Day Twenty thru Twentyfour


I miss the sea when I am not there. 
After a LONG train ride to Plymouth we sailed the 9hrs to Mylor, then to the Helford River, then Falmouth and then Mylor again. We ate at yacht clubs, and Rick Steins, and in the restaurant at the marina. I got to eat a lot of moules. I learnt that the fishermen get paid 30p a scallop, but the restaurants sell them at about £2 each. We didn't see much in the way of wildlife this time, but we did meet some people who were studying the bottom of marina's to see what the effect of them is on the coast line. Doesn't it look like something they'd have used on Seaquest DSV {god, I loved that show. Do not judge me!}. 

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  1. Emmy Lou, you have got such a great eye. I love that about you. xxx

  2. ps omgggggggggggg Jonathan Brandis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hehe. i know you know why i watched seaquest lizzy. {and thank you} xx

  4. looooooooove these photos, especially that first one!


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