Holiday Crafting 2011 - Hot Chocolate on a Stick


I made hot chocolates last year for Christmas and they seemed to go down pretty well, so I thought I'd give them another go and up the game on them a little. 
What you will need to make about 10 chocolates;
  • 20grams chocolate - some milk and some a very rich dark chocolate. Broken into small pieces to melt. 
  • 60 grs icing sugar
  • 30 grs cocoa powder

The broken chocolate was added to a bowl for melting. In hind sight I probably should have done it in smaller batches than halving it, and maybe should have used a glass bowl! The bowl was put over boiling water until the chocolate looked like this;
Once the chocolate was melted and looked very swirly, I added the cocoa powder and icing sugar and mixed until it was all fully absorbed. Once it was mixed in I carefully spooned the mixture into silicone moulds. Once the chocolate started to harden I popped a spoon into each block as they wouldn't stand upright until then.   
At this point it was time to embellish - 1/4 of the spoons then got covered in mini marshmallows and another 1/4 had a little pipette of Baileys added to it. (I bought pipettes from ebay in 2 sizes as they were super cheap and they've come in super useful.) I filled them as full as I could with Baileys, chopped off the excess tubing and sealed the end of it by melting it on the hob and clamping it shut. The pipettes were then pushed into the hardening chocolate.
The chocolate spoons were popped in the fridge to harden fully. Once they were they just popped out of the moulds to be packaged. 
{All the red and blue labels were made using these labels as a base from Eat Drink Chic

Tomorrow I'll be showing you my cookie pots!

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  1. Another fab gift idea!!! x

  2. The spoons and a larger mould made them better this year. Defo something you ought to try.

  3. The spoons and a larger mould made them better this year. Defo something you ought to try.

  4. I think I need to book mark all your holiday crafting posts for next Christmas. They look fantastic!


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