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On being 33.

Last month I turned 33. Gah, 33, I can barely say it. It sounds so, old.
Really, really, old.

I know that 30 is the age that you're meant to have the issues with, but well 33 is bothering me more. It sounds like the sort of age where you ought to have your shit figured out, doesn't it. It sounds like the sort of age you should be maybe married, and you should certainly have kids. Hell, you should have at least a house and have your finances sorted. Or at least be able to walk in heels. And feel happy in your own skin. But somehow all of that has slipped by me.

I can't 'do' the heels thing. I'm more a fan of Converse. In fact my wardrobe isn't that of what I suspect it should be of a 33 year old. I'd rather be in jeans and a sweater than some fancy designer outfit. We're trying to buy a house, it's just taking a really long time. And I've never really been the marrying sort - I never dreamt about them as a kid, and, well, the thought of having one for me, it terrifies me. The party planning required sounds pretty fun though. And I never really saw myself with children of my own, I thought maybe adopting would one day be for me, but not pregnancy. But we do have Flash, who is our little star (Although people with kids don't really understand that I love him like they love their little brats.) And I am trying to change the not being comfortable. There have been diet changes and exercising.

But despite all the things that my life isn't quite yet, I'm pretty happy with it so this slight freak out about the being 33 has hit me out of no-where really. 

I turned 33 in a slightly understated fashion - on a Tuesday, with a morning at work and a long walk with Flash and then a slightly drunken meal in the evening, and cake, then back to work the next day. We had a get together the weekend before with some of my favourite Sheffield people and more cake and gin and fizz and a bar station and a sequinned top and a lot of laughs and some cake on face action.

I'm just hoping it doesn't take me all year to become OK with being 33. 

Dream Home - Hallway of Dreams

We're embarking down the route of buying a new house. Well, for me my first house. We've found a house, fallen in love and right now we're keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan but in the mean time I am dreaming about what I'll do to whatever home we eventually buy. You can see all my other dream home posts here.

Our dream home will have a hallway. A proper hallway with bannistered stairs and pretty floors and period features. Whilst Jim thinks it's not one of the most important spaces, for me it really will be. For me it'll be the 'hello' for the new home and I have big (if not slightly monochrome) dreams for it. 

1. Jim's wanted a 'proper' coat stand for ages. 2. I love the drawers and shelves on this console. 3. I think it might be combination of the cluster of lights and the shape of those shades that has sold me on this lighting feature. Plus it'd be quite statementy wouldn't it. I think with all the black and white I'll be introducing to the hallway a splash of floral colours might be needed, and so will a beautiful vase to put them in. 5. I have been lusting after this mountains print from Southwood stores for ages. Bringing the mountains indoors just has to done! 
The house we've found has black and white flooring, old scruffy hall carpet and yellow woodchipped walls. The tiles look pretty cool and are a great feature so if everything goes ok and we get the house, I want to match the white and black with dark greys and white walls - something to hide the mud from the dog, but also make the space bigger. The door, which is just wood will probably be getting a lick of paint, and a pretty new mat And for the lighting I was something statementy - something modern and big.
All pictures from my 'Office Envy' Pinterest board. (Some of them go no-where - annoying I know)
And it'll have to have storage. Some sort of console for us to collect all that hallway crap in to - you know like keys and post and dog leads and that sort of stuff but shoes and coats will be out of sight (i hate that in our house they are everywhere). And pictures. I have the perfect pictures in my mind - I just need to get them printed.  Jim wants a proper coat stand. A fancy one, with room for umbrellas. And I am loving the pink hallway curtains in one of the images above too. 

It's crazy how you never thought a hallway would matter and then suddenly it's all you can think about isn't it?

A January round up and February's goals

We started the year with a Jim so poorly that it pretty much ruined his birthday, but there was cake and pastries and presents and a visit from his sister and husband so it wasn't all bad. I started the big clearing out and took 3 huge bags of clothes and stuff to the charity shop. I also started ebaying the unwanted contents of our cellar. We had a mug painting session at my WI. We had a day out at the Harry Potter studio as a belated gift for Jim. I had a little birthday get together that allowed me to create a bar station, along with busting out the neon Bar sign and make some cake pops. We went to the Milestone for a birthday tasting menu which comprised of not enough food and far too much wine. We did a gin tasting with Mason Yorkshire Gin and matched it with tonics. We had a few date nights. We ate even more meals out. I decided to abandon Clean Eating for another few days and enjoy all the food. We also ate a lot of cake. Loads of it in fact. We holed ourselves up in the house to watch some movies (Wolf of Wall Street and Gravity). Flash got far too muddy, far too often. He loved it but hated being bathed each time. And there were also glorious frosty morning walks. And I started swimming again, kind of to counteract the cake, but mostly because I love being in the water. I know January is meant to be depressing but mine wasn't. Is that bad? Does it mean it'll hit me another month?

But now it's February and time for a whole new set of goals for the month.

(I know there is a super annoying spelling mistake in here but the original file is on my other computer!)
The tiling, having never done it before might be a challenge, as might the nails given that I'm going to try tiling, but lets see how we get on!