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There’s a hole in my pocket where my dreams fell through.......A life list of goals

Not to put too morbid a spin on things, but sometimes I can't help but think about all the things I thought I'd have a lifetime of years, and money, to achieve that I'm probably just going to have to abandon.

Mostly because I'm never going to be able to afford to do all the things I want to do now or the holiday allowance. And I know I probably shouldn't think like this but I kind of feel like there should be some get-out clause in terms of money, now for me. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that and mortgages still need to be paid, and food bought, and a life lived so I need to work to do all those things - which will hinder me in living out my life full of adventure and excitement!

Although, I did think that I would never live to see us get a new kitchen, I mean, I thought that before cancer - but that's done so, I've achieved that life goal. Maybe that'll be enough?

Now, in order that these dreams I fear I'll never achieve don't disappear into the ether, I wanted to document them here. These are just a few of the things I want to do - the list is still growing;
  • Go to Copenhagen (to drink beer) - that beer festival Mikkeller run looks amazing, but discounting that, I'd just love to see the city!
  • Visit Iceland - because it just looks absolutely amazing! 
  • Go snowboarding again.
  • Go snowboarding in Japan - snowflakes the size of your hand! THE SIZE OF YOUR HAND!
  • Own a drone - a photography one, obvz. 
  • Get my dogs trained - them not barking at animals on the TV, or each other, would be bliss!
  • See my friends weddings.
  • See my nephews grow up. Because they are super cute little dudes!
  • Go to San Diego.
  • Get the swipe-up on Instagram and a blue tick on Twitter.
  • Live by the sea, again. I just love the sea and I always dreamed I get to live by it again!
  • Have a go at rally driving.
  • Go to Glastonbury again.
  • Brew a beer. Something fruity and Juicy - or maybe a banging sour!
  • See and photograph the milky way - I wanted to in Mammoth, but it was cloudy EVERY night!
  • Find my jewellery style! 
  • Get a new snowboard. 
  • Build a house (no, not on the Sims)
  • Visit Hawaii - I really need a beach holiday and all those surfers would make a beautiful backdrop.
  • Visit Cuba - I wish I'd gone 10 years ago, or 5 years ago......or at any point in my life so far!
  • Eat at more Michelin star restaurants
  • See penguins in the wild - I've always been a bit obsessed with penguins. I just love them. 
  • Do the Inca trail.
  • Sail more - because it makes me happy.
  • Live in the mountains again! No explanation is necessary, really. 
  • Go on a Safari. I want to see zebras and lions and elephants in their natural environment. But right now even the Yorkshire wildlife park would be ok!
See, far too many hopes and dreams for my bank balance. Unless the euro millions win I've been eyeing up comes my way. In which case I'm buying a chalet in the mountains, a home by the sea and then working my way down the list one by one!

Jewellery: The Move Mountains Collection from Oh Gosh Silver

A month or so ago, I got my grubby mitts on some beautiful dendrite agate stones. They are just the most dreamy white and translucent and black stones with stunning little scenes in them that look like perfect winters days.

And so began the start of a little wintery collection, one I am calling my 'move mountains' collection.
It consists of the dendrite stones - lots of it in some simple claw settings that show off their beautiful scenes - some mountain silhouettes, and some dainty snowflakes. All the things that I love about the winter! 
The snowflakes I made are a new technique, and medium for me - they are made of precious metal clay, which has its challenges, but also allows me to create these really detailed little snowflakes, and not spend all day, every day, swearing about piecing them out! Which is a win in my books! 
These earrings were one of the first bits from the collection that I sold, which I have to say I'm kind of annoyed with because I was hoping they wouldn't sell and then I could keep them forever as they were absolutely perfect little drops. 
The mountain scenes are all based on mountains that I love. Places I've ridden, and places that have stolen my heart in one way or another. I love how the oxidised silver takes on a slightly oily, night sky blue on the silver, which just makes the polished silver stand out more I think! 
One of the bits I like best about some of the set stones are the backs of them - in an attempt to make sure that all the beauty of the stones can be seen I've cut out the back of them. And included mountains on there too! 
The current 'Move Mountains' collection can be found on my etsy page, but there are a couple of pieces that I am still waiting to add - I just need to get them polished up to a high shine and then they'll be up there!

If you'd like to take a look, click here to go through to the shop


Hello November

I used to do these posts setting out my intentions for the month, but they oo fell by the wayside when I stopped writing, but they were fun, and I loved doing them, so I thought it might be time to have a think about what I want to achieve this month - outside of just existing, obviously. 

So, these are my plans for the month. It's actually a super busy month for us, we've got meals and guests, and more meals and weddings galore, and then, just as the month is finishing, we're getting a new kitchen, which is something I didn't think any of us would live to see, so you can understand my excitement! 

What are your November plans?

Why I stopped writing

I've been thinking, today, about this decision to do BEDN, or more so, why maybe this has made me think 'you know what, I'm going to do this' but in thinking about writing here again, I had to think about what made me stop coming here to write.

I think that the way I saw blogging changed. It was no longer about just sharing your life. It feels like it's become a competition on who can take the prettiest flat lays of the latest plastic tat they've bought. Who has the nicest wardrobe. Who has been to the fanciest holiday destination. Who is the next big young thing and who has caused the biggest controversy on twitter.

So, I think I just kind of started drifting away from blogging.

And also, I mean, there was the obvious thing, that these last two years my life has kind of changed in a big way and sometimes it has just felt like things have been too immediate to write more than an instagram caption about it. And then when I'd written the instagram caption it kind of felt like I couldn't blog about it then......

But also, it's sometimes hard to write exactly what is on your mind when you know that your family and friends are reading. So, whilst I might just be unloading the thoughts in my brain to anyone who might be out there on the internet reading, there are people who my ramblings might worry.......or worst, people who might read it and then take the piss out of me, which, lets be honest kind of puts the brakes on your writing.

That's not to say that there aren't a bunch of draft posts I've not felt like I could finish, or if I did, post, that I'm not going to resurrect over the next few weeks.

How do you feel about blogging these days?  

Perfect Lil Jewellery Packaging

For the last year, I've been figuring out how to run a little business from my home. I've probably not written about it enough, but let's be honest, I've not written much this year.

But back to learning about running a small business. It's not just the making of the jewellery that I need to learn about. Figuring out what to make. What will sell? What won't? And how to price my jewellery is a big enough challenge. And then there's the marketing (which I'm just about getting to grips with) The photography to handle - which isn't simple with silver.
And then there is the packaging.
When I first set up shop I bought boxes that were too deep to go through the post as a large letter, even in a thin plastic envelope - which meant my postage costs were really high.

Then I moved to earring and bangle boxes that were postal sized, but I was told that sometimes in the postal bags, the jewellery boxes I'd carefully picked out, were turning up with dinks and dents in them. Which obviously isn't ideal!

Queue me looking for another solution! And this is where these little beauties from Lil Packaging came in. They arrive flat packed so they take up minimal space in my already crowded craft room studio, but are easy to build up and they are really sturdy once put together too! 
I managed to find 3 mailing boxes that will be perfect for my postal requirements.
A couple of the boxes I chose are from the Letterbox Ready Packaging section, which means they'll post as a large letter. I found these letterbox depth boxes in two sizes to accommodate two of my bangle boxes side by side and also a bangle and an earring or necklace box to give myself some flexibility with packaging multiple orders.

The double bangle box, as seen below, even comes with a handy tear-off strip to secure the box with, so I don't even have to hunt out the sellotape when packaging. I'd love to eventually be able to find all my packaging with this feature because it's just so so handy!
The final box size I decided on is one that is deep enough to accommodate a ring box. My ring boxes have to be deeper than the others to allow things like my Open Circle ring to sit in them happily so they won't fit through a letterbox. With this in mind, I chose a box that would let me post out all sorts of combinations of jewellery in them.

So if someone was to purchase a couple of rings, a bangle, some earrings AND a necklace, they will all fit in one box. But equally, it's not too big that I can't pad the space to make sure the box doesn't rattle too much!
I decided that choosing all white boxes would make it easier for me too as it means I can just write the addresses on the boxes and not have to worry about them being visible.

I can't tell you how happy it has made me to have this seemingly innocuous part of my business all sorted and, well, boxed off. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!) But I do have my eye on their range of breezeboxes that come pre-tissue papered - now I just have to wait for them to do a navy tissue liner so they would be on brand for me!
Next up on the list of things I need to get sorted - actually branded jewellery boxes - not just ones I've stuck a sticker on - but I need to sell a few more pieces before we get to that stage!

We got some good news - and an update on my treatment plan!

Or should I say I got some good news, because despite everyone's protests I went to my last hospital appointment alone.

I should preface this with the fact that I was cheating a bit as my nurse had told me that it was going to be good news so I didn't feel like I was going to be walking into anything scary when I went. Plus I figured now that the chemo is over I'm going to have to start going in for my Herceptin and Perjeta on my own. I can't expect Jim to have Mondays off indefinitely to come and sit with me, so I thought it best to kick off my independence as soon as I could. 

But on to the good news, it turns out that my chemo has been working. The last 6 months haven't been for nothing. All those days of feeling crappy (all the future days of feeling crappy). They've had a point to them!

The chemo was doing its job.

The cancerous lymph nodes in my neck and ribs are no longer showing on the scans, the tissue around my sternum isn't showing as cancerous either, and the best news is that the cancer in my sternum is clearing up too, there is barely anything there any more.......And my brain scan came back clear too. Well, if you must know, unremarkable! Which, not gonna lie, is offensive AF!

I'm nearly, kind of, almost, NED (No evidence of disease!). Which my oncologist says is fantastic news. And it is fantastic news. Such fantastic news. Even knowing it was good news, I didn't expect that sort of good news!

It doesn't, however, mean that I can stop treatment. Nope. Even if all my cancer clears up, I've still got to keep going with it, so here's what I am currently on; 

  • Herceptin (Trastuzumab) and Perjeta (Pertuzumab) - IV - Every 3 weeks. 
    • Pertuzumab and trastuzumab both work by targeting specific proteins (receptors) on the surface of cells. Some cancers have too much of a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) on the surface of their cells. These are called HER2-positive cancers. The extra HER2 receptors stimulate the cancer cells to divide and grow. Pertuzumab and trastuzumab work by locking onto HER2 proteins. Each drug locks on to a different part of the protein. This blocks the receptors and stops the cells dividing and growing. Pertuzumab and trastuzumab only work in people who have cancer with high levels of HER2. 
  • Zoladex - injection - every 4 weeks
    • Zoladex, or Goserelin is used to treat ER positive breast cancer in women who have not yet had their menopause. Before menopause, almost all oestrogen in women is made by the ovaries. Goserelin stops the ovaries making oestrogen.
  • Letrazole - tablet - daily
    • Letrozole is used to treat oestrogen-receptor positive (ER positive) breast cancer in women who have been through the menopause. Obviously, I haven't naturally been through the menopause, but the Zoladex makes sure i'm forced into it
  • Denosumab - injection - every 6 weeks
    • Denosumab is a type of drug called a monoclonal antibody. These drugs are sometimes called targeted therapies. They work by ‘targeting’ specific proteins (receptors) on the surface of cells. The type I have is Xgeva® is given to people with cancer that has spread to the bones (secondary bone cancer) from a solid tumour. A solid tumour is a cancer that occurs in one of the body’s organs, such as the breast, kidney or lung, but not a blood cancer, like myeloma or leukaemia. 
I'll be on these drugs until they stop working, and, unless I get any crazy pains, it'll be another 6 months before I have any scans to check they're still going ok!

But that's my news. The cancer is under control and I'm pretty happy to be able to tell you that! Especially after the losses the mets community has suffered of late. 

Friends, I need to know the beauty in your day. Not the gloom!

Friends. And cancer. 
It's a strange and sensitive subject.

Because over the last few years some of the most wonderful friendships have been formed or cemented. People have risen to help, pulling me out of dazes, force feeding me doughnuts and grilled cheese, taking me on days out, demanding I let them visit, treating me like normal but also understanding my limitations.

But other friends seem to have disappeared. Visits become few and far between. They don't text or call so much any more. They ask too much and don't understand I'm not able to do as much or visit them as much. Or at all. They see this as me giving up on our friendship.

And whilst, honestly, its a shit feeling, I feel like I need to put this out there. 

I need to let you know that it's ok if you need to take a step back from my life. Distance yourself from my world right now. I understand it. It's not exactly an inspiring place at the mo is it. But please tell that is what you're doing. Don't just disappear. Because I'm still the same girl who over analyses everything. And I'm still going to be feeling hurt about it. 

But to the friends who have stuck about, I also need you to know that right now, that as much as I love hearing about your day, getting your news, I'm just not sure I can be the one you complain to now. About your job. Or being busy. Or your kids. Or your being tired. Or how annoyed you are at things that are, let's be honest, all of your own doing! Or the minutiae of life, because, quite frankly, it's drives me mad to see you not recognising the beauty in it all. 

Of course I'm not living every moment as if it's a #blessing. I've still got to pick up my dogs poo and go to Tesco and do the washing, but I'm trying to find a way, most days, to be in some way grateful for being alive. 

And you, complaining about feeling tired when I'm on a chemo week, and I'd only dream of feeling of just feeling tired, isn't doing me any good. It's not making me the Zen master I'd like to be! Not even after reiki!

So, let's try and be more positive. Don't just tell me how shit your current situation is or moan about the things you should be grateful for.

Tell me the beauty in the day.
Tell me your favourite thing you saw.
Or about the delicious thing you are.
Or the funny thing you overheard.
Tell me about your dreams, and your hopes, and what you did to make them come a little bit closer to coming true.


400 seconds of fear - or that time I stood up on stage to chat about cancer!

The other week, a friend of mine, Jonny, convinced me to stand on a stage at the Pecha Kucha Sheffield event that he runs, and chat about how I'm dealing with cancer. Or not dealing with it, as it might be. 

I've never been very good at public speaking - it terrifies me, so lets just say that this was a huge thing to agree to for me. And I won't lie, until about 5 seconds before I got on stage I thought I might bottle it and run away, but somehow, and I'm not sure how, I made it through the talk and I came out the other side. 
If you're not familiar with Pecha Kucha, each event has a theme, and all the speakers speak about their version of the theme, and when you're on the stage, you get  20 slides, that last 20 seconds each, which totals 6minutes 40 seconds, or, 400 seconds.

Doesn't sound too long right? Until you're standing at the side of the stage, about to go on, with a packed room full of people in front of you and you realise that you've 100% written far too much in your google doc to fit into that time, so you decide to wing it! (I've always had a problem with too many words. Every essay I wrote at uni had to be shrunken considerably before being handed in!)
PK Sheffield host Jonny Douglas!
I realised that I'd be breaking every public speaking rule book if I tried to cram everything I'd written into my allotted time, so slimmed it down. I took on board the wise words a friend told me. She said that this was my story, and no-one else knows it like I do, so I'm the expert at telling the story. Which is so true.  
I was going to post my entire speech here but there were so many points I'd like to expand on (see, too many words), that I'm going to cut it up and use it as blog post fodder - who knows, it might even get me posting again regularly as half the work is already done. 

But, as nervous as I was, once I came off stage, it was an amazing feeling. To have got up on there, and to have told my story, and to hopefully have educated people on what a secondary cancer is, and the issues that face people with a secondary- mostly about the lack of funding into research to help find more treatments and cures for this type of cancer!

It's almost got me thinking that maybe I could do it again- albeit, without the pressure of the 20/20 slide situation going on behind me!

I was also privileged enough to share the stage with some amazing people, people who are dealing with some incredible and inspirational situations. Each of them so different to the next. 
Vanda from The Suit Works
Lara from The Snowdrop Project
Sheffield's Major Magid
Neighbourhood voices choir
Dodge and Co

But before I get carried away, I might need to up my public speaking skills - got any tips for me? 

Things cancer has taught me - Skincare

Things cancer has taught me; less carpe diem - more keeping it real!

Don’t worry, I’m not here to talk about inner peace or to get spiritual, because I’m not sure I've figured either of those things out, yet. But I thought it might be fun to might start a new series, letting you in on all the secrets that having cancer these last few years has taught me!  

Today I'm here to, shockingly, inform you that skincare regimes actually do work. I know, revolutionary! 

Somehow I made it to 35 years old with a basic, rudimentary skincare regime. Yes I read a thousand magazine articles about this miracle moisturiser, or that must have toner, but in all honesty, I was the girl who barely remembered to take her make up off at the end of the day, let alone cleanse, tone and moisturise……if I was lucky I'd slap on some Clinique moisturiser, the yellow one, or run a make up removing wipe across my face and be done with it. 

So when people on Instagram started throwing retinoids and acids and toners and fancy potions in pretty bottles into the mix, I threw up my hands in despair. I basically didn't understand a word being said! 

And then I got cancer. 

Yup. Cancer even impacts your skincare regime. In everything I read about getting cancer young, every single person talked about how much of a toll all the drugs have on your skin.......not something that you want to read at 35!

Personally, I've found that going through treatment does all sorts of crazy things to my skin. The steroids make my face all fat and round (well, it's either that or the carbs I'm stuffing in my mouth), but they also make it really clear. Then the anti sickness stuff they give me makes my cheeks bright red, and then once that has subsided the chemo makes me look a bit grey- all within a couple of days of having it. It also makes my arms and legs feel really dry too! 

And so now I have shelves of oils, and moisturisers and serums and well, an actual skincare regime!

I mean, it’s not one I follow daily – cancer doesn’t work miracles, but it’s one I follow almost daily…..and something crazy has happened – people keep telling me how good my skin looks. 

Which can only be attributed to the fact I’m not sleeping in my CC cream on a daily basis and maybe that the crazily expensive brightening stuff I use, or the rose petal plumping oil that came in my advent, or the retinoid I put on without understanding what a retinoid actually is, or the face cream that's meant to make me look like I had eight hours sleep even when I haven't - ACTUALLY WORK! 

Because I am certainly not getting younger, in fact blasting my body with two rounds of poison will not make me look like a 20year old, of that, I'm pretty certain! But I'll take not looking 37 at a point in my life where I'm supposed to be aging before my time! And I can't remember a time when people have ever commented on my skin before....

Or maybe it's the fact that everyone you see on TV with cancer looks so close to death that when I leave the house with makeup on everyone is so shocked that I don't look how they expect they compliment me for it. 

To be honest, I've spent so much on my shelves of lotions and potions, I've put it down to their magical properties!

Wear your disdain for cancer with pride

Last summer, after treatment had finished my friends organised a wonderful, surprise, end of cancer party for me that included this amazing, slightly sweary, cake topper that my friend Lizzie had made for me. 

Well, when my cancer returned, my jewellery tutor Emmie, made me a necklace to wear with pride to my appointments, treatment, the pub, well, just to wear EVERYWHERE. 

Cancer Necklace
And we got such an amazing response to it on social media that we've decided to make some to sell to raise money for the Cavendish Cancer Centre - a place that has supported me wonderfully over the last 18 months. 

The necklaces are hand sawn, solid sterling silver, with a beautiful sparkly finish to it, and comes on a sterling silver chain too.

If you'd like to grab one, click here to grab one at the pre-order launch price! 

And because Pinterest doesn't allow sweary images - if you'd like to share it on there, you can use this pic - hopefully, it won't get taken down ;)


Styling out summer

There's nothing that I love more in summer than busting out a pair of bright white trainers. Probably because I am super scared to wear them in winter for fear of puddles and dirt ruining my lovely sparkling shoes. So when the guys at JD Williams got in touch and offered me a new pair of white kicks for the summer I coulnd't say no!

The main problem I had was choosing the pair I liked the best because there were just so many to choose from, but eventually, after a bit of consulting with Jim (I am useless at making a decision and require help making them) I chose these cute white Adidas ones with a little pop of pink. 

A light pink isn't usually a colour I'd go for but this blush pink is EVERYWHERE this year so I figured they'd not only be summery, but for once I might be slightly in fashion too! Crazy I know! 
I've been pairing them with a pair of ripped jeans, turned up obviously, and my favourite sweater from Hush for a fun relaxed look, but they work just as well with a cute dress or a pair of shorts!

Plus being trainers, they are super comfy and so perfect for the sun we've been having, so they've been getting a LOT of wear the last couple of weeks!
What are your fave summery trainers?
**This post was created in collaboration with JD Williams. The shoes were provided to me for free but all the words are my own**

Cancer: What it means when I say I have Stage IV or Metastatic Breast Cancer

A couple of weeks ago we got more news about my cancer recurrence, it is the news that, ever since we were told it had come back, I knew, but I was dreading getting confirmed. 

I now officially have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. 

But what does that mean? What do those words, in that order mean? I'm not expecting anyone who isn't enmeshed in this world to have a clue, so, in case you've been wondering, I thought I'd break it down for you to the best of my abilities. 

Stage IV cancer - well, that's incurable cancer. In many cases it's cancer that can be managed, can be treated, in some cases, it can even disappear from your body, but it can't be cured. Not fully. So I am now officially classed as living with cancer. 

Metastatic Breast Cancer - This basically means that the cancer has spread to a different part of the body from where it started. When this happens, doctors say the cancer has “metastasized.” In my case, it has spread to the bone in my sternum and the tissue around the sternum, and the lymph nodes around them. Which is classed as bone metastases, but because it originated in my breast, it's still classed as metastatic breast cancer, rather than bone cancer. Which, let's be honest is just super confusing. 

But I hear that just as breast cancer is the 'best' cancer to get if you're going to have a mets, bone mets is the best too. Lucky me, hu? Best of both worlds! 

We have a new cancer plan!

Last week we had a meeting with my oncology team about the plan for my treatment. I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but it was a bit of an anti-climax, and I’ve been in this weird sort of funk ever since.

In the interest of being all open and informative; here’s the news on my cancer. I am now living with cancer. Stage IV/metastatic breast cancer in my bone, (do not google it. It's not worth it. The stats are based on old people getting this shit!) 

It’s my my sternum bone, there is about a 1 inch square we think, and then it’s in a couple of lymph nodes in my neck and then, more surprisingly, in a bunch of lymph nodes across my chest. Surprising because I literally know nothing about the body and I didn’t even know you had lymph nodes in the places mine have become cancerous. Who knew there were lymph node between your ribs? And, if I remember correctly, in the tunnels that connect your lungs. Well, I am sure that those of you who are doctors knew, but me. Nope.

And so, because of all the lymph nodes, and the fact my cancer is ER+ (6/8 for those of you in this world) my treatment plan will involve putting me in the menopause - so hot flushes (yay), mood swing (because I need more of those), weight gain (again, no more required) – that sort of thing. Before putting me on a couple of other meds to stop all the oestrogen in my body being made, or absorbed, or something. And a bone strengthening treatment. And a tablet form of chemo.
All of which is there to keep me stable. To stop the cancer from growing. And moving.

I’ll be monitored for 6 months and we’ll see how I am getting on. If I’m doing well, then they’ll keep me on these meds for life, well, as long as they are working. If it’s not going so well, then there is always IV chemo to move to. The big guns, I guess.

So why the anti-climax?
Well, I’ve just been so tired and in quite a lot of pain for such a long time now that foolishly I had it in my head that we’d get to the hospital and they’d tell me the plan, and miraculously I’d have time to rest and not be tired and they’d do something so instantly I’d not be in pain anymore and things would get better.

But the plan being as it is, I’ll just be expected to carry on as normal. Much like last time when I didn’t lose my hair and could still pick up a blusher brush, the world will assume I am perfectly fine and able to do everything I could before, only inside I’ll still be tired and in pain. And  I won’t have time to get untired – I’ll be working as normal, I'll still want to do things at weekends so my life isn't all work, and I'll still be wanting to take the dogs for their walks. And the bone strengthening can take a while to even start working, let alone stop me being in pain.

I’m not sure what REALLY I expected to happen. Maybe I thought somehow, having incurable cancer might make me exempt from the boring minutiae of everyday life, maybe I thought I might suddenly find some enlightenment to make this new, shorter time scale I have been given, more meaningful. Or, at least, in my dreams I hoped I'd win the lottery to balance out this crap, and that would allow me to be a lady of leisure…….

But instead it’s back to worrying about traffic on the way to work, and hating on our (tiled) kitchen counters but unable to afford a new kitchen, and trying to find the right shade of boxed hair dye in Boots. Minutiae at it’s very best.

I know I should be grateful for the opportunity to carry on with these things, but quite frankly I am fed up with being made to feel I should be grateful for anything that involves cancer! Although, I will get a blue badge, so no more searching for a space in Tesco's carpark, so maybe I ought to be more grateful than I am!

House Update: A Bedroom Makeover

The bedroom was always quite far down the list of rooms we would revamp, I can't really remember why I assume it was something to do with it being functional. But at some point last year I decided functional was not enough and started ripping out the build in wardrobes we had in there. Pretty much forcing our hand to make over the room.

This is what the room looked like when we moved in. 70's built-in wardrobes that didn't fit our bed between them, green carpets, the wallpaper had faint yellow stripes and the fireplace was, well, orange.......
It's pretty interesting right? But we sort of sucked it up and lived with it. Changing up the curtains, painting that orange, trying to make it liveable. But, then I cracked......... I just couldn't live with it anymore. I wanted a nice bedroom....... And I couldn't be happier with the results. 
Once the wardrobes had been ripped out we then had the fun job of taking the wallpaper off the walls. It turned out, that behind the wardrobes was more of the woodchip that keeps appearing in the house! So much fun. And taking off the wallpaper revealed even more walls in need of plastering. 

If you're in Sheffield I can't recommend Jon at J S Plastering enough. He totally helped us out when a plasterer we've used a few times before let us down, and did a fab job too! We ended up having all the walls plastered and the ceiling boarded. There was woodchip on the ceiling and our electrician had warned us not to try and remove it as he thought it might bring the ceiling down, so the best option was to cover it. I'm sure there will be people who are distraught about the removal of the original features of the woodchip (I'm looking at you Apartment Therapy readers) but hell, it had to go!
I've had the idea of what I wanted the room to look like for a long time. Navy blue wall behind the bed, white everywhere else. But finding the colours was the big issue. I wasn't sure which blue to go for, and then Pantone released their shades for 2018, and their Sailor Blue from the Spring Classic colours was just perfect. Luckily there are quite a few places you can get paint made up to any colour you like near me, so as soon as I saw it, I knew it could happen. 

Just as it happens, I had applied to be part of the Valspar Paint Club and a few weeks before the painting was due to start, they got in touch to say I'd been selected, which meant that we could use their vouchers, and the colour matching paint mixing service to paint the room. 

We used their V700 premium paint and went with a custom mixed Pantone shade on the blue wall, and I chose to use their 'Blank Space' white on the other walls. I'm not a fan of a harsh white and this one has a slight grey feel to it that was just what I wanted. 
As we'd ripped out the wardrobes we had, we popped to Ikea and picked up an entire wall of their PAX wardrobes. Jim has two double wardrobes, one of which has drawers in them, and I have a double and a single wardrobe. Jim spent the Christmas break putting them together for us, and installing lighting to insides of them. I can honestly say, there's nothing that makes me feel more grown-up than opening my wardrobes to be met with lights. My 16-year-old self would be disgusted in how happy that simple thing makes me.

He did a totally amazing job of building and fitting them though.
As we have so much Ikea furniture in the room already (our budget didn't run to new beds or a new dresser for me quite yet) I did want to avoid getting my vanity from there, but, and honestly, I searched and search, I just couldn't find a thing in my price range that I liked from elsewhere. So, I went with a Micke desk as my dresser, and bought an Eames style chair to sit in front of it. 

My beautiful friend, Liz, made me that amazing blanket for a Christmas gift knowing what colours the bedroom would be. Isn't it just perfect...... 
One of my favourite little touches are the sconce lights. I love the pop of white on the blue walls and it also makes me super happy to not have a lamp taking up space on my bedside table, because it basically gives me loads more room for books!

There are still things we need to do like add wardrobe door handles, and put up some more pictures and if I am honest, figure out what we're doing with the fireplace hole because the stacks of wood are a bit of a temporary measure, but I am so so happy with the room and I just love crawling into bed at night and seeing just how much of a different space we've created. 

What do you think? 

Walls - Valspar Premium V700 paint in Pantone 19-4034 and Blank Canvas. 
Carpet from Mintons. Our local carpet shop. 
Wardrobes - Ikea Pax
Dresser - Ikea Micke
Bed and drawers - Old Ikea Malm furniture
Sconce Lights -