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There’s a hole in my pocket where my dreams fell through.......A life list of goals

Not to put too morbid a spin on things, but sometimes I can't help but think about all the things I thought I'd have a lifetime of years, and money, to achieve that I'm probably just going to have to abandon.

Mostly because I'm never going to be able to afford to do all the things I want to do now or the holiday allowance. And I know I probably shouldn't think like this but I kind of feel like there should be some get-out clause in terms of money, now for me. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that and mortgages still need to be paid, and food bought, and a life lived so I need to work to do all those things - which will hinder me in living out my life full of adventure and excitement!

Although, I did think that I would never live to see us get a new kitchen, I mean, I thought that before cancer - but that's done so, I've achieved that life goal. Maybe that'll be enough?

Now, in order that these dreams I fear I'll never achieve don't disappear into the ether, I wanted to document them here. These are just a few of the things I want to do - the list is still growing;
  • Go to Copenhagen (to drink beer) - that beer festival Mikkeller run looks amazing, but discounting that, I'd just love to see the city!
  • Visit Iceland - because it just looks absolutely amazing! 
  • Go snowboarding again.
  • Go snowboarding in Japan - snowflakes the size of your hand! THE SIZE OF YOUR HAND!
  • Own a drone - a photography one, obvz. 
  • Get my dogs trained - them not barking at animals on the TV, or each other, would be bliss!
  • See my friends weddings.
  • See my nephews grow up. Because they are super cute little dudes!
  • Go to San Diego.
  • Get the swipe-up on Instagram and a blue tick on Twitter.
  • Live by the sea, again. I just love the sea and I always dreamed I get to live by it again!
  • Have a go at rally driving.
  • Go to Glastonbury again.
  • Brew a beer. Something fruity and Juicy - or maybe a banging sour!
  • See and photograph the milky way - I wanted to in Mammoth, but it was cloudy EVERY night!
  • Find my jewellery style! 
  • Get a new snowboard. 
  • Build a house (no, not on the Sims)
  • Visit Hawaii - I really need a beach holiday and all those surfers would make a beautiful backdrop.
  • Visit Cuba - I wish I'd gone 10 years ago, or 5 years ago......or at any point in my life so far!
  • Eat at more Michelin star restaurants
  • See penguins in the wild - I've always been a bit obsessed with penguins. I just love them. 
  • Do the Inca trail.
  • Sail more - because it makes me happy.
  • Live in the mountains again! No explanation is necessary, really. 
  • Go on a Safari. I want to see zebras and lions and elephants in their natural environment. But right now even the Yorkshire wildlife park would be ok!
See, far too many hopes and dreams for my bank balance. Unless the euro millions win I've been eyeing up comes my way. In which case I'm buying a chalet in the mountains, a home by the sea and then working my way down the list one by one!

Jewellery: The Move Mountains Collection from Oh Gosh Silver

A month or so ago, I got my grubby mitts on some beautiful dendrite agate stones. They are just the most dreamy white and translucent and black stones with stunning little scenes in them that look like perfect winters days.

And so began the start of a little wintery collection, one I am calling my 'move mountains' collection.
It consists of the dendrite stones - lots of it in some simple claw settings that show off their beautiful scenes - some mountain silhouettes, and some dainty snowflakes. All the things that I love about the winter! 
The snowflakes I made are a new technique, and medium for me - they are made of precious metal clay, which has its challenges, but also allows me to create these really detailed little snowflakes, and not spend all day, every day, swearing about piecing them out! Which is a win in my books! 
These earrings were one of the first bits from the collection that I sold, which I have to say I'm kind of annoyed with because I was hoping they wouldn't sell and then I could keep them forever as they were absolutely perfect little drops. 
The mountain scenes are all based on mountains that I love. Places I've ridden, and places that have stolen my heart in one way or another. I love how the oxidised silver takes on a slightly oily, night sky blue on the silver, which just makes the polished silver stand out more I think! 
One of the bits I like best about some of the set stones are the backs of them - in an attempt to make sure that all the beauty of the stones can be seen I've cut out the back of them. And included mountains on there too! 
The current 'Move Mountains' collection can be found on my etsy page, but there are a couple of pieces that I am still waiting to add - I just need to get them polished up to a high shine and then they'll be up there!

If you'd like to take a look, click here to go through to the shop


Hello November

I used to do these posts setting out my intentions for the month, but they oo fell by the wayside when I stopped writing, but they were fun, and I loved doing them, so I thought it might be time to have a think about what I want to achieve this month - outside of just existing, obviously. 

So, these are my plans for the month. It's actually a super busy month for us, we've got meals and guests, and more meals and weddings galore, and then, just as the month is finishing, we're getting a new kitchen, which is something I didn't think any of us would live to see, so you can understand my excitement! 

What are your November plans?

Why I stopped writing

I've been thinking, today, about this decision to do BEDN, or more so, why maybe this has made me think 'you know what, I'm going to do this' but in thinking about writing here again, I had to think about what made me stop coming here to write.

I think that the way I saw blogging changed. It was no longer about just sharing your life. It feels like it's become a competition on who can take the prettiest flat lays of the latest plastic tat they've bought. Who has the nicest wardrobe. Who has been to the fanciest holiday destination. Who is the next big young thing and who has caused the biggest controversy on twitter.

So, I think I just kind of started drifting away from blogging.

And also, I mean, there was the obvious thing, that these last two years my life has kind of changed in a big way and sometimes it has just felt like things have been too immediate to write more than an instagram caption about it. And then when I'd written the instagram caption it kind of felt like I couldn't blog about it then......

But also, it's sometimes hard to write exactly what is on your mind when you know that your family and friends are reading. So, whilst I might just be unloading the thoughts in my brain to anyone who might be out there on the internet reading, there are people who my ramblings might worry.......or worst, people who might read it and then take the piss out of me, which, lets be honest kind of puts the brakes on your writing.

That's not to say that there aren't a bunch of draft posts I've not felt like I could finish, or if I did, post, that I'm not going to resurrect over the next few weeks.

How do you feel about blogging these days?