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So, last week i.......

  • re-kindled my love affair with tequila mondays
  • ate my own weight in french bread, jam and president butter
  • drank too much vodka
  • learnt to play shithead {and finally remembered it}
  • 'traumatised' my thigh muscle & smashed my phone whilst trying to ride with the boys
  • learnt I like the irish accent
  • watched too much mscl before breakfast
  • watched the joy on Sam's face as turning on her snowboard finally clicked
  • rode my first flat/down rail
  • laughed so much i nearly wet myself
  • got caught scoping boys in the snowpark
  • danced like a buffoon, to cheese!
  • went snowboarding in wind so hard I could barely move
  • drank gluwein at lunch instead of having food
  • sunbathed
  • had 4 pain au chocolates, 1 croissant and 1 apple pastry. IN ONE WEEK!
  • learnt girls are far ruder then boys!
  • should have taken more pictures of things that mattered
  • ate wieners

oh, and decided i have to do another season.............

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