This morning I bundled the broken toes I gave myself on holiday {don't ask!} into tights. Thick Black Tights.  
It felt strange after the heat of Portugal.
But then we knew we would be coming home to grey skies and winter coats. 
That is the problem with taking sunny holidays not in summer - you have 6days of sunshine and then you want some more but you get dullness and gloom. 

But truth be told I do love autumn. It lets me buy new boots and browse for new snow gear and make soup and think that I ought to start drinking coffee so I can sit in coffee houses in the warm. I just wish it wasn’t so rainy – rain is no good for the frizzy hair I have.

So I shall be back later with a little glimpse of Portugal when I have had a chance to sort through my pic's but I hope you have all had a nice week! 

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  1. coffee - check
    new boots - check
    frizzy hair - check check check!

  2. New Boots Elizabeth?
    Do Tell.


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