Oh Gosh Silver


My Carry On Flight Essentials


My Cancer treatment
This morning I bundled the broken toes I gave myself on holiday {don't ask!} into tights. Thick Black Tights.  
It felt strange after the heat of Portugal.
But then we knew we would be coming home to grey skies and winter coats. 
That is the problem with taking sunny holidays not in summer - you have 6days of sunshine and then you want some more but you get dullness and gloom. 

But truth be told I do love autumn. It lets me buy new boots and browse for new snow gear and make soup and think that I ought to start drinking coffee so I can sit in coffee houses in the warm. I just wish it wasn’t so rainy – rain is no good for the frizzy hair I have.

So I shall be back later with a little glimpse of Portugal when I have had a chance to sort through my pic's but I hope you have all had a nice week! 
I feel like I haven't been around here in the longest time.
I suppose work and things got on top of me. There are a load of contracts we have just won and things have been shaken up a bit since my g-chat incident.

And maybe a bit of life in general.
The boy stayed a few nights last week as he was working in York. And when he stays he needs 'entertaining'. By this I mean he's without his things and without his xbox he's restless and I don’t get time to do the things I would normally do. And he makes a mess – 5minutes after he arrives it's like a mini Tasmanian devil has gone to town in my room.

And in addition to the boy's weekday visits, we had a busy weekend ahead of weddings to attend, grandparents to see and street parties to go to. Which meant forgetting to fake tan, hungover driving and rushing around baking mint choc cakes.
{Sorry for the blur - it's stolen from FB}
Our friend, my uni housemate, Richard got married on Friday to his, now wife, Karen. He is the first of the group to get married {yes, they are late starters in all things commitment and have been lovingly nicknamed ‘the lost boys’ because of their reluctance to enter the grown-up world} And despite having the grand total of 25 mins to get ready in when I got to the hotel it was a fantastic day – It felt like it is the first time in a long time that the whole group have been there. One of the boys from the house, Ryan, even came over from Canada, and having not seen him in about 4 years it was fantastic to get to spend a night with him. Waking up at 5.30am, with my friend Vicky next to me rather than the boyfriend, feeling like I might vomit, wasn’t such a high point though.

There was also a street party on the boy’s street, which dispite not being the most populated of parties was good fun and the food was amazing. 


{everyone had a name badge - everyone}
{spud and spoon race with the boys neighbours kids}
But now I am off to Portugal for the boy’s sisters wedding.
And I mean right now – we leave this afternoon. I shall be at the airport by the time you read this........



is for Yellow. 

Just a random yellow flower that I found by the office on a little lunchtime photo walk. 



is for Mushrooms. 

Who knows why but I just fancied mushrooms on toast. Mmmmmmmmm. With a little bit of creme fraise and some garlic and a few herbs, on a mini ciabatta. 

I'm going to eat your brains.....

We have a cupcake competition in Leeds, The Iron Cupcake, and for the last few months my workmate has been entering. 
She came back from last night's 'So Macho' themed competition to announce October's theme - Halloween. 

I think I might give it a go this month. 

I had some initial ideas - bleeding vampire bitten cakes, brains, skulls, zombies - but do you have any thought's or ideas? 
I thought for a flavour maybe toffee apple? But is that more bonfire night? 


Is for Jellybelly. 

It's hard to get out when I am super busy at work AND home to take the pic's but I took a little walk at lunchtime and got this shot.
I just love the colour of that second jar of jellybeans. Seafoam is it? 

A-Z's from the weekend


Q is for queue - on the M1. 

As always. But it helped me to figure out what to do for this tricky little letter......

is for Lather. 

I spent the best £10 of my life and got my car valeted. It was starting to repulse me a little - just watching them take all the rubbish out of the car make me a little embarrassed. 
I shall be spending that £10 a lot more frequently I think.  



Today i spent my afternoon dress shopping for the boy's sisters wedding in a few weeks. It was highly successful but I made a massive mistake and tried on this dress in Ted Baker first. 
It's stunning. Just beautiful. 
But it's not made for boobs. I know this because I have them and they did not like this dress.........But if you are blessed enough to have normal sized boobs, and have a need for a superb, gorgeous dress then I suggest that you head on over to Ted Baker and try on this beauty.



is for berries.

The boy dropped me at work super  early so I had a little photo walk and came across some urban berries.

Thought they'd be a good b&w with a hint of colour experiment. i am thinking i maybe should have left just the berries in colour as the leaves are out of focus - but hey - it's a learning curve right.....

I got totally waylaid in toppers this lunchtime by this dress
I am wedding outfit shopping this weekend with my mum. I think we might have to go and have a look at it. 

Do you think it is Portugal cliff top wedding-able? 



is for sweets.

Walking through the market my eyes got distracted by the jars in the sweet stall. I could {and would} spend hours choosing what to have if my waistline wouldn't hate me for it. Those little foam pink shrimps would be a must, and maybe some cola cubes and I think maybe some of those cheap chocolate white chocolate mice. 



is for rain(bow).

It's like autumn arrived today. But it means they I got to wear my high leather boots!



is for Ink. 

Heather came over for a birthday tea for Sarah. She'd just got a new tat for Sarah for her birthday - matryoshka dolls and a little script of a phrase they have. 
The most amazing thing are those lines and the shading. It's just so intricate. 


Just as I'd pressed the send button on a google chat message I realised I'd not sent it to the right recipient. 

Yup. You know it - it had gone to the person it was about.

I have never wanted the world to swallow me up as much as I did at that moment. 

Congratulations Lizzie

On Saturday morning I got the text message I was waiting for - my wonderful friend Liz had her little baby boy - Brody Harold. 
Isn't he adorable! 

I'm not much of a baby person {they scare me truth be told - they're just so small} - but I just know this little man is going to be amazing. I mean - just look at him. 

Big top baking.

It's the housemates birthday today. 
I promised her a cake. Over mexican food we discussed the cake. she wanted a giant cupcake and it to be mango flavoured. 
One out of two isn't bad I don't think. {she got the massive cake if you can't tell. Mango wouldv'e pushed me over the edge}. 

I bought a silicon case, which should have been super simple, but I had to make 3 tops of the cake as they broke up each time when I tried to get them out of the case and I cooked them as recommended - in the end the boy suggested turning the oven right down and baking for a LONG time - it pains me to say he was right! 
I also used it to make a chocolate cake case by melting and setting chocolate in the mould {the boy got horrified at me using cooking chocolate for it - he says it tastes like cheap smarties, he might be right - but I will never admit it - not after the baking victory he had!}

The frosting WAS going to be a mango flavour but it proved to be a VERY time consuming affair, so I sacked that off and just made a simple buttercream which I coloured green and blue and threw in a load of glitter. The peacock feathers are there to add a little something extra. 

I am not so happy with the frosting though - yes, it tastes good and it is fantastic colours, but it kind of looks a little like a glittery poo sitting on top of the cake. 

what do you think? I think i need to work on my giant cake frosting abilities........



is for Homegrown.

Aubergine and Tomatoes in the boys garden. Expertly grown by his housemate. I am excited to taste the tomatoes. 

Growing tomatoes make me think of my granddad, he used to have a greenhouse full of tomato plants.  



is for Feathers & Facinator {& Fingers that are stuck together}

I made a start on the navy blue feather fascinator that I wanted to accompany my dress for a friends wedding later this month.I’d seen the perfect one by Ban-do, but it had already been snapped up, so I thought I might give it a go myself. 
The hairband cost me £3 from Claire’s Accessories {it had a stunning little bow on it that I made sure to cut off}. The feathers, after searching high and low for them, I managed to pick up at the local haberdashery - 90p for 6, and I had a little piece of black felt lying about that I used as a backing.

So, here's how I made my Ban-do;

1.       I cut a rounded teardrop shape out of the felt,
2.       and then I smeared one side with ‘no more nails’.
3.       I quickly arranged the feathers on the felt
4.       And carefully pushed them down. Trying not to get the glue through the feathers that sat on the top.
5.       Next I left it to dry for, well, since I am impatient, all of about 10 minutes.
6.       Now I cut a smaller piece of felt to stick on the back of this piece, just because it felt a little flimsy and I wasn’t sure how it would stand up to being bent alone.
7.       I glued this piece on to the back of the other piece of felt – the one with the feathers on – with more ‘no more nails’.
8.       Now I cut some smaller strips of felt and put a delicate blob of glue on either end.
9.       The navy headband was then placed in position on the felt and the pre-glued strips attached over it to secure them on.
10.     This was about the most time consuming bit – I held the strips in place until they had set and attached the headband.

And there you go – my homemade fake Ban-do!
It still needs a few more of the strips that glue the feathers onto the headband as I think it would look better if it folded over my head more, and I need to figure out how to tidy up the end where the feathers start – I have some fat navy ribbon, but I think it needs to be a little thinner, so I’m going to take a trip back to the haberdashery at lunchtime I think.  I also bought a couple of peacock feathers {50p each} I thought I might overlay across the blue feathers but I’ve changed my mind on that and I like it plain {and I have some baking that might require them as a decoration anyway………}

{I would have taken some pic’s during the process but I had no more nails all over the place and getting the camera out seemed like a VERY bad idea!}

Class starts here.

As I have mentioned I will be taking part in Miss B’s Souvenir Foto School during September. It starts today and the theme is A-Z. 

There is a closed Foto School group over on Flickr where I will be sending the images, but after the fun I had with the August Break I thought I might post the shots here too.

The lesson plan is that you don’t have to take the pic’s in any sort of alphabetical order, so if I start posting images relating to a letter but they don’t spell out a word please don’t think I have gone mental, this is the reason. Cool?

What Katie Ate

I have am totally smitten with the new way that ‘What Katie Ate’ is presenting her recipes;

It looks just like a beautiful recipe book. 
It dosn't hurt that she takes the most stunning images either does it? 

It's my life.

Since the housemate announced that she will be leaving the country and going travelling EVERY OTHER WORD has been about the trip. And to be honest I don’t blame her {it’s just after living for the first 6 months of this year with people planning their trip, I am kind of over it all.}

She’s also got a bit pious about her life choices.
If you are not all for loving and leaving and shedding all your worldly possessions then you are making the wrong decisions. What she doesn’t understand is that some people have already run off abroad and done it in their own way {and now it’s not even an option that can be considered} and what she understand less is that whilst she is jaded towards men and all things relationship, not everyone is.

I wish she would stop making me feel like I am failing a life test by actually liking my boyfriend and wanting to spend time with him. Or liking my job and wanting to stay in it. Or thinking that at some point I should purchase a house. Apparently I am far too clich├ęd.  

I have respected her choice to drop it all and run away. I just wish she'd respect mine to not.