinking about it makes my mouth go all weird. Ugh. There it goes. In fact, if bacon didn’t taste so good, I could give up meat all together – fish on the other hand, I couldn’t live without.
  3. I love Cornwall. Its where I spent all my holidays as a child and where the boat still is. If I could afford it I’d make sure I had a place down there for escapes. I want to get more time for little escapes sailing if I can. Maybe take the boy? See if he has his sealegs?
  4. I am a totally history geek – yes, I did a history degree, but since I finished, I’ve taken to reading history books for fun. Right now I am battling my way through Anthony Beevors Spanish Civil War book – I never learnt anything about the Spanish Civil War, so it’s hard going, but interesting.
  5. The place I am happiest I think, still, is in my car. It makes me feel free being in there. And to top it off it houses my shoe collection, my handbag collection and doesn’t complain when I sing super loudly.
  6. I am a crazy early riser. I always have been. I’m one of those people who tends to wake up before my alarm. I’m just no good at sleeping in. (I think it’s the light, because it’s kind of better in winter; not lots, but a bit) And when I have a hangover it’s even worse – which is fun when all you want to do is sleep off the vodka head! It also annoys Jim as he’s a late riser, late night kind of guy and I’m always bright and awake and half way through my day when he gets up!
  7. One day I will own a beach house. And it will be such a clich├ęd beach house, with white washed wood and blues and turquoises and it will feel like holidays all the time. Lizzie knows the way it’ll look - just like the houses in our beach style books. (If only the ex hadn't stolen my huge Taschen one - oh, how i loved that book!)
And here are the blogs i nominate;