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Dog on a Unicycle!

A while ago a lovely lady I know from the WI, Lianne of Mellorware, was drawing dogs for her latest line of goodies and I jokingly asked where the picture of Flash was......A day later at our WI meeting she showed me a half finished image of my little monkey on a unicycle...then we saw the finished article which is just fantastic....and better still, she even let me have the original for our walls! Isn't it just perfect?

And excitingly you can now buy your very own Flash tea-towel from her website here! I've already ordered a couple for Mothers Day and we're getting one too! 

And just look at some of the other performing dogs she's drawn........Isn't she just awesome!



I'm just here with a quick little post as a bit of a public service announcement - I feel I need to tell you about one of my favourite ever things on the internet because I hope it'll brighten your life a little like it's brightened mine - Hola Better Internet

Hola! is vpn and media player site that lets you browse the internet on proxy servers as if you were somewhere else in the world. I use it through a Chrome plug-in to access all sorts of sites - mostly to watch stuff on American Netflix or Hulu and I think it's just awesome because Netflix in the US has some much better shows and movies that we get here. It also means that Jim can watch shows on the BBC iplayer and 4oD and the likes from his hotel room in India too! 

But it has lead me to realise something, Americans, your TV adverts are just awful, and mostly for phone companies, or Sour Patch Kids. And there are so many of them. I really don't know how you cope......but I have found out you have wifi cars and we don't yet!

One word of warning though, switch it off when you're shopping or you'll get frustrated with the fact that sites never show you the price in the correct currency! 

Lust list - February dreams

I'm in that awful place where I should be saving money for the trip we're going on (as per my goals for feb!), but I also *need* some bits for the holiday too - what a I've been window shopping instead of actual shopping (although that's only because my nearest Zara doesn't stock the bag!)

1. The perfect tote - something to look stylish whilst I'm sightseeing and something big enough to carry all the crap I might need on the plane and out on the town!. 2 Delicate mountain necklace as a little homage to the reason for our trip . 3. This beautiful slide to make my Fitbit feel a bit more like jewellery. 4. New sunnies - I'm missing my old pair of glasses but sunglasses are pretty much a necessity when travelling (to cover 9hr flight eyes) and in the mountains too! 5. A note book to record all the beers that we're going to drink over there - that bit is strictly research though! 

When you're planning to go away - what do you class as must haves?

Mint Chocolate Biscuits

The other week I was talking with a friend about treats we ate when we were kids - when cupcakes were fairy cakes and there was no Pinterest to shame us all for our baking skills. I was telling my friend about these biscuity, mint treats my mum used to help us make for parties and the likes and she implored me to get the very simple recipe from her, so I did. 

Here it is.........and it's still as good as it was when I was little! 

I've not re-written the recipe as I kind of like that this is what came through from my parents on email - it's a photo of the page that came out of the little ringbinder my mum stored her recipes in. 

They are so simple to make - no baking, no mess, just great, minty, chocolatey results!

I made them for the WI and they went down wonderfully, but I made sure I saved a few for this post - there should have been more of them to photograph but I forgot to mention to Jim the purpose of the ones I'd left at home and he'd devoured my props before I had the chance to snap them.....oops! 

What did you make as a child? And are they as good now you're a grown up?

A day at the beach!

Last month we decided to take a trip to the seaside. Well, I decided we were taking a trip to the beach one because I wanted a little birthday trip and two because I thought it might be fun for Flash. We looked at a map and decided to go to Bridlington for a few hours on the beach with the ball thrower and then some fish and chips!

We may have forgotten to get off a motorway and detoured over the Humber Bridge and through Hull, we took a few photos, and ate the biggest fish and chips in the world. Plus we managed to pick the first sunny day in about 6 weeks which was great because although it was freezing cold beanie and snow jacket weather it was really lovely to have a bit of sunshine. 

I think I might love the beach more in the winter than in the summer sometimes and it was awesome to see the little monster playing in the sand!
A little family portrait! 



Last Sunday I headed up to Leeds with what seemed like 80% of the bloggers in Yorkshire for an 'Introjuicing' event put together by Joe Blogs and Curry's at a space called Lamberts Yard - somewhere that didn't exist when I left Leeds! The city has changed so much!

The plan was to learn a bit about juicing and do some yoga which sounded like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - mostly as having had a juicer since June, I've not managed to make a juice that doesn't just taste of none de-script fruit (I am aware this is because I've just been throwing every fruit I had in the house through it all at the same time!)

And my plan was achieved. Not only did I leave with a recipe card from NutriShan of awesome juices to make, but I met some wonderful people, found out through the Rocket Yoga taster that my stomach muscles are still there underneath the cake I've eaten recently (I've also remembered that I loved going to yoga and booked myself onto some classes at the gym) and learnt a few things I didn't know about juicing........for instance - did you know that you can put lime, with their skin on, through the juicer? And that if you put a whole plum (stone and all) in a juicer it'll start a little fire in said juicer (as one of our group found out), or that beetroot will make everything taste like dirt......but in a good way? I also found out that gluten free bread is not bread - in fact it is not suitable for human consumption - gluten frees - you should just avoid it! 

And as the juicers we used on the day were the same as the one we have at home it made it easy to get started on the day but also it means I've been able to hit the ground running and I've been spending a small fortune on fruit and veg to pulp now!

But here are just a few more shots from the afternoon for you;

A January round up and some goals for February

Well, the first month of the year has been a bit of lesson for me. It's not been a bad month but it's opened my eyes and hopefully taught me some stuff that I can take into the rest of the year! But as a month it was fun. It started with a horribly drunken evening, but I was wearing sequin trousers! Then we had guests for 4 nights and a party for Jim's birthday. We booked our trip to Canada, half decorated the bathroom, Jim went to France snowboarding so I had a week of solo puppy cuddles and made over the bedroom a bit, we played in some snow, we went to the seaside, we drank a lot of cocktails and ate some lovely food but now it's time to have a little break from both of those things as I am pretty sure I've started to resemble a beached whale!!! 

I went to a juicing event over the weekend and left with a few recipes for drinks, currently our juicing strategy has been to throw everything in all at once and it all tastes the same so I'm excited to taste some that don't.......there will be more on that event later this week. Also, I need to do some serious saving for the epic holiday we're planning so if you see me buying anything that is not food - punch me. hard. ok! 

What challenges or goals have you set this month?