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Edit: We have a winner
Rosie @ A Rosie Outlook - Congrats Rosie. I'll get a package out to you soon! 

I know Christmas has been and gone, but I may have gone a little overboard in my estimation on what I needed to make {You never know who might pop a little gift round when you just hadn't expected it} Plus, actually measuring and working the exact quantities was never my strong point {of course I meant to make 100 hot chocolates when I only needed 88!}

So rather than these treats go to waste, I thought I'd run my first little giveaway. One lucky winner will get sent a box of belated Christmas cheer containing; 

  • Homemade Bath Bars
  • 50ml Homemade Vanilla
  • A Christmas Cookie pot
  • Some hot chocolates on spoons
  • A Mulled wine sachet. 

All you need to do is leave me a comment below and tell me what your favourite bit about Christmas 2011 was and on the twelfth night {i.e the 6th Jan} I'll pick a winner and send you all the above.  

{All the red and blue labels were made using these labels as a base from Eat Drink Chic}

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  1. Oh my gosh, your homemade goodies look absolutely amazing! You put my jars of fudge to shame - definitely coming back to your blog next Christmas to get some inspiration - love your labels especially and the sound of the hot chocolate on a stick! So generous of you to give some away, I would love to win! My favourite bit of Christmas 2011 was spending quality time with my family, in particular having the four of us crowded round a board game - I love board games! And seeing my parents' open the stockings I made them too was a real highlight. Have a lovely New Years! xxx

  2. oh, how fun! i'd love to win this. not sure if i'm eligible because i'm the u.s., but i'm still commenting: my favorite part of christmas was the quiet, especially after a rough year.

  3. These all look amazing and thanks for sharing the how tos. I have a bottle of your yummy vanilla essence from the Pass It Forwards and love cooking with it, it's much nicer than shop bought.

    My favourite part of this Christmas was making a gift for my husband and watching him open it. Oh, and being able to justify a glass of cava at 3pm.

  4. Love all your handmade bits! This was the 1st Christmas me & my boyfriend had spent together in our wee house with just our dogs & cats - so it was special! x

  5. Not sure how international your giveaway is but I'll comment anyway - the best thing about my Christmas 2011 was being able to spend my first ever Christmas physically with my boy even though we've been together for over two years. We've always been separated by being in different countries prior to this.

  6. Wow, what a lush giveaway Ems!
    So my favorite bit about Christmas 2011, was going for a very cold Christmas walk with Orla, Ian & Ians 3year old nephew Iwan, it was fantastic full of wind and rain and mud and definitely some magic, as Iwan was asking us about where father Christmas & the reindeer's lived... just watching Ian {34} explaining to Iwan {3} melted my heart. And made me realize that he is definitely my forever man x


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