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So, you might have seen in the last post I mentioned how The Boy didn’t make it to India. In fact he only made it as far as Dubai, but after a run in with a door in the showers he’s back, hobbling about - with a massive gash in his leg and stitches to boot.

And it is so nice having him back – I can sleep. I can give him a hug. We don’t have to Skype. And the puppy won’t even have the chance to give me the ‘why have you made my daddy go away’ eyes. And, well, he’s just here, which is better all round! A|nd whilst he will have to go away again, it's not until September, 

But this little selfish part of me {that he knows about – because I have told him} is a little annoyed he’s home - I always like to think I am spontaneous and up for last minute plans, but having my plans changed isn't sitting well with me. Him being away was going to give me time to get the house clean. Really clean – the sort of clean that doesn’t happen when a boy is about. And get the spare room sorted for my friends arrival. And have a bit of an ikea shopping trip. And reorganise. And not watch sport. Or cooking shows. And exercise. Lots. And eat ‘girl food’. And I know I can do most of these things with him here, but when there are two of you time seems to slip away from you a bit, and he just makes the most delicious food – it seems a shame to not eat it……. On the plus side though, I can rope him into painting the high bits of the attic, and maybe he’ll stop me spending a small fortune in Ikea, and possibly we might even fit a little date to see Batman in too. 

Now I just have to figure out how to get the perfume he was buying me from duty free before this bottle runs out……


  1. Awww hope his leg is ok! Just wanted to say you HAVE to fit in the Batman date, it's absolutely brilliant - when I went loads of people had dressed up as Batman, Joker ect. and it made for a great atmosphere! :) xo

    1. Thank Rebecca, I think we might try and sneak in the cinema this weekend. if it's not too busy!


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