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Puppy Present List

We're feeling like just about the worst puppy parents in the world right now as we're away and it's Flash's birthday today. He's 3 years old today! Whaaaaaaaaaa. 

But we do know that he'll be getting thoroughly spoilt by my parents - because they are crazier than us and spoil him every single day (honestly they do - it's like fetch central in their house and I know he gets meat bits too!) 

But as any self respecting puppy mum will know, even though he gets spoilt every day, he still needs birthday gifts so he was packed off with some, along with Mothers day, and birthday gifts for my dad too (we're the worst holiday timing planners ever aren't we!). Here are just a few bits I know would be on his wish list if he were able to write me one!

1. The I fetch. This is such a great idea - you teach your dog to deposit the ball the the spout and it pops right back out. Perfect for a ball obsessed dog who just wont stop demanding you throw the ball! (not that we have one of those, honest!) 2. Every self respecting dog deserves a cake right? And a bottle of fizz (even if this wouldn't last a minute in our house! 4. Flash lives up to his JRT nature and loves shaking things. This Kong toy not only squeaks, but rattles when it's shaken! 5. And lastly we love a bit of Hello Apparel in our house and this Lucy&Co collaboration hoodie would match Jim's top so of course he'd want it........

Am I crazy for this or is it all perfectly normal? 

The Pawsome Box!

Everyone loves receiving gifts in the post and Flash is no different! He's such a fan of opening the post that we've had to start keeping him away from the front door as if he gets there first sometimes we don't even get a look in on what's inside the package (think champagne strawberry truffles! Sob!). So when we were asked if we'd like to try a package all for him, we jumped at the chance. 

Cue the Pawsome box! It's a super cute box that's delivered monthly like a Birchbox or Not Another Bill, but filled with goodies for pooches!

Flash got the Valentines box and it was filled with some lovely bits. He got some super tasty treats in the form of these cute little heart shaped treats, chew balls and jerky treat, as well as an adorable blanket toy and a heart shaped squeaky toy, as well as some ear cleaning buds.

The jerky lasted about 14 seconds. He was opening the packet before he'd even got it out of the box. If I'd not intercepted him he might have eaten it, wrapper and all! The heart shaped treats are great training aids - Flash loves them so actually does what you say for them and there are loads in the little box too! And the chew balls went down well with him too! But most food does.......he's a little pig at heart - it's where the curly tail comes from!

The other bits were a bit hit and miss though - he loves the squeaky toy but we have to keep it out of sight when we're not around as he's been known to rip plastic toys like that apart in seconds, and the soft blanket with the teddy on has to have the same fate - again - soft toys do not last long.......but he does like them both. The ear cleaners though are not for us.....we have one very strong willed (and physically strong) dog who will not let you near his ears, eyes or mouth unless it's he's in pain (the vet had to call in 2 helpers to put eye drops in once, as he's that adamant he won't be messed with!). 

We asked for a small dog box, but maybe next time we'd try a medium box as I think the stuff we got was a bit soft for him - or maybe if there was an option to have a 'strong chewer' box that would be better, but on the whole it's a great idea and it'd be great, if you have the spare cash, to get new treats and toys through the post for your pooch! Flash certainly liked being the centre of the posting attention for once!

*we weren't paid for this review, but we did get the box for free!

A February round-up and some March goals

February was quite a quiet month really. Lots of money saving and a bit of fun housey stuff. We spent the first Valentines since we started dating together! Crazy horses right - the night was full of lovely food and some cocktails! I helped a friend hang her beautiful exhibition. I broke a few toes.I went on some great pup walks with Toni. I also got sick - unable to move from the bed and needing to sleep all the time sick. It was rubbish. We also got awesome wallpaper in the bathroom, and a few other fun bits I'll share once the bath has been swapped out and tiled again! But mostly it was a quiet one. 

And on to some thoughts and goals for March

March will mostly be spent on holiday. So my goals are mostly holiday based but that makes them more fun right? I really, really need to figure out how to NOT take everything I own on to the plane in my hand luggage as that is usually what I do........and I'm trying to find a way of juicing kiwi to not make it go all dry in your mouth.....Any one got any clues? 
Oh, and the missing of Flash.......I'm worried about how much I am going to miss his little furry body - it's about my favourite thing in the world! Any tips on surviving 3 weeks with out him would be appreciated!