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Hi, Thanks for stopping by. 

I'm Emma and as my twitter profiles says i'm a "snowboarder, sailor, rum lover, crafter and camera owner. Yes I blog, but I don't like cats or tea!" It's true. I hate tea. And coffee. And I'm English. I must be an anomaly. 

But if you want to know more, I live in Sheffield with my boyf and our super cute pup, Grandmaster Flash. Check Instagram - I post far too many pictures of him there.

In my spare time I spend far too much time dreaming of moving to the mountains. Or the seaside. And on Twitter. 
I'm also the president of my local WI, Hallam Roses (but no, I don't own a twin-set!) I like making stuff - I have a room full of half started projects and abandoned ideas and a hell of a lot of crafting supplies. You should see my washi tape collection! I love to bake, but just don't ask me to make you a meal - balanced meals are the boyfriends domain, if it were up to me it'd be cereal and choc ices for dinner! And I own far too many just about enough items of striped clothes. 

If you want to get in touch with me or find out a bit more about me you can here;
By email - ohgoshem {at} googlemail {dot} com
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PR's and sponsorship. 
I am taking submissions for reviews and sponsored posts for products that are in keeping with the content of this blog. Please contact me for more information on Oh Gosh and details of the people I have worked with previously.  You can read more about PR opportunities and getting in touch here.