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My Cancer treatment

Glasto Bound

The important things are packed - tickets and booze {don't worry, that is a lot of people's alcohol right there - I am not about to kill my liver! Well, I am, but not with THAT much booze.}

And I also have a huge bag full of clothes I more than likely wont wear, or need.
And some fantastic eyelashes - which I WILL wear and WILL need!

I shall see you on the other side, when I have spent 6 days living in a field with my friends and had the chance to do some catching up with other friends, see some amazing bands, and generally will have had the best time. I know that already. It doesn't even need to happen for me to be sure about it!

By then I'll have completed No. 24 and have a new home.
Exciting times ahead.


Moving Days

{Image - We Heart It}

At some point in the last few weeks my crazy little mind thought it would be a great idea to agree with the girl who is taking over the lease on my room that she can move in on the 30th June.

It seemed an age off when I agreed to it. It was an age away when I agreed to it. In fact it’s still kind of an age away.

Well, it would be if I wasn’t leaving for Glastonbury on Tuesday morning, to not be back again until the Tuesday afterwards (29th) and I am at the boyfriends this weekend to sort out the little things I need to make sure get sorted before our festival-holiday i.e making sure all his clothes get packed and he doesn’t try and take anything that I think is awful ;)

Yes that’s right, I have approximately 3 evenings to pack up the majority of my belongings in the house. And when I get back I will have about 6 hours to get the contents of said room into the new flat.

I think I might have been a little silly in my time management.

But I can not wait to move into that lovely new place. Please just bear with me if I disappear for a while.

(oh, if you thought about robbing my house - for those of you who know where Murder Ave is-one of the housemates has the week off! She is crazy mental. I wouldn't bother. hehe!).



I love coming home to super cute post.
Just check out this little package I came home to.


Talking of food, I made this recipe that I first spied on Hei Astrid last week.

I love Rhubarb. In crumble. In pie. In jelly {super low fat too} And I think best with some sugar on raw.

But this, cooked in white wine and vanilla and sugar is just delicious.

Sunday Suppers

Have launched a new site.
You need to check it out.

Their photography is just divine, and the recipes delicious.

It is one of my favourite foodie sites.

Pin it Forwards

I was lucky enough to get a little slot in the blogging event 'Pin it Forwards' organised by Victoria at sfgirlbybay.

The theme is 'What home means to me' and yesterday Alternative Eagle, a fellow Brit, posted an adorable post about her life and what home means to her. She is making the move to Wales soon and I have to say I have serious rug envy over the picnic blanket she posted......You should have a look at her blog, it really is lovely.

And today it my turn to tell you 'What Home Means to Me'. As you might know I am moving house, from the shared, student-esque, house I am currently in, to a beautiful flat, with my good friend Sarah. I can not wait for a little space we can call our own, to be able to spend evenings with one of my best friends, to be able to have friends over without worrying about the state of the house, to be able to let the boy loose in the kitchen and know it'll be, at least when he starts in there, clean. And quite importantly, have her amazingly comfy leather sofa to laze on........It's going to be nice to have somewhere to call Home - rather than a place I refer to as 'the house'.

It's been a while since I have had my own 'home', so I thought I would take this opportunity to show what I hope this new home will be like and what it'll mean to us;

1., 2., 3., 4., 5.

Colour - Lots of it. In splashes. In bulk. And make it girlie!

I want the guts to paint something that pink - I am hoping it is the colour lizzie has the go-ahead to paint her bathroom. {And, yes, I am still drawn to those pinks and blues!!!}

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
I think this might be the part of moving I am most excited about. The details. The making those little nooks and cranny's perfect.
Sarah has some wonderful little pieces - she has the most amazing light-up globe from her Granddad, and some gorgeous Budda's that have been collected from around the globe by various people {note - get the boy to get one on his India work trip}. I am excited to merge our styles, they are pretty similar, but also we have our quirks, so it should make it interesting.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 {from my fb}
I have so many recipes that I am just dying to try, but the oven at the house at the moment doesn't cook evenly so I am reluctant to even begin to make macrons, or meringues, as I am pretty sure they'll need some sort of even cooking experience. {I am sure the fact I bake is the only reason Sarah is moving in with me - she claims she doesn't bake, but she had a hand in those burger buns up there!}

I am so excited about having a space to have friends over. I know Sarah will be there joining in. I am also excited about the fact the Sarah in my house at the moment, is going to be round the corner. I do enjoy living with her {and whilst I wont admit it, I will miss her. hehe.}

So, there you go - what this new home will mean to me.

You can see all my 'What Home Means to Me Pins' at my Pinterest page. I have a couple of other 'pin-boards' too, so check them out.

Tomorrow you can catch up with Victoria's pin it forwards post.
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{P.s If you'd like a go at creating your own Pin boards, I have a couple of invites - drop me a line and let me know and if I have any left i'll drop you over an invite.}



{what do you mean you can't see it. Squint people, squint!
Or click here to my choices.....}

With less than 2 weeks until I'll be in that field, it's time to start looking at the Clashfinder.

What I want to know is why are everyone I want to see playing at the same time as each other?........

clickity click.....

It's time to make the biggest choice of all when it comes to the festival.
What camera to take?

Do I forego the beautiful images with the 50mm lensed DSLR in case it is a washout and I can't keep it dry? The P&S just doesn't have the same effect. it's a great party camera but it has shocking abilities to change the focal length.....but it's more throw in a bag-able!

And then what other camera do I take?
The holga did me well last year. And the Octomat just reared it's {red} head. I might give it to the boy so he can get some analogue action in?
Or should I stock up on fuji instax mini film?

Who would have thought this would be the most challenging decision of the whole festival packing affair?

"What doesn't kill you

....Makes you stronger"

Yesterday I went with Sam as she got her latest tattoo - She likes it photographing as she goes through the process. {I think it might be number 8, or 9, maybe 10?}

She had "What does not kill you makes you stronger" in script on her ribs, and it looks beautiful. {We spent an hour or so on the phone last week picking fonts, and this was an amalgamation of a couple of her favourites.}

I can't believe how brave she was, barely moving as he went right over her ribs.....OUCH.

But it made me want another - I am thinking my wrist this time, but now to decide on what?

Even though there will be about 12 tents in our 'commune' and over 20 people - it doesn't mean you can't make it comfortable.......

How much would I love this solar powered tent - it has a plug for those all important straighteners, and the phone chargers.
And Katie tweeted about her husband having bought her a Shmangle - I just had to find out what one was - now I REALLY want one too.......