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Wednesday we had what might be described as the first day of spring. It was warm {so you didn't have to wear your coat} and sunny, and being Leeds i saw about 40 guys in shorts and flipflops and as it was wednesday {and we must see each other for tea most wednesdays} i was taking a little walk to Lucies for dinner. It was lovely. I had my camera with me and got some shots of the blue blue sky. Yesterday it rained. Today my car blew up and i booked for my first tattoo. But it was sunny on wednesday!


I have been thinking about holidays a lot recently. Yes I know I just came back from France and he snowboarding trip, but this time of year, with the bank holidays looming, it always makes me think of being away.

I am the sort of person who always needs an adventure on the horizon, and I don't have one right now. and I love planning for an adventure, sometimes I spend an evening just planning where I WOULD go to, if I ever made it that place.

I never have enough time though to fit it all in. 2 weeks is never enough. You get there, and you have a few days to unwind, chill out and relax on the beach/by the pool, and then before you know it a week has gone by and you're not done a thing, and spend your last week cramming bits in here and there.

I guess I was spoilt as a child. We went to Cornwall, to the same places {The Ferry Boat Inn and Portscatho} every year and we knew what would happen, we would meet up with old friends who did the same, we would sail and go to the beach and eat bbq and make our parents mad as they'd never know where we were, and you never needed to fit it all in as it just happened, and you had been there before and you would be back at the next holiday and you kind of belonged there in a way.

But when it's a new place, and there is so much to do, and you just have the 2 weeks, its different. You have to make it all fit, and there are so many places to see and so many places to go to. Take last year. We went to Morocco, and spent a week or so in Agadir, but then took off to explore Marrakesh and Essaouira - now, if only we'd have don't that sooner, I would have spent all my time in Essaouria. It was beautiful. I loved the white washed wall, the harbour, the laid back vibes, the souks {so much easier to navigate than Marrakesh's. It was just a bit more 'me' than the tourist hole that is Agadir.

On my next trip, I think I need to take less time to unwind {it does always bore me a bit} and more time exploring. I just have to decide where to go. I am thinking Road Trip!
{photo by me, Essaouira Windows - Check out more on my flickr)

a new toy for me?

I have been taking a black and white photography class for about the last year now. It’s great, we get let loose on a darkroom once a week and can develop and print our own shots. You get to have a bit of a gossip with people, find out about their photography techniques and get inspired a bit, but it’s pretty expensive, and it all adds up. We pay for the class, I guess to pay Jonathan our teacher (who is great) and the use of the room and equipment, and then we have the costs of films and darkroom paper on top of that, which when you’re going once a week, kind of adds up……..which means I am not sure I can carry on going for that much longer, and it’s prompted me to starting thinking about a digital SLR – whilst the initial layout may be a bit more than my last camera, the beautiful Holga, cost me (10quid on ebay) it might be worth it in the long run.

At the moment my SLR experience is limited to film, with my mum’s Canon 1000F (my dad bought it her as a gift some years ago, and upon starting this course I inherited it)

And then I came across a Canon 350d, second hand, in a photography shop. It has a EF lens system so it’ll fit the lenses I have already, and it was quite a bargain, so, I had a bit of a chat with my dad, he knows about these things. But it turns out his ideas are q bit different to mine. He was looking to get one for when they do their big holidays (like the forth coming trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Isles they have planned!) and has offered me a deal, one I think I would be stupid to pass up – he buys a new Canon 400d (the step up from the one I saw) and I look after it for him until he goes on his various hols.

Anyone else see the beauty in that one?

Photography gone crazy

At lunch today I popped up to the bowling alley they are tearing down near my office to take a few snaps, as I'd had some good nights out there whilst at uni with my housemates, and i thought it might be interesting. It was all fenced off at the front, but you could easily climb in through the car park at the side if you wanted, but i thought better of it. You know trespassing and all.

So i am taking photo's of the half demolished building through the iron fence and there is no-one about, and I'm being careful not to get the diggers and stuff in the shots {i don't want them ruining it} when out of no-where a builder comes up to me and tells me he's seen it on the TV and we can't take photo's in public as i could be a terrorist. Me, with my big obvious camera, my bright blue bag, my smiling at everyone who walks past ......

I personally blame this report from the BBC for bringing it to the attention of the fools who don't listen to the whole thing, they just hear that photographers are being asked not to take photo's be the police.

Jeez! So, i have found this little leaflet that you can take out when taking pics and give to the people who are asking you who you are and even telling you to move along.

I did leave. One as i was pretty much done, and two, the security man was rather large and i didn't think little old me could take him in a fight! But i will have the leaflet in my bag next time I'm taking pics!

I have a new musical love, recently I acquired a CD full of new music files for my i-tunes.

The entire of Black Rebel’s back catalogue {I had and loved BRMC, but hadn’t had a chance to get any more} was on there, King’s of Leon’s Youth and Manhood, and an unexpected find in a load of The Black Keys stuff.

I had heard them a couple of times last year on MTV2 but hadn’t really investigated further. But I LOVE them. I can’t believe I hadn’t known I’d heard anything else by them. {and who knew there were so many ads featuring their tunes}.

I am pretty much addicted to the track, The Lengths, and I have been listening to it, and most of Rubber Factory on repeat on my i-pod walks to work. There is just something about the song and life at the moment that I can relate to right now.


Croc Attack

i think of myself as a quite tolerant person, but there are just some things that i just can't abide;

People who can;t drive {i.e switch lanes without using their indicators, do 50 on the motorway, pull out without looking and nearly hit you}
People walking sooooooooo s....l....o....w....l....y in town at the weekends, taking up loads of space, and being totally oblivios to it, usually with a pushchair
and then there are people who wear crocs.

Seriously. They are plastic clogs. At what point do PLASTIC CLOGS sound cool. Not only are they plasic shoes, but they are plastic shoes with holes in, they claim to have some divine feet healing power, but honestly, there is a time when fashion has to out way function - they are hideous. I can almost understand buying a pair for your 5 year old child to wear on holiday, but on adults - it's just too much for me to take.

Imagine Leeds on a rainy/snowy Sunday afternoon, when there has been loads of snow forecast all day, the first thing you would obviously think when you leave the house is 'you know what i am going to wear my plastic clogs. BUT i'll wear them with my socks so my feet don't get cold'. And thats what i encounted in M&S whilst picking up some milk. Pink crocs, with bright blue stripey socks. on an actual grown-up. She should have known better.

And to make it worse, the hunk that is Jared Leto owns a pair. Not even he can look hot in crocs.....Now thats when you know something is ugly.

And then, whilst perusing Cooler and issue or so ago i discovered that not only do they make wellies, that look like the clogs but bigger {which, granted would have been a better choice for the M&S woman, but still aren't right} but they have launched a high heeled version. The main problem with that is. What with Leeds being Leeds, and the fashion victim capital of the world, i am bound to be assualted with them all summer!

Right. Rant over. Just don't buy me crocs!

When did relationships get so complicated?

You'd have thought that by our age we'd be a bit more sensible about men {and women} and relationships - but no, it appears we are all complete emotional retards who can't maintain any kind of normality and are making a massive mess of the whole thing!! Seriously, if you put all our lives together and made a show, it'd be compelling, but car crash, TV.

In the last week, one friend has slept with her now married ex boyfriend {I must say that its a very unhappy, and possibly immigration related marriage, but a marriage non the less}, after a glass of wine and an invite in for a proverbial 'cup of coffee'.

Another has refused to move in with her boyfriend as he wont let her have a tortoise! That's right, a tortoise. Excellent reason not to move in with him don't you think.....

One of my best mates, who has been in a very happy relationship for the last four years, has had her self swept of her feet by a male friend whilst her boyfriend has been working away this winter, and now doesn't know what to do for the best, as it could very well be love, not lust with the new guy.

I am hurtling towards the end of a seven year relationship with alarming speed, and might have to break it to my parents that their guest room {aka my old bed room} may need decorating faster then anticipated for it's first guest!

And one {newly} single friend found herself at 2am last saturday night crying into her chips and curry sauce, watching SuperBad, as she'd bumped into a bevy of ex's in one evening and realised what a complete set of morons they all were and what bad taste she had in men. On the up side it has made her think she should wait and be swept off her feet by the next man before she lets him in her pants!

And men, they aren't any easier to understand on this relationship front. one male acquaintance has had a secret crush on one of his female mates for the best part of 10 years {even though she was in a relationship until about 3 months ago} and now isn't speaking with her or another male friend as they really like one another and have embarked on a relationship, he's even turning other friends against the two of them {if its a secret crush, how were either of them to know? and if she doesn't fancy you - why ruin someone else's chances of happiness}

If anyone has any idea on how to make these things work, then let me know - and I can pass on the information to all involved in this big relationship mess, although I might keep a large chunk of it for myself......
Check out my incredibly cute new keds.......

And i have the best
new pair of Cons, my white one's finally died after being died a wierd blue-ish colour on saturday night by some drunked buffoon drinking blue wkd. {that and the fact that they were no longer white, more like a shade of grey, and had huge holes in the back of them}. They have the sweetest blue bird print all over, the red ones thrown in every now and again are my favourites. I am pretty excited about getting to break them in though.

And, i have plans to buy
these very gorgeous etnies when i have a chance........check the print and the cut away backs. aren't they just perfect! I just HAVE to have them.

oh, i love summer pump buying........

Embracing Binge Drinking

I know the government and the drinks industry and my mum go on about the bad effects of binge drinking. but there are just some times when it cant be helped - right?

this week I have a spate of 'catch up drinks', 'leaving drinks', 'work drinks' and 'well it is Friday drinks' that I just cant get out of {not that I actually want to get out of them, and it means that I'm spending 5 nights - from last night, thru Sunday, in the various drinking establishments of Leeds and Sheffield.

I am particularly sad about last nights drinks, as it marks the start of Yasmin's leaving do's, and it is just damn inconsiderate when one Jaeger/dinner/crazy dancing till 4 buddy leaves, although I guess leaving to move to London for an ace job is allowed. and we did celebrate it in style - although drinking a shot of jaeger at 6.45, then propping up the bar at
jakes until I cant remember going home on a school night wasn't my best idea - I think you may still be able to smell the tequila on me!

Saturdays drinks on the other hand are a completely different thing; dancing like buffoons to the latest and greatest indie that the Leadmill Dj's can provide with my 'quik to the core' buddies of old {we spent a heady, giggling year all working together for quiksilver, and amazingly, still meet up as much as we can, it wasn't a job, it was fun!} I love heading back to Sheffield, seeing the old haunts and catching up on the really trivial things.

{picture by me, with the holga at Rock and Roll, in wire, on the last quik outing!}