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I thought it might be about time for a 32 things update, seeing as we’re half way through the year. I’ll be honest, this list hasn’t necessarily been at the fore of my thoughts but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ticking things off the list Which you can see here

No. 1) I have certainly been crafting more – most of it sewing now I have my new bad boy sewing machine, (and I have made a lot of bags) but there have been a few little sewn gifts, some cushions, some jewellery, some playing about with my Crafty Creatives boxes, and maybe a little quilting!
No. 3) I haven’t chopped my hair of yet – although I did have to be talked down from a fringe. (I still might need a bit of convincing on that one too, I mean, it's like free botox. Maybe when the summer is over?) 
No. 7) There have been a few chances to meet up with some online friends so far this year, and they’ve all been lovely – I have to do this more!
No. 8) *whispers* the etsy shop is there (as is the folksy one) – it just needs a few more products and promoting. Watch this space! 
No. 11) Our veggies are going super strong. We have carrots and tomatoes and beetroot and a few types of beans and peas and loads of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries! 
No. 12) I attended a Sheffield blogger meet, which was way more fun that I thought it would be. I met some lovely people and got to try the new Handmade Burger Co. too. What could be better? 
No. 15) We’re looking. We really are. Problem is – I think we want me than we can afford. We want a bigger kitchen and garden and they aren’t easy to come across at a decent price around here. Damn you S7 for being so expensive. 
No. 20) Does navy blue count as more colour? No, seriously, I’ve been actively trying to buy things in more colours – lately there has been orange and yellow purchased and they are way out of my confort zone! I might try some bright jeans next! 
No. 21) Well, we’ve had ONE crafternoon. And it was fun. I should probably try and plan one in for the summer now life is a little less mental, shouldn’t i?  
No. 22) I’ve been busting out the bangles, and the ear rings again recently. Now I need to get back on discovering my love of necklaces.  
No. 24) I gave this a good go. I dyed my hair a LOT. I made sure I always had nail varnish remover to take off the scraggly polish. I found make-up I loved, but it’s just too much hard work to stay like that all the time! I’m a rubbish girl, aren’t i!  
No. 25) Oh knitting. Well, I tried you, and lets be honest. We’re not best friends. I even tried to crochet, and again, that’s not one of my strong points either. I think we’ll be stepping away from the wool for now! Although my friends are host an amazing sound IncogKnito event! Seriously, what sort of great name is that! 
No. 29) There have been a few ‘how-to’ guide blogged this year and I have a few more up my sleeve, so I’m not doing too badly on this front this year!  
No. 30) It’s been a fun year for friends so far. I feel I’ve made some amazing friends though the WI, and some quality people have come in to my life too, but I’ve found myself wondering a little about other friendships. I guess people just grow differently and maybe don’t have space for you in their lives.  
No. 32) And TRY, my one little word – it’s been with me a lot so far this year. It’s going to be a tough word to beat next year I’d say!

Have you set any goals for the year? How are you getting on with them?

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