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I did have a blog post lined up to tell you how hard I have found this transition into a new city, with a new job, and a whole new living situation with 2 guys who are cleaning-phobic and sky sports news mad, but I have been recently reprimanded for venting about my living situation. 
So you have been saved that winey post, it has been deleted, instead I am now on my way to glastonbury and going to show you one of the pairs of indian shoes the boy brought me back from his recent-ish work trip. 
Aren't they pretty. 

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  1. these are so pretty! great color.

  2. Those are very cute shoes! I think its a shame though, that you deleted what you wrote. This is YOUR space, after all, and if you need to vent a bit, you should be free to do so. Sometimes a little sympathy from your blog friends is just the thing to cheer you a bit.

    I hope you're enjoying Glasto... and that you packed a pair of wellies!


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