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Sugar Rush

I am lucky enough to work with one of the best cupcakers i know - Becky - she is our receptionist extraordinaire, the better half of my friend Paul, and the brains and baker behind the Sugar Rush Bakery.

Not only does she bake amazing cakes, but she then brings them to work for occasions {like people leaving} or even better - for no real reason other than she was trying out new recipes. We have cakes about once a week! It’s amazing.

The one picture was a lemon meringue – delicious – it had a soft Italian style whipped meringue, and lemon curd inside the cake – yum, yum, yum.

{apologies about the picture quality – I took this on my phone}

Cherry Kisses

Seriously. How adorable is this little set from Rose&co.? Check out the mini swing top bottles!
I have a friend who really needs a little cheering up at the moment - and I think this would do just the trick.
If i dont keep them for myself that is!
This was taken outside my friend, Liz's, in Putney. It had been drizzling {that fine rain the gets you really wet} and all the flowers were covered in droplets and water. {there are a couple more pics of her garden here}

I had a whirl-wind trip to see Liz in London on Friday evening. We drank daiquiris and ice-cream cocktails and ate French bread and cheese and gossiped until it was late and then we got the train back to Sheffield together on Saturday. We had to battle through the hordes of people making their way to ascot. It was very strange. Every train station was brimming with people, dressed to the nines, and not really moving anywhere - just fluttering as you do in your best clothes. A strange sight to see, but annoying when you have 20 minutes to get 5 tubes stops or you'll miss your train and your accidental first class seats. {How lucky we were that it was delayed}.

It was strange coming into Sheffield and not Leeds. Its not only the station that has had a face lift, the whole city seems to be getting glammed up. Changing for something. It was nice though. We went to places we had loved – and luckily still love. And giggled like we did as teenagers. And caught the bus home. Like we did as teenagers. {Although that’s not something I’ll be doing again – trust me}.

It was the first day of summer. It rained all day.

And then I spent the whole of Sunday clearing out my ‘old’ room at my parents. If I am going to be inhabiting it for a while then I guess I have to make it mine. I created 3 huge bin bags of clothes to be sent to the charity shop – I should put some on ebay really, but that thought requires me to dig back through the bags and find those items, and I had enough problems letting go of some of it the first time round! I feel much better now. I can hang my clothes up without them being squished by the clothes of my 20 year old self, I can open on of the wardrobes without the fear of everything cascading out on to me, and I don't have to look at things and wonder how they ever fitted me!

Its quite liberating to clear out all of the old you’s and get on with the new one.
I have been a little bit off the radar this last week or so. I’ve needed a bit of time to think.

There have been some big changes in my life these last few weeks. Kc and I have decided a little time apart is needed – after 7 years, we’re just not getting on so good. We don’t know if it’s forever or just for now, but I have moved out of my beautiful little flat in the centre of town and back to my parents {in the suburbs of a whole other city}, via the sofas and spare beds of some very understanding friends.

But now I have to start moving forwards, and figure out my life without the man I thought I would be with forever – even if he wasn’t all that good for me.

So. Moving forwards. I have a plan of things I have to do;

  1. I have to start making new friends. Meeting new people has to be good for me and my self esteem. Doesn’t it?
  2. Look for somewhere to live that doesn’t have my mum and dad in it {I love them, but I am 27 not 12!}. And isn’t a 20 minutes car ride and an hour bus ride from work and Leeds.
  3. Look for a new car {just in case this new flat is further in the future than I hoped}.
  4. Organise long-term adventures and apply for visas – Canada and Australia preferably. Canada is where I would mostly like to be and have the easiest chance of getting decent job, but Australia wouldn’t be a chore.
  5. Plan the trip to Cali later in the year with Sam, with a little return to my 2004 Mammoth home for me, some time in Santa Barbara visiting Sam’s facebook husband, and hopefully some time up in San Fran {via, Monterey maybe?}. We have a lot to get into the short space of time.
  6. Visit TK in Oslo.
  7. Clean out my wardrobe. Downsize. Charity shop all those clothes I haven’t worn in forever. If I haven’t worn them since 2003, I’m not likely to wear them now right? And do I really need a box full of shoes that I don’t really like? Nope. I will be Oxfam’s new best friend this month.
  8. See Lizzie more in Londres. There are no excuses for not going down tonnes now.
  9. Buy a {beach cruiser style} bike – with a basket. Why? Because I want one.
  10. Take more photos
  11. Eat healthier. Now I no longer need to eat boy meals, I can have cereal for my tea, and I don’t have to have meat. And I can have avocado on EVERYTHING!

    All Change here! Lets hope its for the better.


The event i have slogged my guts out over for what seems like forever went really well. We had about 10,000 people through the doors, lots of very good food was consumed, lots of champers quaffed, more air kissing than really nessessary was on show, and {as sunday was soooooooo darn hot} a few tan lines were created!
At least one thing this weekend went well.

And this has been my home for the last 2 days!

Littlest hobo week

This was the view i woke up to this morning. Sarah's sofa is THE comfiest place when you're drunk, but not so when you're sober!

Getting my life back!

The event that has taken over my life for the last month or so starts today.
Its the culmination for 4 months work really. So i have to just cross my fingers and hope it stays sunny and gets busy!
I will be working 13-hour-days for the next 4 days {so waking at 4am with cramp in my calf wasn't appreciated}, and fitting in a trip to my friends 21st Pirate party, seeing my mum and dad, baking some more mojito cakes for the party {whats is more pirate then rum?} and hopefully getting the canon 400d.
Few! its going to be busy!
Roll on Monday!

A new addition to the family

My camera collection is growing.
I bought this fuji instax mini 7 off ebay for 99p. Yes thats right - 99p. not bad for something to experiment with. i would have loved the 55i, but funds dictate i will have to wait.

not a bad picture though for less than a quid!



I love coming home to unexpected post. And post that isn't bills. I love coming home to post that contains sweets.... Just how cute are my friends - Rach sent me this cute little bag of love hearts and a little card to say thankyou for having her!
I love my friends.


it's just amazing. In fact, the Element Eden collection is almost always perfect.

Now i just need to find a stockist in the UK......

cupcakes, pink gin and the ting tings

I have had some time to myself this week. KC is away at a festival in Holland, so i'm home alone. It has been wonderful. I have just had some time to chill out and relax, read, go to the gym, clean {really clean}, catch up on the new series of the Hills {guilty as charged -i love that show}.
And then this weekend some of the old quik to the core girls coming over. we all worked together in Quiksilver, in Meadowhall a few years ago, in the 'just come out of uni and moved home to mum and dad's' years before we discovered what we wanted to do with our lives. sort of. but now we all have careers* we try and get together when we can to catch up, drink, dance like lunatics, and generally gossip like we used to.

In preparation i made some little treats :-
Mojito Cupcakes,

and berry vodka sorbet,
and some late birthday cakes for birthdays earlier in May.

We drank pink gin and tonic, rum and ginger beer, blueberry vodka and lemonade, and had home made pizzas, listened to music far too LOUD {sorry neighbours} gossiped and then hit some bars in town, before we headed home to drink a little more, dance to the new ting tings album and sleep 3 to a bed and on sofas.......
but boy am i tired today, but it has been so wonderful to do some catching up with old friends.

now i am off to take the cakes we didn't eat last night to lucies beatiful new flat. then back home to watch the second episode of the hills and lost - is it the season finale tonight - i hope not!
what a perfect way to spend a boy-free weekend.