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The boy left for India again this morning. Thankfully it's just a 3 week stint this time and even better, the day after he returns, we're off snowboarding. 
But it still gives me a lot of free time to fill. As always I have some plans, maybe not as ambitious as they sometimes are {all this travelling to and from work kills so much of my free time} but whilst the boy's away i'll hopefully be;
  • Seeing one of my bestie's @vogue_ismybible for a post birthday's night out.
  • Running a crafternoon.
  • Choosing tiles for the kitchen.
  • Sewing january's sky quilt square.
  • Not sharing the puppy cuddles.
  • Not eating as much as we have been recently.
  • Exercising (shredding and swimming)
  • Not missing the annoying noise of the xbox and Fifa.
  • Reorganising the craft room so everything is easy to get at!
  • Looking at shelving for the living room.
  • Re-waterproofing our snowboarding gear.
  • Cleaning & de-cluttering bits of the house.
  • Making some presents.
  • Meeting up with Twitter friends.
  • Planning the plants/veg I want for this year’s garden.
  • And importantly spend some time doing nothing <----- I think this might be my favourite thing on the list!
Easy to complete in 3 weeks right?

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