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Lust List - Summer Brights

The sun might have disappeared for a while here in Sheffield but that doesn't mean I have stopped dreaming of bright sunshiny things. 
Here are just a few of the things I am lusting over at the moment! 
Lust List - summer brights

1. Have you tried the Clinique Chubby Sticks yet - I am in love with the Whooping Watermelon colour. Or maybe it's just the name I love? Either way - isn't it just glorious? 
2. Have you tried the Haribo Frenzy flavours yet? If not - try them now (the cola bottle is watermelon flavoured)! 
3. With no laptop in my life at the moment I am dreaming big and the Surface Pro 3 is that dream. I'm just working out which organ to sell to afford one though. And when said organ is sold - do I go bright blue keyboard or sensible purple? Decisions, decisions! p.s If anyone fancies sending me one, to you know, pose with or anything I'm open to offers ;) 
4. The lovely Lemon Freckles turned up to WI the other month with this Puptart bag. Now I want it! And pretty much every other thing in the shop too - those dog teepees. Swoon! (Also do you notice a theme building here?) 
5. And who doesn't want NEED a Bow and Drape sequin number in their life? This is my choice, or maybe 'Sorry I am late' - but what would yours say?  

(Also, sorry for the colour assault on your senses up there!)

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