3 Jun 2010

Even though there will be about 12 tents in our 'commune' and over 20 people - it doesn't mean you can't make it comfortable.......

How much would I love this solar powered tent - it has a plug for those all important straighteners, and the phone chargers.
And Katie tweeted about her husband having bought her a Shmangle - I just had to find out what one was - now I REALLY want one too.......


  1. Really want that tent now. And a shmangle. Damn it! Might make my own by stapling bin liners to my slanket. Haha.

  2. I know. That tent looks amazing. Imagine how much use that power source would be........

    And I love that home-made shmangle idea. maybe iron them together - fleece-ness and plastic would bond wonderfully with a bit of heat i imagine......

  3. Haha, my shmangle is huge, and rather ridiculous!!! Warm though!


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