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Life changing magic

Life changing magic
The Life Changing Magic


Being a massive stationery geek, this time of year is just perfect. Choosing Christmas cards, using the right pen, writing gift tags and notes and importantly, a choosing new diary.
Yes, I know i work in digital and everything should be on my phone, but I love a new diary. I love that moment when you start a new and watch it get more and more used and handbag battered throughout the year. My current 2012 diary started out a deep purple but now it’s a faded lilac-y number, bursting with bits of paper and notes and my movements from the year. 
What I can't decide is which one to buy.

Which one would you go for?
We also have a year planner to try and keep track of our coupley movements {mostly so we don’t double book ourselves} so if you have any ideas on those i’m looking for one of those too. 


  1. I like numero 2 - reminds me of the fields I grew up near in Yorkshire!

    1. I think that might be why I like it too. But I still have those cold, wet, fields around me ;) x


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