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32 Things

So, you know how I embraced the ‘fail, fail again, fail better’ mantra in 2012, it applied to pretty much all aspects of my life – especially the 31 Things list I made. I think I completed about 1/3rd of it. Maybe not even that. But As Elizabeth and I were discussing on Twitter last week - it's not about completing it all, it's more about having goals!

There were some things on the 31 Things list that I really want to do, so I am carrying them over, but I also have some new goals.

So, here’s to being 32 and here is my ‘32 things to do before I am 33’ list.

  1. Make/do a project a month.
  2. Including - the sky quilt.
  3. Don’t succumb to chopping all my hair off (again).
  4. Try one food type i don't like a month.
  5. Swim. A lot.
  6. Figure out my clothing style.
  7. Make more online friends real life friends.
  8. Set up that etsy shop
  9. Be less grumpy with the boy!
  10. PL - I’ll be doing it monthly not weekly this year though.
  11. Sort out the veg patch this year - after last years collapsed wall.  
  12. Attend a blogger event.
  13. Take a class (or two.) online or in real life.
  14. Get a tattoo.
  15. Set the wheel in motion for a new house - bigger garden/bigger kitchen.
  16. Be more spontaneous.
  17. Start saving.
  18. Read more than just my bookclub books.
  19. Do something really adventurous.
  20. Wear more colours.
  21. Bring back the Crafternoons
  22. Wear more jewellery.
  23. Plan in a monthly ‘date’ night.
  24. Be a ‘better’ girl – stop wearing scrappy nail varnish, keep my hair dyed that sort of thing.
  25. Try and knit something. Anything. Even a straight line.
  26. Find a regular yoga class to attend.
  27. Organise my time better - try and not be in a rush about everything
  28. Make signature cocktails for the boy and I.
  29. Blog more ‘how-to’s’
  30. Visit friends more - yes, the ones that live far away, but also the ones that live round the corner!
  31. Teach Flash puppy a trick. Or train him. either. Or.
  32. Remember my One Little Word is TRY. And try.
I probably wont blog each and every one of these that I complete, because, you know, me not chopping all my hair off, that's not news, but I might report back on a few. Keep an eye out.

What goals have you set yourself this year?

Sew Good

Talking of filling our house with big stuff – for Christmas my parents bought me a bad ass sewing machine. I’ve tweeted to the same effect, but its so clever, it’s actually smarter than me. Worrying, right?

It appears, during the buying process, my dad became some sort of sewing machine expert, and he chose this one not only because of all the stuff it does (about a gazillion stitches, button holes, zips and I think as it comes with a monogram foot – monograms) but also because it’ll sew thick fabrics – like sail cloth. Ok then dad – what are you planning on me making you? Because I can assure you it won’t be new sails! (I might however do something fun with the old sails from my boat though) Can you imagine what the man in the shop thought when my dad rocked up with bits of sailcloth for him to demo on?

This new beauty will help my sewing plans for 2013 – I don’t think that my old machine would have coped with some of the stuff that I am planning* on tackling. Don’t get me wrong – it was an amazing starter machine, but I reached the limit of it’s abilities. I have however passed it on to one of my very none crafty friend who is planning on a foray into sewing.

CLOSED - A birthday giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway. 
We have a winner - Helen of Clear Your Heart. Huge congrats Helen. x

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Thorntons
In a big happy birthday to me, the wonderful people at Thorntons have offered to giveaway a chocolate hamper worth £25 to one of my lovely readers.

I am however a little bit jealous, having eaten probably twice my body weight in their yummy Continental chocolates over Christmas that this prize won’t be coming to me. Seriously, I’m not even kidding you, between the weekend of my brothers wedding and the first week in January we ate one huge box and two smaller boxes. That’s a LOT of chocolate in 15 short days, but I’ll be totally honest with you, I don’t really regret one single mouthful. I don’t even regret the fights over the Viennese chocs with the boy. What I do regret is believing him when he said we’d eaten them all – I later found out he’d snaffled a few away for eating without me! Grrrrrrrrrr. 

And for all of you on a diet, I have it on good authority 2 chocolates is 3 Weight Watchers points. Now, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like a pretty good trade off for chocolate!

So, if you’d like to be in with the chance of winning this Thorntons hamper, worth £25, leave a comment telling me what your favourite chocolate is. You can also bag yourself an extra entry by tweeting about the competition, or following me through Google Friend Connect through the Rafflecopter widget below. Simple.

{If you happen to win, and want to send me all the Viennese ones, I won’t complain!}

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We're running out of space

Our home seems to be filling up with kitchen equipment. Fancy, wonderful, (but mostly bulky) kitchen equipment. Since last Christmas we have acquired;
  • A bread machine 
  • A coffee machine 
  • A mini food processor 
  • A hand-held mixer 
  • A meat slicer (yes, the variety you might find in a deli)
  • 2 glass cake stands 
  • A set of le cruset pans 
  • A kitchen aid 
  • A moules serving pot

  • We're super grateful for all of these things, but they come on top of all the usual kitchen things, like food and plates and pots and pans and implements - that sort of stuff. And of course all of things are essential to our lives, but the problem is, our home, especially the kitchen, was pretty small, and full, to start with – it hasn’t got any bigger and we don’t seem to have thrown much away, so we’re facing a bit of a storage crisis.

    In the autumn, I enlisted my dad to put me some shelves up in the kitchen to clear some more space on the sides, and I have temporarily relocated all our books from the dining room to clear space on the shelving in there, but it’s all starting to look a bit cluttered, and I am not sure how to cope with it. A must do’s is to clear out and charity shop some of our old stuff, but I am not sure that’s going to be enough. And one of the plans for 2013 is to find a new house, with part of the criteria that we need to get a bigger kitchen (the other is a larger garden) but until then I need to sort our kitchen equipment situation. I have been scouring Pinterest and Apartment Therapy for ideas, but I think it’s going to have to be a hack job looking at my budget!

    Have any of you got a small kitchen? How do you cope with a growing mound of stuff in it?

    Follow the Sky

    Photo from Lea Redmond at Leafcutter Designs
    Have you heard about Sky Scarves? 
    I know I might be a thousand years behind on this one, but the Boy's mum told me about a project she is starting - each day of 2013 she is recording the colour of the sky and will be knitting two lines of a scarf in that colour, with the aim being at the end of the year she has a scarf to remind her of the year - she has wool in white, two shades of grey and two shades of blue. 

    It sounds like such a great idea, but I can't knit for the life of me, so I thought I might give it a go, but making a quilt. I thought squares of these coloured fabrics might make a wonderful quilt - now all we have to do is figure out the logistics of making 365 squares fit into a quilt {see the problem with that one?} and we'll if I have the patience for it. I am a great fan of starting a project and letting it fall by the wayside!

    Are there any quilter out there who'd like to offer me some advice? 

    But, if this plan fails, maybe I could try my hand at creating one of these stunning Sky Scarves;

    By Mav, blogged about by Joanna Goddard

    You can keep your running, its not for me.

    When we were kids my brother and I swam. A lot. Seriously, a lot. He trained 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day, I did 2-3 training sessions and 2 water polo sessions a week. And I loved it. And until I quit the gym I used to swim a lot. 

    But unfortunately, swimming isn't free, and when you have little no money you look for the free things, so for a while I ran and I really tried to do it because running appears to be the cool thing to do (if my twitter stream is anything to go by you're nothing unless you've done 10k a day!). But my knees have given up. They hurt pretty much all the time these days, and running only makes it worse - I even bought fancy shoes that are shaped to my feet and new knee supports like the running shop people suggested but they still hurt. So it appears I am just not well enough, or, maybe cool enough, to run. {Plus, I have boobs. Running is not the sport for boobs!}

    So, you can keep your running - I am going back to swimming. I have found a pool that I can get in to at 6.30. The plan is to, hopefully, swim a mile{+}, be out by 7.30 to be at work for 9. I know it'll make my days a bit longer but I need to do something. I am just not happy about the way I look, and driving 3 hours a day with a half hour lunch break that needs to be spent in the work canteen, isn't helping me get more exercise, so on payday I signed up for pool membership.  

    I'm hoping to swim the equivalent of the English Channel a month, I've even found a place to record my efforts (and, yes, I know it's not a Nike app so it doesn't count, but I don't care!)