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I decided at the end of last year I wanted to do Project Life, but here in the UK it didn't go on sale until the 2nd Feb, so I couldn't start it at the beginning of the year like most people do. And since I have my list that run birthday to birthday, I thought that maybe it might be better to do Project Life birthday to birthday, {which was still before the kits went on sale, but I figured that it would be easy enough to make up a couple of weeks.} 
Finally, after waiting for the kits to go on sale, and then waiting for then to clear customs, and then waiting for them to ship I got my kit last week. 

So, here is my start on Project Life - Here is my 31st year.

And I have been working hard these last few days to figure out how I want it all to look beyond the title page and I am sure my style will change over time, but here are my first few pages. I don't know if I'll be using embellishments {as I don't have them} but I will be using it as a space to keep momento's and the likes. 
Right, on with my completed pages so far;

 My 31 things before 32 list and a few little bits from my birthday. Some birthday cards, and a little reminder of my day. 
 Week 1 - our week in Deux Alpes. Some photo's from the week, my lift pass and a piste map, my favourite ever Burton Advert from the mid 90's and little envelope I made with a bunch of momento's in it. 

The logistics- I have decided to to run it Sunday - Saturday - then I can work on it on a Sunday {during the football!}. I am planning on doing one page a week - I know a lot of people do 2 pages, but I think one page a week I think will be fine for me. Maybe some weeks might stretch it if I've had a holiday or a trip, but most weeks it'll just be one. I also have a little book that I have scribbled little layouts in that has a little space for notes too. 

My Kit - I have the Amber Core Pack {that's all that was available in the UK}. The Type A page protectors. This folder from HobbycraftI also have a whole load of downloaded cards. I am using a combo of my Canon Selphy CP730 photo printer and my HP 3050A printer/scanner/copier to print, and a corner rounder from Hobbycraft, but I can't find it on the site. 
You can see all my Project Life posts here.

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  1. This seems to neat! I think if we had a printer that printed out good quality photographs i'd be really tempted!

  2. I'm so excited you are doing this too! I have been waiting for Project life to arrive in the UK for a few years so promptly ordered mine when it became available! I love your first pages and look forward to seeing more x

  3. this is so awesome! i love that you're doing this. :)

  4. Thanks for the reminder! I was hoping to get one of these when I first heard about it but they didn't ship to Canada. They do now! I can't wait to get started!!

  5. Your Project Life pages look great! I can't wait to start mine! I have been documenting life but we have been sick forever and I had lacked motivation. I am behind but I will catch up. I hope! I found you on facebook through Becky! Have a beautiful day!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your first page! :) Your style is awesome!

    I think going birthday to birthday is a fun idea! I do that with "new year's resolutions". Instead at the official new year, I use my birthday as a starting point for my goals. One of mine this year is to open an Etsy shop :)

  7. Cool! I am also doing birthday to birthday and am just a few weeks shy of starting '31' myself. I have almost a full year of '30' and I love it!

  8. Rachael - I got my printer for £30 on ebay, so i bet you could find one too. do it. have a look!

    Gemma - can't wait to see how you style yours. love the feel of your blog so if it's anything like it - it'll be ace.

    Megan - Thank you. I bet you'll be sick of seeing the pages pop up soon....

    Lesley - I'll be keeping an eye out for yours them.

    Jennifer - I expect I'll be playing catch up a lot this year - I'm hoping I dont fall too far behind though.

    Kimberly - Thank you. I think using my birthday for goals and resolutions helps me not fail at new years one. I am the worst at sticking to ny's resolutions.

    Allison - yay. another birthday to birthday-er. I like how much text you have in yours. I think i need more words.

  9. so fun! i LOVE your title page! i started project life, well, i tried to start it, on jan 1 but life was so busy i haven't been able to keep up with it the way i wanted, but i figure even if i do it on a monthly basis it's better than nothing!!

  10. Ok where did you get the pic of the man with the mixer? i love your style

  11. love your title page. looks great so far!

  12. ghostkat - it's part of a birthday card my friend sent me. her boyf though it was inappropriate. i say he is a fool.

    jodi - thank you!

  13. Love the look of what you've done - I did Project Life last year in paper form. I hadn't intended doing it again this year but after looking through the album and realising it was such a fantastic source of memories I decided I just couldn't do it again this year! I've opted to do the digital version this time and have it printed as a photobook on Snapfish. It hasn't been without it's problems as I am very new to digital scrapbooking but I'm enjoying the process so far....


  14. Looks amazing!! I am waiting on my PL kit as we speak and cannot wait! I have used the digital PL before but I am super excited to do it manually :)

    Just wondering where you downloaded your cards from? I especially like the yellow "currently" card, looks great!

    Donna x

    1. Hi Donna, I have to be honest with you I am not sure - the download didn't come with a link. But I suspect it might have been from following one of the links here - even if you don't find those ones i've pinned loads more downloadables there. sorry. x

  15. where did you order from? I haven't been able to find where it's all available in the UK

    1. @you can call me tiff - I bought it from - hope this helps.


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