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Life changing magic

Life changing magic
The Life Changing Magic

Jumping on another bandwaggon

I was kind of against Instagram for ages, mostly because it was an apple only product {and not only do I love my little android phone, but I am not an apple fan boy} and a little because of all the photo’s on twitter processed with crappy filters, but hey, when have I ever been one to not jump on a bandwagon? 
They’ve launch the android app, and I am on it. You can follow me if you like – my username is ohgoshem. Or you can see all my pic’s on your computer screen here -

And whilst I am at it - I am also using Hello Cotton and you can follow me here too -


  1. I just did a post on Graze boxes- I'm a new convert, and I love them!! YUM!

    1. I do love them, but they're a bit expensive - i'll probably do what i always do and stop in a few weeks.


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