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A day of 2 halves

Today is a day of 2 halves. 2 very different halves. and the fact i am looking forwards to one half, only makes me dread the other slightly more.
  1. I am getting my hair cut by Sammy's friend who's just opened a salon in Leeds. And Sam always has great looking hair, so i am very excited. Although, i am having fringe issues. i want a huge, heavy sweeping fringe {a bit like Hev, this girl i know} but I'm not sure.......Or, and i will admit to my slight addiction here, i quite like LC from The Hills' fringe {but maybe that's because she has a stylist 24-7?} And then i am going to potter round town looking at summer dresses, try on a load of clothes in a friends shop, and mentally spend my next 6 month's wages!
  2. The other half of the day involves something much less fun: A while ago one of KC's friends found out about an Indian restaurant near his house that does a whole curried lamb. That's right. A curried lamb. So, i am neither a huge fan of meat*, or curry, and for some reason i am still having to attend this meal. I have visions of this whole lamb being brought to the table, hoofs, head and all. It seemed like a bad idea a few months ago, when it was suggested, but being the most unreliable group of people known to man i thought it would never happen. Now the day is here, i am actually dreading it!

So, i get to spend half my day doing girlie wonderfully relaxing {if not slightly expensive} things, this evening i have to sit and watch a host of boys discuss football, fighting and devour a whole lamb. Fun, hu?

*chicken yes, bacon yes, but anything that feels like i am eating actual flesh - NO!


Isn't this the most beautiful sight. And this was the view from our apartment window!

Oh how i wish i was back on the snow. Can you tell i miss it?


So, last week i.......

  • re-kindled my love affair with tequila mondays
  • ate my own weight in french bread, jam and president butter
  • drank too much vodka
  • learnt to play shithead {and finally remembered it}
  • 'traumatised' my thigh muscle & smashed my phone whilst trying to ride with the boys
  • learnt I like the irish accent
  • watched too much mscl before breakfast
  • watched the joy on Sam's face as turning on her snowboard finally clicked
  • rode my first flat/down rail
  • laughed so much i nearly wet myself
  • got caught scoping boys in the snowpark
  • danced like a buffoon, to cheese!
  • went snowboarding in wind so hard I could barely move
  • drank gluwein at lunch instead of having food
  • sunbathed
  • had 4 pain au chocolates, 1 croissant and 1 apple pastry. IN ONE WEEK!
  • learnt girls are far ruder then boys!
  • should have taken more pictures of things that mattered
  • ate wieners

oh, and decided i have to do another season.............


I am heading out to france for a weeks snowboarding with the girls. To be expected are giggles, some bruises and maybe, just maybe a couple of vodka pommes!

We are heading out to Avoriaz, where it has not only snowed for about the last week, but we will be staying in the
cutest looking apartment and riding the burton stash park. Now all we have to hope for is some sun so we can fully enjoy those apres beers!

Looking forwards to some chairlift chats, crazy french dancing and spotting neon une-pieces!

{photo by me, mammoth mountain}

My kind of swap!

i signed up for my first swap the other day.

its a shoe swap run by Jennifer at scissors paper glue (seriously ladies, what could be better?) and no, its not sending an actual pair of shoes, just a photo of your favourite shoes.

So i set about photographing my favourite pair{'s - it was a hard choice} and then this week at b&w photography class i developed the film and printed the best shot for my swap partner. I am actually quite impressed with how it turned out in the end. it took a lot of playing with the contrast and times, but i got there in the end.

I am really excited about it. i have never done a swap before, so i'm not sure just how much to send to my swap partner (i don't want to be the stingy one, but i haven't a great amount to spend!) but i have a few ideas......
It was great as i got to use the extra zoomy bit i bought for my lenses too! (can you tell i am so not technical) but i had a great time and shot nearly a full 36 photo film, just of my shoes!

Talking of shoes, check out these cute litle Vans pumps i found. I love it when i can stop wearing sock and 'liberate' my feet in pumps and flip flops; oh, i cant wait to bust out the flip flops again.


Some evil person at Toast keeps sending me emails about their new spring lines and telling me a catalogue is in the post!!!
The problem is i LOVE their Home range {the clothes are a bit grown up for me} and I must have spent about a million pounds in my head in the last visit to the site alone. I think it may be their photography {wouldn't you want to be at this meal?} but some of their stuff is just too nice!

I mean look at this storm lantern and how cute! {quite apt in these crazy stormy days of the UK at the moment - maybe that'll be my excuse to get one!}

If you don't already get their catalogue, I would say sign up for it, but I think it may be a bad thing for your bank balance.

Just Cruising

I have wanted a beach cruiser for the longest time - i guess since working for Quiksilver and we got their's in the store - riding about meadowhell on a beach cruiser was sooooo much fun.

Now i have found the bike of my dreams - Electra's Navy3 cruiser. Oh my, its beautiful.........
such a shame that no-one in the uk seems to want to sell me one!