Have you seen the Besotted Brand Shop that just opened? 
It is run by one of my all time favourite bloggers, Miss B, who I've been reading since I discovered the Souvenir Foto School's a few years ago. And well, she has launched a shop full of super cute stamps and papers. And to top it all off 
I kind of have my eye on a few of the little stamps - namely the 'hello' one and the 'handmade' one, but what I really, really want is the super duper box set that I've pictured above, and more than a little bit because I want to see that ace box that it comes in. 

If you haven't seen the shop, then you need to head over, because, in her own words, her unborn children wont be going to college unless she sells some of the beautiful paper she bought. 

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  1. Thank you for the sweet mention!!!!


    Miss B.

  2. Not a problem - I have some stamps at the top of my spending list next month.


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