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Ah, Leeds, Goodbye

I gave you my 20’s. And you know what, I gave you them good. So today will be a sad day as I finally leave you. 
No matter when I have left before there was always something, like a course, or a boy or a job to anchor me here, but not this time.

You had my university days, living with my friends, thinking we were invincible, the parties in Bainbrigge that might have never finished if we’d had our way, the all-nighters over essays, the many many friends and the dreams of travels.

And you had my mid 20’s in the beautiful flat, with the ex, those crazy drunken Leeds Guide days with some of the best people I’ll ever have the pleasure to know, the free festivals, the arguments, the highs and lows of a failing relationship, the growing up and the losing of myself.

And then you had my late 20’s made of that excruciating heartache, the commuting, the job hunting, the strange housemates, the new love and the fantastic, now old, job. But I think we both knew by this time my heart wasn’t quite in the city didn’t we?

I am sure I’ll be back. Not for good you understand, but you’re not that far away and I have nights out to come back for, and maybe next time I’ll reminisce and see you through the rose tinted glasses you get when you leave a place. 

But, you know what, Leeds, we had a time, right?


Last week was a mess of baking and packing and goodbye drinks and crafting friends birthday gifts.

I really shouldn’t have stretched myself quite so much in a week I knew would be stressful but who can say no to goodbye drinks with friends and old housemates?

And I promised, myself more than anyone else, that I would take a cake to work for my leaving and I also promised a cake to my friends who were turning 30 as my gift to them.

And I also had to pack up my life, again, which is something I don’t think you can do too far in the future – I mean, who knows what I might need out of that bag of clothes I haven’t worn for a year?

And I left some of the birthday crafts I had planned WAY too late and had to fit them in this week {more on the after their birthdays or they’ll know what their gifts are!}.

Anything to make life easy right?

But, if you're wondering - The cakes turned out well. I made a giant cupcake for work – a huge vanilla cake filled with strawberry icing and covered in sprinkles. And I made a special cake for my friends 30th. But I am not sure you can see that one. 
And i finished my crafting - just about - its not perfect, but that's the joy of home made right? {if you're reading this Lizzy, remember that!} 
And my packing. Well, that's almost all done. I have some foodie bits I haven't yet packed and my TV {but that's mostly because I can't untangle the wires} but on Thursday, when my dad arrives to help me move, I am hoping he can figure it out.

All that is left to do now is have lunch with some friends, have one last wander rounds Leeds, clean manically and wait for my dad and his very over the top van. Eeeeeek. 


I love coming home to post. 
Check out this amazing package that arrived from Helen. She signed up to my Pay it Forwards earlier this year, and as she sent her gifts out she was lovely enough to send me one too. 
Check it out - super cute right?

Packing light?

£7.64 & 3euro cents
I started with my packing this week. For the last couple of weeks I have been ebaying and charity shopping and throwing out, but still by the housemates standards I have a lot of stuff. Stuff for hobbies, stuff that has memories, stuff I can't really get rid of yet. And books. Books are important.  
Its not really an issue for me. If I like something why not keep it? It seems though that there is a growing movement of people who NEED to not own anything. I figure if I can move it {and I can, I have my car} why not have it. 
I just need to convince the boy that it is all completely necessary. Because you know, it all is. 
{The £7.64 and 3euro cents were drained from my coppers piggy bank in the interest of travelling light. Coins weigh a lot more than they are worth.}

The best laid plans

This week I had ideas of blog posts planned in my head, and a lot of exercise to do, and cakes to trial and new company meetings to attend and some birthday gift crafting to get sorted and a boyfriend who is snowboarding to ignore.

Unfortunately my body had other plans and I got sick and had to sleep most of the free time I had - it wasn't nice or fun. I am not a great patient. Especially when I am trying to look after myself. There was a small plus side to the whole affair, having not eaten for 2 days my tum has shrunk massively and my skinnies fit way better! I know the minute I start back eating at a normal rate it'll all change but lets look on the bright side shall we!

I made it to the meeting, but the rest of it fell way and truly by the wayside 

But this weekend I have to start packing up my room for the move, that present crafting to begin thinking about, plus I have a uni friend visiting and we have a lot of gossiping to do, a lot of pink wine, prawns and sweet chilli dipping sauce to consume. And I suppose at some point I ought to see the boy and hear about how amazing his holiday {I promise you I am not bitter. Honest!}. 

Committing to

The boy is on holiday snowboarding, with a few of the boys I used to snowboard with {I am not bitter or anything, honest} so I had the weekend to myself, which meant haircuts with my wonderful hairdresser, before a)I move and b)she has her bambino and It meant a night of trying and failing at sewing projects and movies. 
I also visited my mum for Mothers day, with a little project I'd made for. We'd planned lunch at my brothers place but it was too busy so we had to go to the hotel my nan loves. I am not really a sunday lunch kind of gal, but once every so often I'll tolerate it. If just for the desserts, mmmmmmm, puddings. 

But right, this week here are my commitments; 

  • I started level 2 of the 30 day shred at the start of last week and that's as far as I got. I did 2 days of it and haven't really done it since. 5x's this week is the aim. 
  • I have been working my through the 'Do What You Love' course. I think I need to be more present on the site though and interact more. 
  • I have some work to do for the new agency on a project I'll hopefully be working on for them. 
  • April is Green month for French Fries and Pancakes photo colour month thingy - so TAKE GREEN PHOTO'S!
  • And its the Iron Cupcake on Sunday - The theme is seeds and nuts, and I have a couple of ideas - but I am a little strapped for cash this month, what with the move and the likes, so I might not be able to make my creations :( 

All Change

So, I have some more news. 
Again, it's big news. Well, for me it is. 

I have a new job. In Sheffield. 
Yep, not only will I be living there, but I'll be working there too.  
I have a job at a fab creative agency who not only have some great clients but all seem super nice too. I'll be starting at the beginning of May just after I move {and a week before the boy heads to India for a month - good timing hey?} I think the worst part about the whole scenario was having to tell the guys at the agency I am at now, it was horrible, but I felt that once my team knew, I could be a bit more open with it.  

As scary as it might be - changing my whole life it one foul swoop - I am really looking forwards to it. 

New {ish} house. New Job. New life.