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The Perfect Cuba Libre

Living in Leeds for 10 years means for a while I think my blood may have been replaced with rum. Rum with Ginger beer. Rum in Mojito's. Rum and coke. Rum in many, many, many forms. So when I was asked if I'd like to help celebrate Bacardi's launch of their new 40% golden rum and the birthday of the Cuba Libre, I jumped at the offer. Gold rum is my go to rum of choice, and this certainly doesn't disappoint. It's delicious with a slight vanilla flavour to it. 

The perfect Cuba Libre

40% ABV Bacardi Gold rum
- Coke - preferably out of a small glass bottle
- Fresh lime
- A couple of ice cubes

Pop your ice cubes in the glass, pour a measure of rum over the ice, top up the glass with coke, and squeeze in some fresh lime. 

I don't drink coke very often any more, we gave up caffeine when we went paleo last year, and it's about the only thing that I've stuck to, but when I do drink coke, these days it's full fat and if possible from a bottle - I don't know about you but coke out of a bottle just tastes loads better. And with rum, well, it's even better! And I think fresh lime, squeezed in with whatever mixer you use, is a great accompaniment to rum. 

What's your favourite way to drink rum?  

*I wasn't paid for this post, but I did receive the rum to try for free.


  1. Oooh I'm not sure how I feel about gold rum but you got me with vanilla. Sounds lovely!
    M x

  2. Gold rum is my favourite type. Dark rum is too harsh for me and white rum just reminds me of being a teenager. Gold rum is where it's at. Try some, you won't regret it. Promise. x


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