A little baby shower


I just wanted to share a little peek at the baby shower Jess of Mama Doreen's and I hosted for our friend Sammy. It was held at Jess's beautiful home {just look at that those chairs and the colour of that wall. Swoon, swoon, swoon.}
Jess and her mum made the cakes, and jess did a huge array of yummy food - loaded potatoes, chilli, toasted panini's followed by cake pops, an amazing sticky toffee cake and a chocolate cake that was to die for.
And I made some decorations - tissue pompoms and a cupcake liner pompom {that involved me busting out the glue gun!} did the favours - a little 'cute as a button' cookie set, made 'wishes for baby' cards for us to all fill in and put together a little afternoon crafting activity, where by we all sewed a little ornament for a mobile.

how cute?
  cake pops
 little girls love cake
 cake. mmmm. cake.
 Jess, not posing at all. 
 time for gifts

wishes for baby
cute as a button

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  1. these photos are so sweet. :)

  2. i think it's jess's beautiful house that make them so. but thank you

  3. So cute... love the colour of the chairs too. I need to throw my friend a belated baby shower... is it still called that if the baby has arrived?!

  4. Nice pics with pretty color of baby shower.


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