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#BEDM 1 whole month

Well, Blog Every Day in May is over, and I've tried, I really have tried my hardest to do a whole month of blogging - 18 posts isn't bad really is it? 

But it was inevitable that life would get in the way. There were a few topics I thought 'meh' to, and a few I thought I don't want to think about that to, like the 'what's in your fridge' post, which meant addressing the fact there was only a dubious looking alcoholic energy drink, condiments and cheese in our fridge that day! 

And then life jumped up and got me - what you might have gathered if you follow me on twitter is that I'm in the midst of helping plan a craft fair with my WI, FORGE*, and it's taking up rather a large part of my life, which along side the actual WI commitments, crazily full weekends, and what seems to have been a busy few weeks at work made it hard for me to blog as much as I'd have like.  

But I have done some catching up (which might not have been the point) and I'm pretty pleased with my efforts this month. It's been wonderful to have some actual prompts that have made me think about things a little bit more, rather than just finding pretty stuff to show you, or rambling about my day. I am also a little freaked out at the thought of having to start thinking of actual blog posts again. 

What I have loved the most though is finding a whole new host of blogs to read (I think I should have commented on more though so don't  - i just need to find the time to head over to Feedly and read them more! What 

*more to come on that later!

#BEDM Morning rituals

My mornings are all about hitting the snooze button one too many times, about not quite straightening my hair properly (or scraping it back up into a messy bun) about sneaking back into bed for more puppy cuddles, about the about waking the boyf up with his morning coffee, about doing my makeup in the car, about always setting off just a few minutes too late and hitting the crazy traffic before my drive to work.

I know I should get up earlier and shred, or just get up earlier and not be in so much of a rush, but there is so much going on at the moment that going to bed early enough to mean i can get up early -well, its a vicious cycle isn't it. Has anyone got a few more hours in the day?

#BEDM Music Love

As a little kid I think my all time favourite band were The Beach Boys, but thats not something you can really admit to until you're in your 20's is it? And then in my teens I got swept up in a tide of mid-90's pop, I'm pretty sure I could still sing along to the entire of take that and party. Then came brit pop and indie and a love with guitar music and boys in sheltoes and then the boys from the ski village took us to NY Sushi and I started going to Drum and Bass nights, and I'll be honest, and maybe if I whisper it it won't matter too much any more *I never REALLY loved drum and bass* - it was the downstairs hiphop-y, 808state-y, fun, NY Sushi room with the sticker machine and the need for spiky trainers I loved the most, but I loved the world, my friends, the nights out, the fashion, all of it. And so I secretly listened to the guitars and the pop behind drum and bass's back, at home, in my car or on my mini disk player (it was the late 90's-early 2000's) but I didn't admit to it in public, not with my music-nazi friends. And this went on for some time - all the way through uni, and I guess a little after that.  

And then I stopped caring about what they thought - I went back to the somewhat cheesy pop and guitars bands in public - I proudly played maroon 5 in my car, KOL on my ipod, I danced on tables to the Killers, we sung badly to the Bluetones at Quiksilver and ran to skip the swearing songs on Jay Z albums and it's been that way ever since! Now I'll happily admit to everyone I've been to see The Gaslight Anthem 6 times in the last 3 years. And that maybe my ipod has far too much of the Black Keys back catalogue on it, but not too much Ryan Adams,. And that didn't go and see Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury because Ash were playing. And yes I chose Beyonce over Queens of the Stone Age, but it was a tough choice.  (I might not however admit to going to see Razorlight at the arena c.2005, it wasn't me - you can't prove it!)

#BEDM 13 Year Old Self

I'll be honest with you, looking back, I am not sure I'm a huge fan of my 13 year olf self, she was chubby and totally uncool and had terrible dress sense (not a lot has changed to be truthful with you!) 

She wouldn't have listened to anyone telling her what to do - but if I had the chance to go back and chat to her, thinking she might listen, I'd probably say not to worry about boys so much, at school they were all dicks anyway. Not to eat so much chocolate because if she did want to worry about boys, the chubbiness wouldn't help her (and maybe I need to take that on board now!) I'd tell her if she REALLY wanted to be a marine biologist, she needed to pay more attention in science class, even if the teacher was a terrible perv! To try harder at the fun sports, and not to worry about the fact running made her sick.  

I'd also tell her to stick to her guns and keep wearing those bright red converse because they'd be cool one day! 

#BEDM Dream Job

When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist. Mostly because I thought it would mean I'd get to spend all my time dossing about on boats, but I didn't realise that it meant I'd have to be good at science. And I'm not. Science defeats me. Then I wanted to write novels. And then be a journalist. And then I started working in marketing and found this world of digital marketing and fell in love. And I love my current job, I'm just not such a fan of the commute! 

But when I think about dream jobs, my mind drifts. 
It starts me thinking of ways of keeping me in the mountains. At the end of our last trip to Morzine we spent an afternoon drinking and figuring out a way to buy a chalet and stay, unfortunately the four of us don't have the money to make this dream a reality - but we sure had the ideas and the drive! We also had between us, a silly amount of transferable skill - but until we get the lottery win I'm not sure we can make it a reality. 

Or of ways that I can turn all the little business ideas that float in and out of my head into realitites. I have the plans and I almost have all the skill needed, I think, to make a go of it - but mostly I don't have the time right now. Which makes me sad. 

Does anyone else find that having a day job REALLY gets in the way of the dream job?

#BEDM Journey to work

My journey to work is a bit of a beast. It might only be 35miles away, but it's a 35 mile drive* of traffic lights and road works, of country roads and getting stuck, mostly behind tractors, so it tend to take me anywhere from an hr to an hr and half to get to work. The only saving grace of the journey is that for half of it, it's pretty countryside. (The other half of the journey takes me through some questionable area's of Sheffield, but it's been eye opening to say the least!) It is most fun when surprise roadworks pop up, last week all 3 routes I can take had lanes closed and bits of them dug up. That and watching the number of miles my poor little car has done, go up!

(*And before some one tells me I ought to get the train - the closest station to my office is 15miles away)


#BEDM Pampering

I'm going to be honest with you - I am a bit of a rubbish girl. I hate sitting in baths (yawn - boring) I can't keep my nail varnish unchipped for more than a few days. My cleanser/toner/moisturiser regime is questionable at best. I have a cupboard full of fake-tan and moisturiser, of eye shadows nail varnish and hair gunk - I'm just not very motivated to use it. You'd have thought by 32 I'd have mastered these things, but nope. Not yet. There is always something I'd rather do. And that period of sitting still post fake tan or nail paint, gah, that's always the moment I think of something I really really want to do. 
I'm not very good at pampering myself thing am i?

Although, with work I had to visit the spa, and even though I was alone (which made me feel a bit awkward as everyone else was in groups), wandering round all the experiences and having a little time to myself, wasn't as bad as I thought it might be!

#BEDM Food Glorious Food

Food is one of those issues in our house that causes problems. The boyf does the cooking. I do the baking. That's just how it is. He was a chef. I find baking relaxing (sometimes) And whilst I love nice food, if left to my own devices, eating toast and cereal for days on end wouldn't bother me (I've been known to just have poptarts and coke zero in a day - yes, I am aware this is why I will never be thin!) and when I am hungry, I am hungry and I want to eat NOW.

But the boyf, he loves to cook - he loves to spend time preparing and making food, he loves to try and make everything from scratch. Which is wonderful and delicious and sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, but it's not half time consuming. Put this together with someone who gets grumpy when they are hungry and it sometimes causes arguments  It's not that I am ungrateful at the effort he has gone to, I am just not good at waiting when I am hungry, or eating at 9pm.

What are your eating habits like? Are they as bad as mine?

#BEDM Collecting

I wouldn't say I was a collector as such, not in the way that people on the antiques road show are, but there are little pockets of collections around my house, like the collection of fabrics I am building up, and the collection of cameras (not all working) that I've aquired over the years, or the crochet hooks I have even though it's not a skill of mine, or the collection of pens that write beautifully that sit on my desk, or the different paper stocks I might need one day, or the stack of converse that seem to have built up over the years. No, I'm not a collector - I'm a horder!

#BEDM Book Love

I've written before about my wonderful bookclub at @Fancie, so I won't harp on about it too much, I'll just tell you how annoyed I've been to miss the last 2 meetings. What I will tell you is about how annoyed I am I don't read more. How I miss the days when I would lay down with a book on a saturday morning and barely move until it was finished. How my favourite place to read is on the bed, sandwhiched between the duvet. How I dream of a house will a wall of books. How there are still boxes and boxes of books at my house that I just can't let them get rid of, because one day they will be on my wall of books. How history books are my favourite. How as a child I think I read more than I did anything else. How I miss having the time to read. How I WILL make myself read more.

#BEDM Travel Dreams

Today's prompt is 'If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?' but I just couldn't narrow it down to one place. There is just too much I want to see. 

I didn't do the 'round the world' trips when I was in the gap year point of my life. They don't let you have enough snow. But I have been pretty lucky to have had the chance to live in ski resorts in France and America, and spend a summer on the beach French Rivera, to spend a summer in Miami, and take trips to Goa and Morocco and Norway and all those other holidays I've had. 

But if there was unlimited money, and unlimited holiday, then I want to; 

Drive across America for a meandering, lazy, stop where-ever we want and explore, trip. 
Visit New Zealand - for the snow, yes, and for the space and the sea and it all.
Go back to the South of France and revisit Porquerolles and Giens and Hyeres. 
Go to Vancouver {and maybe, never come back?}
And I want to see Japan. I read the snowflakes are the size of your hand. 
And visit India whilst the boy is there, well, Kerala specifically. 
And see the Northern Lights

And and and..........if I don't stop here, this could be a mammoth list!

#BEDM Favourite Social Media Channel

Twitter / Instagram / Twitter / Instagram / Twitter / Instagram / Twitter / Instagram?

It’s a toughy. It’s my wake-up routine, checking Twitter and Instagram, having a little nosy into the lives of others. Twitter is the place I turn for news, for ‘chats’ with friends, for discussions, rants and arguments, to get me frustrated with the stupidity of people and for, well, everything. And Instagram, well Instagram gives you such a better view of those people’s lives – better than even the best wordsmith can provide {especially in 140 characters}, It provides fashion help, and restaurant recommendations and lets you see how your friends  But Twitter might just sneak in there by a little percentage though, and only maybe because sooooo many more people use it.

I helped a friend with an essay on social media usage a month or so ago and she initially asked me about Facebook and LinkedIn, but my Facebook usage as me is so minimal these days it’s laughable. I do however use it a lot as I manage the pages for the WI I am in, our craft fair {which I need to tell you about} and I’m a moderator for work. But for me, I stopped that a while ago, I think my last post was at Easter  I read an interesting report about how Facebook was losing millions of users and it does stack up with the stats we see at work, but it’s such a great space to organise events and run groups it’d be hard to leave at this stage. And LinkedIn is, well, does anyone, other than a recruitment agent, use it for more than an online CV? 

And after a comment From Areeba, it's reminded me, I didn't include Pinterest. And maybe I didn't because I don't see Pinterest as a social platform, it's more of an addiction. An addiction that I might need some serious help with. 

What do you use the most? Have you abandoned anything recently? And how do you use LinkedIn?

#BEDM 1st Job

My first job is actually two jobs – I started them both about the same time. At 16 there were few things I loved more than snowboarding – to be honest the same could be said for now – but snowboarding, that was my passion, so my first few jobs complimented this love perfectly.
I worked for 6 hours a week, on a Sunday, at Sheffield Ski Village in what was the boot room, handing out ski and snowboard books and measuring people for skis and boards for their lessons or slope trips. We weren’t paid in money, but if you worked, you got to ride for free all week… I got to hang out with some amazing people, make some great friends and develop some swoon worthy crushes! About a year go, the ski village burnt down. Such a sad time
I also worked for a company called Free Spirit, an outdoor clothing store in Meadowhall. It sold all the snowboard brands I loved, walking stuff, biking stuff, climbing stuff and I got a hefty discount too. I worked for the company, in it’s various guises for years and years, I started with them at 16, working one day a week, mostly for the free clothing, until I went on my first season and I finished my last job with them at 23 after I’d moved to the Leeds store during uni. At one point, in the second year of uni 3 of my housemates, my then boyfriend and 3 of my other close friend all worked there – pulling a sickie was always easy as someone would always cover for you!

Not bad for my first jobs, hu?

#BEDM Pets

This BEDM post - Pets is perfect. You know me, any opportunity to show gratuitous photo’s of Grandmaster Flash……

For those of you new here, Flash is a Pug x Jack Russell, he's naughty, he's cuddly, he's strong willed, he likes chasing balls and eating, well, pretty much everything. He's just turned one and next week he'll have been in our life for a full year and I am still besotted.  


#BEDM My 5 Favourite Blogs

If you could see the mess that is my Feedly account you’d know just how hard it was for me to compile a list of just 5 blogs - but these are blogs I’m reading a lot recently. Although it was a little easier to pick than six months ago when I was still hanging on to reading blog that made me feel terrible about my life {why oh why did I do that?}. Now, I only read the people who don’t make me feel guilty for not having the perfect home/hair/nails/life.
I could sit here any tell you why I love them, but you ought to head over and find out for yourself.

#BEDM A Day in the Life

I'll be updating today as we go through it - can't promise it'll be interesting, but this is my friday 3rd May 2013! 

5am – erm, why am I wake?

6.30am – silence that bloody alarm. Check which ridiculously cute position the puppy has got himself into over night {he was cuddling the boyf arm this morning} and have a bit of a Twitter and Instagram read. 

8am – on the road and into my 35mile drive to work. It normally takes me about 1n hr, to an hr and 20 but surprise roadworks made it a much longer trip today. It might be forever away, but at least it’s through the countryside rather than on a motorway.

9.30am – Is it wrong I am already hungry?

11.30am - Cubicle life. And I swear if I have to spend much more of my life figuring out the latitude and longitude of places at work,  i might crack up. 

5pm - It’s Friday so I am outta here! Back on the country roads {to watch my petrol gauge go down!}

7pm -  my evenings at the moment are a mess, between WI meetings and seeing friends and craft fair meetings and bookclubs and spending time with the boyf, they don’t leave me much time for the boring stuff of life. Friday nights are usually spent at our local for a few and then a few more. 10 pints and you get a free pizza too!

9.30pm - Home. Movie. Puppy cuddles.

#BEDM Spring is here

Ah, Spring, as always it appears and teases me with the promise of a summer of beer garden weather and wearing shorts, tanned feet and home grown crops. The reality in the UK is very different. But what the hell – I’m going to embrace it again, I’m going to let it fool me again, I am going to dig out my flipflops and plant things and hope……again.

Our teeny tiny yard isn’t conducive with a lot of growing, but we do have some ‘dirt’ in which to play! The berries planted last year are starting to fight their way back to life, The strawberry plants somehow survived the endless winter {but to be fair one of them survived being swamped in frozen water for 3 weeks last winter!} and the raspberries and blackberries are trying their hardest, but the blueberry plant looks like it didn’t make it. The rhubarb is reappearing. And I’ve done a bit of clearing for some new plants.

I’m going with cherry tomatoes again. After the wall collapse, most of last year’s tomatoes didn’t even see enough sun to turn red, but the ones the year before that were amazing, like little sweets. And lettuce, it's so much fun to pop outside and tear off your own lettuce. And beans, I’m thinking mange tout as runner beans just go to my Nan. And maybe a squash or pumpkin of some sort to keep things going until the autumn, and lots more herbs and loads more mint – what is summer without a cheeky Mojito?

Are you planning this summer? What are you growing? 

#BEDM - 5 Lines

I am taking part in Elizabeth's 'Blog Every Day In May' {#BEDM} this month to try and get me back into blogging, to meet some new bloggers {there are over 100 people signed up and it isn't too late to join in!} and hopefully to share some interesting stuff too. Fingers crossed I might complete almost all of it - although I am not very good at this sort of thing!

My name is Emma Louise, like pretty much every other girl born in 1981*, well, at least 80% of them!
I have a slight obsession with my dog, Grandmaster Flash Puppy Vuitton II, he's a Jack Russell x Pug and about the cutest thing ever. 
I am the president of one of Sheffield's new wave WI's, Hallam Roses WI. I love being part of the WI. We are less than a year old and I've already met so many amazing people!
I dream of running away to sea, or the mountains, or just about anywhere.
I love making STUFF. I wouldn’t say I am great at any of it, but I love it! 

*you do the maths, I'm OLD!