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I found Amy Turn Sharpes' A Poem a Day For a Year I think whilst following links on twitter, maybe a link from the wonderful Mackin Ink, a while ago. 

Years ago, between dreams of sailing the world as a marine biologist and becoming a journalist I thought I would be a poet. I thought my angst ridden, middle class, ramblings were something that would make me famous. 

Eventually, the words failed me and I gave up that dream (along with the others – who knew you’d need a science A-level to be a marine biologist?} but reading Amy’s blog and her daily poems make me want to grab a notebook to hide somewhere, abandon all thoughts of iambic pentameters and pen my deepest darkest secrets and feelings in poetry. Go read Amy’s site and tell me you’re not right there with me……….


  1. you made me blush. thank you. AND GO be a poet love. DO IT> xo

    1. thank you for popping over to read. I found a notebook I love and I just need to find me some time to figure out how to make these words seem less douche-y and more poet-y. x


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