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This weekend......


{The boy, sunnies, driving}

.....We took a little trip to Manchester to see the boy's sister and her boyfriend. They recently got engaged, and although the trip had been planned before - it came at such a great time. There was a massive traffic jam on the M62, so we went over the moors, {I think}.

He drove so I sat there and looked out at the countryside and took a few snaps in the late day sunshine - through the car window though, so they're a little hazy.

{Empty Roads}

{This man was sweeping the road - WTF?}

{We thought this was a great, and possibly, unusual shot.
What with this ashcloud that's enveloped Europe grounding flights.}

I also spent Saturday shopping with Jane and Sue, their mum, for wedding dresses. Here is just a little bit of detail from one of the dresses she tried on.
I have to say, there were a lot of hideous ones. Real WAG dresses, but Jane tried on some stunners. I can't wait to see which one she goes for. And the wedding is in Portugal, in September, so its an excuse for a few days in the late summer sun, and a chance to get a bit of a tan before my possible India trip in November.
There are a lot of weddings in their friendship group at the moment, so the evenings drinks kind of had a theme.

{Details, details}


  1. Those 'Manc Airport Closed' signs have been freaking me out for days. It's like something out of 28 Days Later!

  2. I know, it feel apocalyptic doesn't it.
    We watched 'the road' last week, and it kind made me think i'm not cut out for hardcore survival. I'd have the worst hair!

  3. The skies are sooo quiet, i love having a great night sleep withiut hearing the rumblings of aircrafts over head.


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